Guide on Where to Donate Items in Hong Kong

Do you want to know where to donate unwanted items to give them a new life?

Donating, rehoming, giving away to charity, repurposing; no matter what you call it, we have the answers to help you give away your unwanted items in Hong Kong.

We tell you exactly where to donate items in Hong Kong

Apartments are small in Hong Kong; there’s little space to store items that are no longer needed.  When an item is no longer needed, do you get the itch to get it out of your apartment and into a new home where it would be beloved and needed?

If you have any of the following items that you don’t need anymore and are looking to get rid of, we know exactly where to donate them:

  • Toys
  • Maternity clothes
  • Baby clothes
  • Kids and grown-up books
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Second-hand bikes
  • Furniture
  • Televisions
  • Office furniture
  • Mobile phones

This article aims to provide specific answers to questions to ensure that as many items can be rehomed as possible. Let’s dive into the places and organizations that will accept your unwanted furniture, clothes, books, and other items so that you know exactly where to donate these items.

We’ll cover the places you can send different goods to and detail some specific, worthwhile charities before wrapping up.


Where to donate all things, mother and baby-related? 

Maternity clothes 

Maternity clothes are only worn for sure short periods and generally remain in good condition; such a shame to toss them. Instead, you can give old maternity clothes to those in need to make sure they reach their true value. 

You should check out the Refugee Union. It’s one of the best places for maternity clothes donations in Hong Kong. They help in many refugee colonies where, sadly, many young mothers require help.

Mothers Choice is another great option. This organization is devoted to helping out mothers in distress and young mothers in crisis. Volunteering and donating is an option, and there are different activities you can join in on. This place is a great choice for mother and baby-type donations. 

Infant and children’s clothing 

Photo courtesy of Pixa Bay.

Kids grow at what can feel like an alarming rate. Not a minute after you’ve bought them a new pair of jeans, have they sprouted an extra two inches. Sometimes, you’ll probably even come across items in your kid’s cupboard that they have never even worn!! Ahhh!

Do something useful with all those clothes and donate them to Christian Action.

Working with the disadvantaged and marginalized in Hong Kong, Christian Action always need infant and child clothing. Free up closet space and do a good deed at the same time. 

Baby toys 

Are your cupboards full of toys your kids never play with? All the toys you’ve bought for your kids will eventually be grown out of. Check out Green Baby, a social enterprise that redistributes used kids’ toys along with other items. 


Where to donate my clothes when I’m done with them?

Whether you’re having a wardrobe clearout or are decluttering before a move, you don’t need to trash your great-quality clothes. Impact HK will warmly welcome your clothes. 

The organization works with the homeless people of Hong Kong. It’s not just about immediate needs like clothing; the team also helps people find housing, work, and a community place again. For clothes donations in Hong Kong, you can’t go far wrong. 

Other places you can send your clothing donation to in Hong Kong are: 


Which charities accept book donations in Hong Kong? 

We tell you the best placed for donated items in Hong Kong. Want to know where to donate? We have you covered.

Photo courtesy of Pixa Bay.

Overflowing bookshelves might feel like a joy, but a small living space and a book addiction aren’t the best of friends. Your cluttered and cultured bookshelves can be rationalized and reduce the amount of dust gathering in your home – are you really going to reread the beachside romance?

Kids’ books are always in demand and get dated really quickly. Here’s how to make sure the stories within your shelves are retold.  

Donating kids books

Those nursery rhymes and fairy tale books that used to put your toddler to sleep are now waiting to be passed on to the next child so that they can work their magic on them.

  • Rebooked follows the motto, “Read, reuse, repeat.” The aim is to create a sustainable way to read books; hence they started this initiative. This is the place for book donations in Hong Kong.

Donating adult books 

  • Bring Me a Book Hong Kong is a non-profit organization with the mission to make every family literate. If you’ve got books to spare, donate your second-hand books in Hong Kong here.
  • Nice is a kid’s educational initiative that also accepts adult books to maximize literacy. Check them out.


Where to donate my used appliances, second-hand TVs, and second-hand phones?

If you're wanting to know where to donate items in Hong Kong, including maternity clothes, toys, and furniture, we have you covered.

Photo courtesy of Pixa Bay.

It’s not always easy to get rid of fridges, phones, and other used electronics. More often than not, we buy new phones and electronics without much of a plan for what to do with the old ones. 

Happy Shop’s motto is recycling, restoring, and upcycling. It takes donations of second-hand appliances like old phones, TVs, and vacuums. They also offer pick-up services from your doorstep.

You should also check out Green Dot and PathFinders for other options to donate second-hand appliances.

Donate a bicycle

Get in touch with Crossroads Foundation when your family outgrows their bikes. Crossroads Foundation is a great place to donate many things, and that also includes donating second-hand bikes.

Give away office furniture

Happy Shop, 2nd Chance, and Greendot all accept old furniture. If you’re looking for a place to make a furniture donation in Hong Kong, then you should check out any of these.


Which charities can I donate lots of items to at once?

Sometimes you want to get rid of a lot of furniture or clothes at once, like when you’re leaving the city for good. Maybe you’re just looking for a go-to place to drop off as many items as possible that will then be put to use in a new home.  Here we list four great places to consider for your bulk donations in Hong Kong


1. Salvation Army

If you want to know where to donate items in Hong Kong, check out the Salvation Army. Just like in so many countries in the world, the Salvation Army in Hong Kong is doing tremendous work to help those in need.

Photo courtesy of Pixa Bay.

The Salvation Army is based in 131 countries; they have been operating in Hong Kong for 30 years. They are a church-based organization, and their mission is to change lives and serve the needy.

They help families in distress, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

What items do they accept?

They accept donations of various goods like clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories, small electrical appliances, toys, stationery and books, and software with copyright.

Remember, only drop off items during opening hours, and don’t leave anything outside any centers during non-opening times.

What items won’t they accept?

They also do not accept donations like furniture and big electrical appliances like television and refrigerators. They won’t accept any worn-out or damaged items. They also don’t accept donations involving food, medicine, bedding, bed sheets, or kitchenware.

How and where to donate?

There are multiple Salvation Army collection centers where you can directly drop off your items. These drop-off centers are located across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories.

Alternatively, if you have a large number of donations or large-sized items, you can also get in touch with the Salvation Army’s Recycling Hotline to arrange the pick up of your items. Note, they won’t organize pickup unless there is an elevator in your building.

The salvation army is a great place to make donations in Hong Kong, monetary or goods.


2. Crossroads Foundation

If you're wanting to know where to donate unwanted furniture and other items in Hong Kong, consider Crossroads Foundation. Crossroads Foundation is an amazing charity, they are really focused on helping those in need.

Photo courtesy of Crossroads Foundation.

Crossroads Foundation is an international organization helping those in need; they generally serve poverty-stricken people, the elderly, refugees, and people with disabilities.

Their motto is to link those who require help with those who can help.

One of the best things about donating via the Crossroads Foundation is just how easy it is to donate. The Crossroads Foundation has started the GoodCity app, allowing you to offer items you no longer want with ease.

Open the app, provide some basic information on the items you wish to give away, and expert volunteers will review your items. You can expect to receive an answer within a few minutes to know whether your items are needed.

The Crossroad reviewers see real-time supply and demand scores for every type of item. They also have a deep understanding of the quality and size of the items that are in demand.

Crossroads is also one of the best places to volunteer in Hong Kong – worth checking out.

What items do they accept?

Crossroads Foundation is one of the best places to donate used appliances in Hong Kong because one of their most needed items in Hong Kong is vacuums, televisions, and all kinds of home appliances.

What items won’t they accept?

There are no hard and fast rules about what they can’t take, but the organization does outline some things they can’t take. Firstly, they can only take stuff that’s in demand by people in need. The size of your good matters, too, with items like king-sized beds not being needed. 

Your things need to be in good working order – the charity doesn’t have a repair service. Similarly, things that can easily break can’t be taken, so you’ll need to find somewhere else for your glass dining table. 

How and where to donate?

You can book a truck via their GoodCity app. This is a fast and convenient way of getting your items to Crossroads. Note, you will have to pay for this service.

Alternatively, if you have items that have been accepted by Crossroads, you can drop these off directly at their Tuen Mun facility. You’ll need to schedule a drop-off time via their GoodCity app.


3. Nik Ki of DB Mothers and Friends

Want to know where to donate items? Nik Ki of DB Mothers and Friends is one of the best options. Nik Ki will make sure your items go to someone in need.

Photo courtesy of Pixa Bay.

If you intend to donate but don’t have the chance to get to a collection center, Nik Ki will arrange to pick up your items. All you need to do is cover the reasonable delivery costs.

Nik Ki has a great track record of re-homing lots of items. We really can’t say enough about this lovely lady. 

This organization, or more accurately, this one-woman band, doesn’t have a warehouse. Instead, she’ll arrange for your donated goods to be sent straight to those in need. The types of places that’ll end up with your pre-loved stuff include;

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Community centers
  • Families that get referred to them via social workers

Known for sending photos of old items like appliances or furniture that have been installed in their new homes, Nik Ki’s dedication to helping out those in need cannot be overstated.

What items are and aren’t accepted?

Nothing is set in stone regarding what can or can’t be accepted. As with many organizations, they need to take things in need and easy to give to people. 

Ensure everything you want to donate is in good condition and have some photos ready to send once you’ve made contact. 

How and where to donate?

The collection will be organized from all across Hong Kong, not just Discovery Bay. All you need to do is send her a photo of your unwanted items, your address, and contact number. Join the Facebook group for more details. 

There has been a huge impact through her work, and she’s helped redistribute thousands of goods. If you donate via this method, you can be sure that your items will be putting a smile on the face of those in need.

You can’t complain that you don’t know where to donate items in Hong Kong; now you know an awesome option. 


4. PathFinders 

If you want to know where to donate unwanted items in Hong Kong, PathFinders is one of the best options. They help people in need.

Photo courtesy of PathFinders.

PathFinders are on a mission to protect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Hong Kong. They assist vulnerable, pregnant, migrant mothers, and they also have a dedicated hotline for migrant workers. If you want to know where to donate items in Hong Kong, PathFinders is one of the best options. 

What items do they accept?

If you’re looking for places to donate baby clothes in HK, your first choice should be PathFinders.

They not only require supplies for infants, medical support for babies, shelter, food, and nurturing, but they also look for people who can help out in procuring birth certificates for unregistered newborns.

PathFinders have done a lot to help out lots of people, and you could help out too. They are the best place to make toy donations in Hong Kong. If you are looking to help children, pathfinders will show you the way.

What item’s won’t they accept? 

They aren’t able to take in:

  • Car seats
  • Bulky prams
  • High chairs
  • Cots/ baby beds
  • Bouncers
  • Furniture
  • Expired or opened food/ baby formula
  • Adult clothing, except maternity clothing

How and where to donate?

You’re asked to drop off your donations at their center in Kowloon. Get in touch with them online if you need to discuss donations or helping out in other ways.



If you have unwanted items in Hong Kong, rather than just throwing them away, it’s a great idea to rehome them.

Hopefully, you now know where to donate your items and help people in need. After all, your unneeded items might be someone else’s treasure. If you know where to donate items, the more quickly you can help someone in need. 


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