White Company Bedding HK – My Honest Review

by SavvyinHK
October 04, 2020

What are the best bedsheets for the money? 

In our opinion, White Company bedding is of great quality, high thread count bedding. With other bedding in Hong Kong, you’ve got to pay big money.

In a hurry – not got much time?

Our White Company Top Picks

⭐ Best White Company Bedding Set  – the Arles Range

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⭐Best White Company Towels

This Egyptian Face Towel is something I would purchase time and time again!

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⭐White Company candles are fab! Here’s our top pick!

The Calm Candle


What Does The White Company UK sell? 

Just about everything that I love! 

It’s a British linen and homeware brand. White Company stores are found all over the world. 

Now, you can get a veritable Aladdin’s cave of products:

All in white or shades thereof. Their website shows you the full range of what’s on offer; it’s packed with design ideas.

Underlining the quality of the brand are its corporate links too. Hotels and restaurants worldwide stock The White Company’s towels, linens, and toiletries. A significant customer is British Airways, the bastion of sophistication in air travel.

Finding a White Company store is unnecessary as they provide international shipping, including right here in Hong Kong. 


What Style is the White Company? 

The White Company bedding is white and sleek. They also sell divine candles that fit in perfectly with the simple white bedding.

Photo courtesy of The White Company Facebook.

Style was everything 27 years ago; the company’s founder wanted to create “impeccably stylish, beautifully designed products


Best White Company Bedding Set 

Design and quality are my watchwords – have you noticed? – so I’m a huge fan of the Arles range from The White Company. It suits my Hong Kong home perfectly.

It’s got the plain white look with just a touch of something extra with the embroidered trim and the Oxford style pillowcases. At 400 thread count and made with percale cotton, it keeps my bed cool and soft.

White Company Bedding Arles Range Key Features 

  • 400-thread-count
  • 100% cotton percale
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Machine washable 
  • Duvet cover – button fastenings 
  • Duvet and Oxford pillowcase made with extra border beyond the edge seam.  


Best White Company Towels 

The bath towels are something else, too. Everything is fluffy and looks so clean and fresh. The Hydrocotton range has the little design detail of the lines across each towel, and they dry super fast because of an innovative production technique. Jumping out of the shower and into one of these is gorgeous, for sure. 


Best White Company Candles

White Company Candles are superb value as they last a long time. They make fab presents as they match with anything!

Photo courtesy of https://unsplash.com/@logannolin.

White Company candles are gorgeous and make for a lovely present, too. It can be hard to buy a present for someone else’s home, but when everything they sell is white, you know anything you pick will fit right in!

Our favorite is the calm candle. The mix of essential oils in this candle is so subtle but beautiful. 

Key Features

  • Scent: Juniper Berry, Clary Sage & Ylang Ylang
  • Peaceful & Comforting
  • Herbal White Company Candle 
  • 140g (approximately 33 hours’ burn time)
  • H9cm x W7.5cm x L7.5cm


What are the Best Smelling White Company Candles? 

We also love: 

Fig Tree Candle: Luxurious. One of the best. It’s a combination of fig, tuberose, peach mixed together delicately with amber and cedarwood.
Lime & Bay Signature Candle: which smells of a tropical garden. Smells like tropical fruits laced with jasmine.
Winter Botanical Candle: this is one of the prettiest candles they have. Infused with real pieces of cinnamon, clove, and orange. This is a shop-stopper candle. Great all-year-round but even better as a Christmas present.
Seychelles: Truly unique. Combining bergamot, orange, coconut, jasmine, amber, and vanilla is a scent sure to delight.
Verveine Candle: smelling of ripe oranges and lemons, this candle is fresh. The inspiration is Provence, sunshine, and happy times. 


Are White Company Candles Vegan? 

The White Company says that their candles are cruelty-free but not 100% vegan. Click here for more information on their policy


How Long Do White Company Candles last? 

It depends on which White Company candle you select. Here is their guide to candle care. It will help you extend the life of your candles.


Why do we recommend the White Company?

Here at Savvy in Hong Kong, we’re not about looking for the absolute cheapest you can buy of something. It’s about finding good value. As with most things in life, if you want quality, you have to pay for it. Avoiding paying Hong Kong prices for quality is the aim of the game.

The White Company is a great way for you to get fantastic quality bed sheets and other household items in Hong Kong without paying HK prices. Buying White Company bedding preserves your standards and your bank balance. 

In this FAQ section, we’ll go through:

  • The standard options for buying duvet covers in Hong Kong
  • Qualities of good bed linen
  • Who The White Company is
  • Why we like what The White Company does

Arming you with the information to make the right choice about your bedding and homewares.


Where do people go to buy bed linen in Hong Kong?

As Hong Kongers, we do have places to go and buy bedding. We could send you trudging off to Stanley Markets for new bedsheets, but then you’d hate us after a sweaty night on synthetic fabrics. Department stores aren’t much better – you’ll get cotton and all sorts of kitschy designs. 

What is it we’re actually looking for? What makes bed linen good quality? 

This will be subjective, but I think most of you will be able to get on board with what I’m saying. 


This is the all-important number when it comes to quality bed linen. It measures how many horizontal and vertical threads there are in a square inch of fabric. The higher, the better when it comes to cotton – more and thinner threads give you super soft bedding to snuggle into. 

Cotton type

Cotton is cotton. Not. Although everything comes from the same cotton plant, there are different ways to spin, weave, and finish cotton that changes its characteristics.

Some of the common types of cotton for bed linen include:

  • Percale cotton is tightly-woven and light with a combed finish that makes it look smooth and elegant.
  • Flannel is a type of cotton that gets woven and then brushed to produce a snug and comfy fabric.
  • Cotton sateen is pure, tightly-woven cotton treated with lye and acid to give it a silky smooth finish; it looks wonderful draped over a bed.


What really makes great bedding is how it looks. For me, it’s about simplicity with small touches of something extra.

Fussy florals and big prints can date a home really easily, but color blocks will adapt to any decor you choose to go with in the future. I love clean, crisp, white bedding. It also reminds me of the luxury of a hotel, which is always nice!


How much is delivery from The White Company to Hong Kong?

Buying from The White Company website is a nice experience. The site is simple and elegant, like the products they sell. Information about international shipping is really clear with no small print, either.

To ship your bed linen to Hong Kong is free for orders over £150 and only a fee of £25 below that. It’s worth buying in bulk if you want some of the candles, priced at around £20 – £40 each. You can even place one big order for you and your friends to make sure you buy enough for free delivery.


Why should I shop with The White Company?

The White Company sells beautiful home items, not only linen, but also candles, and fluffy robes to wear to bed.

Photo courtesy of The White Company Facebook.

The White Company produces truly beautiful items. They’re classy and elegant, made with high-quality fabrics that should last you many years.

After staying in a hotel on a business trip – you’ll have to excuse the awful memory of a business traveler because I can’t remember which one – I had a wonderful sleep, and the toiletries made my skin feel radiant.

 I Googled the name on the bathroom bottles and started my love of White Company bedding and other products.

I’ve been buying my bed linen and other homewares from them for more than 10 years now. I get the bedding sent directly to Hong Kong. It’s cheaper than anything that will make me happy in my home that I can buy here. 

They really do hit all the buttons of great quality. Thread counts are at a minimum of 200. The White Company sells various kinds of cotton and cotton mixes and everything with luscious detailing. 


What I don’t like about the White Company

The only complaint I have about the company is the white

Yes, white is pure and elegant. 

But sometimes you just want a splash of color for a summer’s evening or to brighten the home during heavy rains. 

All you’re getting here is white, white, and more white with an interesting trim. For added splashes of color, you could consider buying throws or other fabrics.


In Conclusion

The White Company is not the cheapest option for buying bed linen. But White Company bedding and the White Company towels are affordable, made easier by their seamless delivery service! 

Don’t forget to make your order even more good value by ordering cute little extras like the White Company candles.


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This article contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a small commission for select purchases. 

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