5 Best Places to Buy Nuts in Hong Kong

Do you feel like you’re spending a fortune buying tiny packets of nuts in Hong Kong at regular supermarkets?

You are not alone with this feeling. There has to be a cheaper way, right? Paying so much for items that aren’t exactly considered “luxury items” is infuriating.

We’re here to give you an insight into the situation in Hong Kong with regards to buying nuts. We will cover basic facts about nuts, which includes their nutritional value, where to buy nuts in bulk in Hong Kong, and where to buy organic, unpasteurized nuts in Hong Kong.

Are nuts in Hong Kong worth buying? 

Buying nuts from regular supermarkets in Hong Kong is expensive.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (Maddi Bazzocco).

Nuts are tiny powerhouses of nourishment. Dieticians around the world will tell you to have them on the go or include them in your daily diet.

Nuts are not only good for the body, but they are also delicious. They are a great lifestyle choice, they make delicious snacks, and they can even be great as gifts.


Why are nuts so expensive in Hong Kong? 

Producing and growing nuts takes time. The entire process of producing quality dry products requires accuracy and consumes a lot of capital.

Not only is the production cost of nuts high, but since nuts are not produced in Hong Kong and need to be imported from other countries, you get hit with additional transportation costs.


What are the benefits of nuts? 

Nuts are one of the most nutrient-rich natural foods. Why do they offer so many health benefits? Because many nuts contain:

  • Fibre. Nuts are generally high in fiber, and this is one of the best things for the body. It improves digestion, which in turn improves the holistic functioning of the body.
  • Unsaturated Fats. Nuts contain good fats, which can help to lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Just like fish, many nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Besides, recent studies have found that eating nuts may reduce adulthood weight gain. Possible reasons behind this are that chewing nuts takes effort; nuts are also high in fiber, which might help to keep people feeling full and not reaching for extra calories.


Are nuts a part of a Keto-friendly diet?

If you have been thinking of starting a Keto diet or have been wanting to lose weight, nuts are your go-to snack.

Why? Because nuts are a keto-friendly food for many reasons like:

  1. Nuts fill you up. They are heavy foods, which means that a small number of nuts can fill your stomach and will help to stop you will feeling hungry frequently.
  2. Nuts are a superfood; in a small quantity, they provide the body with an adequate amount of nutrition as well as calories.
  3. Nuts are high in healthy fats, which helps with cholesterol.
  4. Nuts have high amounts of fat, which is perfect for a keto diet, where you should consume high amounts of fats, fewer carbs, and a medium amount of protein.


Which nuts are the best buy in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong offers a wide variety of nuts. You can put them into different categories according to their price and quality.

There are everyday nuts that are consumed in high quantity like cashews and almonds, and then you have premium, luxury nuts like macadamia, hazelnuts, and brazil nuts.

If you wander into a regular supermarket looking for a packet of nuts in Hong Kong, you might be shocked at the prices.  So instead, you need to plan ahead and find a supply of nuts that will allow you to indulge your nut consumption.

We’ve done the homework for you and found some great options for purchasing nuts in Hong Kong.


Where to buy nuts in Hong Kong? 

1. Regency Spices

Nuts are expensive in Hong Kong when you buy them at a supermarket.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (Peter Feghali).

Regency Spices is well-known, and much loved amongst Hong Kong residents. The reason? They offer excellent quality, great service, and they will even deliver your order plastic-free if you make the request.

While Regency Spices is most frequently associated with quality herbs and spices, they also sell nuts. Looking for cashews, almonds, or other nuts in Hong Kong? Try Regency Spices.

Regency Spices only offers a single variety of each nut, so you can be confident you will be getting the best quality. It also takes the stress out of ordering.

Not only will the quality of the product amaze you, but they will also provide free shipping to Hong Kong for orders over $100.


2. The Store Hong Kong

The Store Hong Kong sells premium quality health food products including nuts.

The Store Hong Kong

If you are looking for high-quality nuts in Hong Kong, consider “The Store Hong Kong“. This store was started by super-fit Ben Stocker, who was sick of paying so much for his much-beloved health food products in Hong Kong.

At The Store Hong Kong, you might find prices are higher than other recommendations on this article.  But when you’re buying nuts at The Store Hong Kong, you can expect to be purchasing nuts that have no additional oils added and no salt added either.

Brands such as Terrasoul Superfoods tend to sell unpasteurized nuts, which means the nuts retain their natural enzymes. So when you pop on of these nuts into your mouth, you’ll be consuming them the way nature intended.

They’re organic, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally consuming pesticides.

Online only , but with multiple deliveries a day, you can expect to receive your superfood nuts in record time.


3. PrizeMart

PrizeMart offers nuts in bulk at discounted prices.


PrizeMart is a popular small-scale supermarket known for selling items in bulk at discounted prices. If you’re just shocked at how little product you are getting for a large amount of money at regular supermarkets, try Prizemart.

PrizeMart offers many different types of products in bulk. This includes nuts, honey, peanut butter, and muesli.

There are more than 20 Prizemart stores around Hong Kong; locations include Wanchai, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay. If you want to buy a large quantity of nuts in Hong Kong, this is a great option: decent quality, good variety, and reasonable pricing.


4. 759

759 stores in Hong Kong sell everyday products in bulk at low prices, including nuts.


759 is a store that we’re mentioned before and suggested you go to when you want to buy Japanese products. 759 is also great if you want to purchase delicious nuts in Hong Kong in large sizes.

There have more than 50 stores spread across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories.

Look around, along with nuts; you will find a ton of other household items, fresh and frozen food, all at really reasonable prices.


5. Live Zero

Live Zero sells nuts in bulk size without any packaging.

Photo courtesy of Live Zero Facebook.

If you’re wanting to buy nuts in Hong Kong in bulk with zero packaging, Live Zero is a great option.

They offer a wide range of nuts in Hong Kong, including pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and almonds.  Not only does Live Zero help you to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle, but they also provide the option of home delivery with great and secure packaging. The pricing is also reasonable.

Their website is easy to use, and they have two stores in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung. If you have time, check them out, they have lots of interesting items. A visit to one of their stores might even help to inspire you to stick to a healthy, sustainable way of life.


Frequently asked questions 

Are cashew nuts healthy?

  • Cashews are a nutritious addition to your diet. Like all other nuts, they offer vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber, protein, and antioxidant phytochemicals. But like all food high in calories, be careful not to overconsume.

Are cashews high in protein?

  • Yes, 18 cashews (1 ounce) contain around 5 grams of protein. They are a protein-rich nut. They also have high mineral and vitamin value.

How many almonds in 40 grams? 

  • One serving of 40 grams of almonds approximately means 30-33 almonds.

How many calories in one almond?

  • One almond that is approximately 1.3 grams has around 7-8 calories and 1% fat.

How much protein in almonds? 

How much iron in cashews? 


Nuts are both healthy and tasty. Don’t let the high prices at regular supermarkets put you off consuming nuts in Hong Kong. Use our tips to load up on quality nuts at better pricing.


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