Guide to Buying Textbooks in Hong Kong

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Wanting to know the cheapest way to buy textbooks in Hong Kong?

Buying textbooks in Hong Kong can be a costly exercise. What’s annoying is that it’s much more expensive to buy textbooks in Hong Kong than in most other countries.

We’ve rounded up the best tips when it comes to buying textbooks in Hong Kong, we’re going to cover:

  • When you should start thinking about buying textbooks
  • The best online platforms for ordering textbooks in Hong Kong
  • The best Facebook group for selling & buying second-hand textbooks
  • Which store in Hong Kong offers the best pricing on textbooks


When should I think about buying textbooks for the new year?

When an academic year is about to start and the summer holidays are coming to an end, we hope you have already prepped for the new school year.

The best time to start prepping for the new school year is in the middle of the Summer holidays.

If you leave prepping too late (which includes figuring out where to buy textbooks), you might find yourself rushing around frantically right before the new school year is about to commence.

This needs to be done for kids both in the local school system in Hong Kong and international programs such as the MYP, IGCSE, IB, or A-levels.

Depending on the school your child attends, specific textbooks may be provided. However, generally, the school will provide you with a list of texts you will need to procure.

Every year this can be expensive!

In this article, we identify affordable ways to purchase textbooks for schools in Hong Kong.


What is the best online platform to buy textbooks in Hong Kong?

1. Book Depository

Book Depository is a great online platform for buying textbooks in Hong Kong. Shipping is free although it may take time for your books to arrive, be sure to order your textbooks in advance.

Book Depository is the go-to website for ordering any book online. Books are primarily shipped from the UK or Australia, and they have a wide variety of books that range from your favorite novels to textbooks.

Book Depository is especially famous for buying curriculum-based textbooks for global exams such as the SAT, IGCSE, and IB.

Importantly, Book Depository offers free delivery at all times! This makes it much cheaper than if you were to buy the very same textbooks from bookstores located in Hong Kong.

The most crucial aspect to keep in mind about Book Depository is the delivery times. Since delivery is free, your books won’t necessarily arrive in a hurry.

The estimated delivery time will vary depending on the location your book was shipped.

For example, if your book is sent from the UK, the estimated arrival time should be between 7-13 days. Whereas, if the items are shipped from Australia, it usually takes 7-10 days.

Book Depository has a fantastic tracking system that will keep you updated on your shipping and the estimated delivery timeframes. Nevertheless, at times, the wait can be frustrating.

So, it’s always best to buy textbooks over the Summer, so you know for sure they’ll be there on time for when the academic year begins.


2. Amazon

We have written a guide about buying textbooks in Hong Kong.

Amazon sells a huge number of textbooks, you may or may not be able to find the book you’re looking for, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Amazon sells both new and used textbooks, once you type in the name of the textbook, you’ll quickly be able to see all the options.

What’s the best thing about buying a textbook from Amazon? Reliable delivery!!

We have found that Amazon tends to be faster and more reliable when it comes to delivery than Book Depository. The other good thing about the delivery with Amazon is that you can pay extra to get your textbook delivered faster.


What is the best Facebook group for selling & buying second-hand textbooks in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Academic Book Exchange

The Hong Kong Academic Book Exchange Facebook group is the largest book-based marketplace that caters to students buying and selling second-hand textbooks based in Hong Kong.

It first emerged as a small Facebook page created by students, and today the group has more than 3,000 members.

It’s simple to use. Either place a post saying which textbook or book you’re wanting, or use the search function to check previous posts.

The best part about this Facebook page, “Hong Kong Academic Book Exchange,” is that it has buyers and sellers from all across Hong Kong, and you will almost always find what you want.

If you spot a book you want to buy, make sure you message the seller quickly and directly. If you feel like you can purchase the book for a lower price, try to negotiate with the seller.

This really is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to buy textbooks in Hong Kong. Also, you are helping to limit unnecessary land-fill, one book at a time.

.You can expect most textbooks to be in reasonably good condition.

This page is the hub for school textbooks and books for; ESF Schools, the HKIS AP program, SAT study, and sometimes A-levels.


Which store in Hong Kong offers the best pricing when buying textbooks?

Commercial Press Bookstores

Commercial Press is known for selling textbooks at relatively good prices in Hong Kong. If you need to get your hands on textbooks immediately, go to this store.

While Hong Kong isn’t exactly known for its independent book outlets, if you’re looking for a more local and easily accessible store, Commercial Press is the best.

Compared to some of the other better-known bookstores, you can expect cheaper pricing when you buy textbooks at Commercial Press.

The prices at Commerical Press might be higher than the other options mentioned in this article but, if you’re in a hurry, Commercial Press is a good option.

Importantly, you can expect to find the required or prescribed textbooks to meet your needs.

Commercial Press is known to sell out of popular books right before school starts as people frantically raid these stores. Thus, it would help if you tried to get to one of these stores as early as possible.

They also do pre-orders; it will take around a week or two for shipments of your much-wanted textbooks to arrive. So be sure to order early when you want to buy textbooks from Commerical Press.

Locations – all across Hong Kong!  To check book availability, click on this link.



Where can I buy books online in Hong Kong?

The best websites for buying books online in Hong Kong are Book Depository and Amazon.

Where can I buy second-hand textbooks in Hong Kong?

When buying second-hand textbooks in Hong Kong, we recommend Hong Kong Academic Book Exchange Facebook group. Amazon also sells used textbooks at lower prices than new textbooks.

Where can I buy cheap new textbooks in Hong Kong?

Book Depository and Amazon are the best platforms for buying cheap books in Hong Kong; if you’re in a huge hurry and can’t wait for your books to arrive, head over to one of the Commercial Press stores and buy your books in-store.



We are committed to helping you on your education journey. We hope this article has helped you to determine the best places to buy textbooks in Hong Kong.

Have we missed your hidden gem for buying textbooks in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks for textbook buying.

If you are interested to learn more tips about kids in Hong Kong, check out Kids in Hong Kong: Your Complete Guide. This guide covers the best arts and craft stores in Hong Kong, how to host a birthday party, where to buy kid’s clothing, and more.


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