French Groceries in Hong Kong – The 5 Stores We Love

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Want to add some French groceries to your shopping basket?

When it comes to food, the French know what they are doing; have you ever noticed your French colleagues eating a delicious home-cooked lunch or seen them snacking on European cheese and biscuits that they ordered as part of a monthly club?

Whatever the case, you too can enjoy affordable and authentic French groceries in Hong Kong; fortunately, Hong Kong is home to the largest French population in Asia. This means there are plenty of businesses that cater to French people’s exquisite tastes!

In this article, we tell you where to buy:

  • French lunches in Hong Kong at affordable prices
  • The best (secret) online monthly cheese club that buys cheese in bulk from France & other European countries
  • The best online grocery store selling French products
  • Gourmet French groceries
  • Everyday French groceries
  • Croissants

Monsieur CHATTÉ – French gourmet Hong Kong store

French food Hong Kong

Shop here because:

  • Monsieur CHATTÉ is an authentic French gourmet shop located in Sheung Wan. All of their products are sourced directly from European farms (mostly French).
  • At Monsieur CHATTÉ, you can expect high-quality products available at reasonable pricing. While many products are available for you to purchase and take home, you can also choose to dine-in.

What you should know:

  • For just $55, you can get their Light Lunch Set consisting of a quiche or a small sandwich, a small green salad, and a drink of your choice.
  • If you’re on a low-carb diet, the salad bar is a terrific option. There are lots of options, and you can add extra protein.


  • If you’re eating lunch in-store, look around. You will almost always see French people enjoying their lunch – this is certainly a good endorsement.
  • If you prefer, online shopping is also available. From wine to cheese and spreads to cold cuts, they have all the fine foods you could ask for and more. Also, they even offer caviar and homemade foie grass.
  • If you have events that you need catering for, Monsieur CHATTÉ is a good choice as well.


  • Monsieur CHATTÉ, G/F, 91 Jervois St, Sheung Wan 

Cheese Club – one of the best online stores to buy French food in Hong Kong

sliced cheese

Shop here because:

  • In Hong Kong, quality cheeses are generally sold at such high prices that it is impossible to buy them without draining your paycheque. This is where the Cheese Club comes in.
  • Frustrated with the availability of cheese in Hong Kong, two French entrepreneurs developed a unique ordering system.

What you should know:

  • The Cheese Club tends to focus on seasonal products, and thus the products will change every month. With this business model, a brand of cheese that sells for $180 at supermarkets will only cost $59 at the Cheese Club.


  • At the beginning of each month, the Cheese Club organizes a bulk purchase directly with their European suppliers. Customers in Hong Kong then have one week to place an order. Once the bulk order arrives in Hong Kong from Europe, individual purchases are packaged up and delivered straight to people’s homes.
  • We heard about the Cheese Club directly from a French resident in Hong Kong. We were not disappointed with their mouth-watering offerings.

My Market – large online French food store

French food Hong Kong

Shop here because:

  • My Market is an online store that offers 100% French products from farm to fork. In partnership with nearly 80 sustainable and responsible brands, they offer over 200 dry, chilled, and frozen products.

What you should know:

  • My Market has a three-tiered loyalty scheme for members. A bronze member can enjoy a 5% discount on each order, a silver member a 10% discount, and a gold member a 15% discount.


  • The products they sell are high-quality daily goods sold at affordable prices.
  • In contrast to the other grocery delivery services we have mentioned so far, My Market outsources their delivery to SF Express with free delivery for orders over $500. However, you may choose to pick up your order at their warehouse.
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  • My Market, Room 612, 6/F, Chai Wan Hong Man Industrial Centre, 2 Hong Man Street, Chai Wan

Terroirs – one of the best stores to order French food online

raw fish meat on brown chopping board

Shop here because:

  • Terroirs is an online store that focuses on European grocery and regional European gourmet products and wines. They offer good value for money and a large selection to choose from—you can even get high-quality meat and seafood delivered straight to your doorstep.

What you should know:

  • Terroirs is well-known for carefully checking and packaging your items before delivery. Furthermore, you will be allowed to examine your items upon arrival. Their delivery service is available from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 7 PM. 


  • Terroirs is known for selling great chocolate fondant and frozen butter croissants in addition to their range of gourmet products and everyday essentials.
  • The minimum order for Terroirs is $300, and a delivery fee of $50 will be applied to orders between $300 and $500.

Mordicus – French food shop online

French food Hong Kong

Shop here because:

  • Mordicus is an online grocery store selling French products. Despite only selling non-perishable items such as aperitifs, confectionery, and household items, they have an extensive selection of products. 

What you should know:

  •  They are known for their exceptional delivery service.


  • Great online store selling plenty of well-known French groceries.
  • The delivery fee is waived with a minimum order of $400 to most areas in Hong Kong. You can expect your order to be delivered within two days (one extra day for Sundays and Public Holidays).

Where to buy croissants in Hong Kong?

This is an important question, so we surveyed our French friends living in Hong Kong and came up with the following top recommendations:

  • Proof – not cheap but exceedingly delicious; from $23 for one, best taste you can find in Hong Kong. Store in Happy Valley.
  • Terroirs – frozen butter croissants; 6 pieces for $49.90. perfect for keeping in your freezer so you can have them available at all times
  • Bakehouse –  croissants are available at $20 but, you’ll have to be patient; the line can be long—locations in Wan Chai and Soho.
  • M&S – pack of 4 fresh all-butter croissants of $39; great taste and great value

FAQs about French groceries

What are grocery items?

Grocery items refer to the food and non-food items you need to buy regularly to stock your kitchen, including but without limit, bread, cereal, pasta, fruit, vegetables, drinks, meat, aluminum foil, and paper towels.

Where can I buy groceries in Hong Kong?

– For cheese, we highly commend The Cheese Club; delicious European cheese at low prices.
– For wine, we like Cocobop; read our entire article dedicated to this topic.
– For Italian groceries, we love Il Bel Paese; read here to learn more options.
– For nuts, we prefer high-quality nuts from The Store HK but read more here.
– For herbs, we personally prefer to buy potted herb plants from Mongkok but read more here.
– For kitchenware, head over to Shanghai Street and see what you can find or read our full article here.
– For online grocery shopping, read our full article here.

Can I buy online groceries in Hong Kong?

Yes, absolutely. Read here to find the best online grocery stores in Hong Kong.

What are the 10 best items to buy from a French grocery store?

Madeleines: eggy, buttery, small, and tasty
– Creme Brulee: find them near the yogurt section; these ready-made desserts are such to satisfy a sweet-tooth
– French soap: Pre de Provence Marseille Soap 72% Olive Oil Cube; an inexpensive luxury that will make you feel refreshed
– Butter with sea salt: this is simply divine spread across some crispy bread; you can’t go wrong
– French cheese: goat’s cheese or any cheese; the French know how to make mouth-watering cheese. French cheese infused with truffle is arguably the best.
– French wine: Bordeaux red? Yes, please.
– Croissants: buttery and flakey.
Cold cuts: great for an afternoon platter, buy some Saucisson Sec, Jambon de Bayonne, Speck, or Pancetta.
– Foie grass: a French delicacy; not for everyone, but those that like it adore it!
– French jam: tastes home-made and authentic; very different to jam you buy elsewhere



We are committed to helping you find the best French groceries in Hong Kong. If you think we’ve missed some great tips about buying French groceries in Hong Kong, please let us know in the comments below.

Here at SavvyinHK, we love buying great quality groceries at the best possible prices, so check out this article Hong Kong Grocery Guide: Best quality & prices if you’d like to learn more about buying a whole bunch of different groceries, including wine, cheese, herbs, health food and more!

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Have we missed your hidden gem for buying affordable French food in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what we are missing.

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