Are you looking to start the new year off on the right foot? Want to make sure it’s your best year ever? Using the basics of Chinese Bazi Astrology, you can set yourself up for success in all areas of your life! In this blog post, we will discuss six things you can do to improve your luck and happiness in the Year of the Water Tiger.

Last year’s Year of the Metal Ox was a time to take things slow and rebuild; this coming Water Tiger looks like it will be full steam ahead – especially for those who are proactive!. So, stop procrastinating and use creative solutions to solve existing problems! 

This article has been kindly authored by Susanne Schutz. Susanne studied with Grandmaster Data Joey Yap and holds four Masters Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics and owns Suzhong Consulting.

1. Be Proactive in the Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger should provide many opportunities - so be proactive.

An important aspect of the year’s chart (i.e., The Water Tiger) is the lack of Fire and Metal. Instead, the strongest elements are Water and Wood. Water stands for rapid change, but also intelligence and being savvy when making important decisions. In 2022, the key to success is to make decisions faster than others. Those who procrastinate endlessly and wait for things to be “just right” or “perfect” will lose out. 

While you should resist the urge to make impulsive decisions, do ensure that once you made up your mind you actually spring into action and implement your plans, or else others will do it for you and snatch up all the opportunities that could have been yours. 

2. Prepare for the Great Reset in 2022 the Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger is likely to be the year of the great reset.

The Yijing Oracle associates the “Accomplished” Hexagram with the Year of the Water Tiger. The meaning of this Hexagram is a “Good start, chaotic ending”. It looks like a reset is taking place once we have reached a peak. And while this may sound scary, this can also be interpreted as reaching the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, after which the world will undergo a reset. 

It could also mean that we find a cure to Covid-19. It looks like the impact of the pandemic will come to its peak in the 3rd quarter of the year. After that, people will either become complacent and won’t care anymore about the pandemic (“pandemic burnout”) or a cure is at hand. Whichever way it goes, be prepared for this reset because it will inevitably also affect the socio-economic constructs of the world we live in. When the world undergoes shifts like these, it is advisable to accumulate a minimum of 6 months’ worth of savings – just in case!

3. Improve Your Spiritual Awareness & Self-Care

In the Year of the Tiger, focus on self care to avoid burnout.

Which of these three is your goal for 2022?

  •       Clarity
  •       Compassion
  •       Change

Focus on one of them and then use these simple meditations to achieve your goal:

Let’s say you want more compassion. Put your back towards the North while meditating and tell yourself “I am becoming more and more compassionate each day in every way”. Even better if you do this IN the North sector, as this sector has the Annual Nobleman Star #1.

If you want to gain more spiritual clarity, use the East direction. Put your back towards the East when meditating and tell yourself that everything that is happening is happening FOR you, not against you. More and more meaningful coincidences will take place in your life once you do this. If you ask for courage, then it may be that you will be faced with more situations that require you to exercise and develop courage. 

If you want to learn to embrace change, then use the Southwest direction. This will help you embrace change in a smooth, easy and non-antagonistic way. Put your back towards the Southwest direction while meditating and ask for the change you want but find difficult to embrace, and imagine the best outcome. The Universe will do the rest. 

You can do the above once per day for 5-10 minutes every day between February 4, 2022 – February 3, 2023.

4. Clear Away Negative Energies in February 2022

In the Year of the Tiger, follow a few easy tips to get rid of negative energy.

Do one or more of the below exercises in the first month of the Tiger year to set you up for more success. Choose whichever method(s) you feel the best affinity with – it will be the right method. 

Cut the Supply = Stop negative internal and external conversations. If you have been faced with too many negative energies, you need to cut them out of your life to become more positive. 

This is associated with the Water element. You can use pomelo leaves soak them in water overnight and then wash yourself with this water. During CNY, pomelo leaves are available at every flower market for this precise purpose.

Reset the Frequency = Use sound, music, or mantras. Sound is the key, it doesn’t matter how you generate the sound.

This is associated with the Metal element. Just take a cleansing sound bath and release all negative energies into the sound waves.

Erect a Protective Spiritual Barrier = Set boundaries spiritually, so you are no longer influenced by other people’s energy patterns.

This is associated with the Earth element. Meditate while sitting on the ground, ideally outside. Send all negative or toxic energies, emotions, and feelings into the Earth, until you feel cleansed.

Divert Attention = Whatever you focus on you send energies to. So if you focus on a problem, the problem will get bigger. Focus on something more positive. Where focus goes, energy flows. 

This is associated with the Fire element. Meditate with a candle and let the fire burn up all negative energies that have attached to you. Transfer them into the fire of the candle, then blow out the candle.

Break Patterns = One bad thing often leads to another and you will have to break this pattern before descending into a downwards spiral.

This is associated with the Wood element. Go outside and find a wooden stick that appeals to you. Meditate and send all those bad habits and unhealthy patterns into the wooden stick. Then break the wooden stick and thank the Universe for helping you break old patterns that are no longer helpful. 

5. Write the Story of Your 2022 in the Year of the Tiger

In the Year of the Tiger, consider following a few Bazi astrology tips to make your year better.

What do you want your 2022 to look like? You can write the story of your year and be the hero of your own life with this very simple ritual:

Step 1: Go to Susanne Schutz from Suzhong Consulting’s qimen dunjia destiny plotter and enter your date and time of birth (time of birth is needed for this ritual)

Step 2: Take note of your Destiny Direction:

NE = Northeast. SW = Southwest. Etc. 

Step 3: Stand in the middle of your flat, use a compass (the one you have on your mobile phone is perfectly fine for this), and identify the North sector of your flat. 

Step 4: On January 30, 2022, between 5 am – 6.59 am, place yourself in the North sector of your flat and sit in such a way that the BACK of your head points towards your Destiny Direction (as identified in Step 2). 

Step 5: Write down what your 2022 looks like. Be the hero of your life. Write who you want to be and what you want to happen. Write it in such a way as if it has already happened and you have successfully overcome all obstacles and have achieved all your goals for the year. Write down in detail what it feels like to have had such an amazing year. Be as detailed and as specific as possible – you may need a few pages for this! 

Step 6: Once you are done, thank the Universe for making this all happen. Then fold the paper and put it somewhere safe. On February 1, 2023 take the paper out again, read it, thank the Universe, burn the paper and then hand the ashes over to the wind. 

6. Get a 2022 Bazi Astrology reading for the Year of the Tiger

In the Year of the Tiger, consider getting a Bazi astrology reading.

Interested in learning more about what the Year of the Tiger has in store for you so that you can be better prepared, but feel like you need some professional help?  You can consider getting a 2022 Bazi Astrology reading from an expert.

In such a  reading, various potential life events such as potential health risks, opportunities for wealth and career development, new relationships will be flagged to you. This will give you increased time to react and make changes as necessary. 

SavvyinHK comments:
I had a 2022 Bazi Astrology reading from Susanne from
Suzhong Consulting and felt it provided me with clear guidance and tips. Susanne is the only agency in Hong Kong offering high-level services in English. The cost of a Bazi Astrology reading is HK$2,000 per hour. You can contact Susanne via email to make a booking. 


So, there you have it! Everything you need to know in order to make the most of the Year of the Tiger in 2022. We hope that you will find these tips helpful and that they help you achieve all of your goals this year. And, if there is anything else we can do to help support you on your journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Wishing you all the best in this special year!

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