Looking for where to buy home fitness equipment in Hong Kong? We have your back.

The pandemic certainly kick-started a trend of more people exercising at home, and now is the perfect time if you’re thinking about joining them!

Guide to buying home fitness equipment in Hong Kong

In this article, we will cover: 

  • What fitness items you should consider buying  
  • The best stores to buy fitness equipment in Hong Kong
  • Questions to ask before buying home fitness equipment

What should be on my list of fitness gym equipment in Hong Kong? 

No monthly membership fees, no commute to the gym; just you in your living room working up a sweat.

Sure it’s not for everyone, but if you’re tired of paying monthly workout fees then converting part of your house into a personal gym is worth considering. After all, there is so much home fitness equipment available that can get almost anybody involved. 

Basic home fitness equipment 

Looking to buy fitness equipment Hong Kong? We have you covered from large machines to light-weight equipment.

No matter what kinds of fitness equipment are on your list, make sure to include the following must-haves: 

  • An exercise mateven if you’re not a yogi, these mats are non-slip and really portable. You’ll be stable during your workout and only need to wash it down rather than mop the whole floor. 
  • A yoga block helpful for getting into postures and positions that would otherwise be difficult to do. 
  • Hand weightsversatile and can be built into lots of workouts to build more strength. Make your squats more challenging and give your jumping jacks a bigger boost.
  • Skipping ropeCheap to buy and offering a great cardio workout, you can keep it simple or invest in ones that count your jumps. 

Slightly more advanced home fitness equipment 

If you’re looking to move behind basic items, you might also want to consider the following fitness items:  

  • Resistance bands – offering lightweight resistance and a huge number of exercises, you’ll be sure to build strength in every muscle group.
  • Gym ball – alternative to using a chair and can help increase coordination.
  • Kettlebells – offer increased intensity for your workouts and increased weight if building strength is your focus.
  • Medicine balls – these come in various weights, have a number of functions for training, and are easily stored out of sight when not being used.

Larger pieces of home fitness equipment 

If you’re one of the lucky ones in Hong Kong to have some extra space at home, you could consider: 

  • Barbells – a great workout in itself and you can add weight plates to increase the intensity.  
  • Treadmills – offer a challenging cardiovascular workout.
  • Static bikes – can help to burn calories quickly.
  • Weight benches – help you maintain a proper form while lifting weight. 
  • Weight machines – to help you focus on strength training. 

Of course, there are many other pieces of equipment that will provide the benefits listed above but these are just some examples.

Best stores for buying home fitness equipment in Hong Kong

A home gym is a great way of staying on top form while also saving money! Plus, there are plenty of fitness apps available that will help make working out more effective at getting your sweat sessions done without having to leave the house

The stores we like in Hong Kong for buying home fitness equipment are:


  • Arguably one of the best fitness stores in Hong Kong; with both physical stores and an online platform. Decathalon is among the largest suppliers of home fitness equipment in the city.
  • They stock equipment for more than 70 indoor and outdoor activities.
  • They are also economical and provide a complete sports kit at a budget price.
  • They have physical stores in Central, Mong Kok, Kowloon Bay, Causeway Bay, TKO, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun, Man on Shan C&C.
  • At Decathalon, you should find plenty of smaller-sized equipment, and they also stock larger machines like cross trainers, incline benches, and indoor fitness bikes.
  • They offer delivery and also a pickup option.


  • At Amazon, you will find more than 10,000 results if you type in “home fitness equipment”
  • They sell high-quality items from small products such as skipping ropes and hand weights to very large pieces of equipment
  • Be sure to set your location to Hong Kong so that you can only view items that can be shipped to Hong Kong.

Escapade Sports 

  • Escapade Sports is a great option for higher-quality home fitness equipment.
  • One of the best things about shopping in-store at Escapade Sports is they have experts who can help guide you towards a perfect choice.
  • They have stores in Central, Causeway Bay, and Repulse Bay.


  • Great things come in small packages; 3xBands offers all the fitness equipment you could need for circuit training.
  • Right now, they are offering free shipping on all international orders over US$98.
  • They sell items from learner T-bands, advanced A-bands to extreme X-bands.

Nutro One:

  • If you’re serious about weights, check out Nutro One.
  • They sell plenty of weight-related products to fit out a home gym, including a large variety of squat racks.
  • Interested in powerlifting? Check out our guide on Sophia Khan’s powerlifting journey.


  • HKTVMall is an e-commerce company that provides a good sports gear shopping experience; they also partner with different retail chains for pickup service.
  • At HKTVMall, you’ll find plenty of equipment; we’ve reviewed HKTV mall before here.
  • A good option if you’re looking for actual fitness machines.

The questions you should ask before buying home fitness equipment

Buying fitness equipment is not a decision to be made quickly. It’s important that you do research beforehand, and make sure the item will suit your needs both now as well in future years when it might come time for an upgrade or replacement!

Key questions you can consider before buying home fitness equipment include:

1. What space can you dedicate to your home gym?

2. How many people will be using the equipment and how often?

3. What gym equipment have you personally TRIED and enjoyed previously?

4. What are your fitness goals (weight loss, weight gain, etc.)?

5. How much money can you spend on fitness equipment? 

FAQs about buying home fitness equipment in Hong Kong

Where can I buy high-quality hiking shoes in Hong Kong?

Head on over to APA Outdoor Shop. Don’t expect to pick up a set of dumbbells here, but they have a great selection if you want hiking shoes. They also have other outdoor sporting goods items, including paddleboards, duffel bags, tents, and windbreakers.

Where can I buy workout clothes in Hong Kong?

Cotton On has an activewear section dedicated to inexpensive women’s sporting fashion for shorts, women’s fitness wears, bras, and other gears for sport and athleisure. 

Another great option for fitness apparel is Lululemon: yes, we know the items aren’t cheap, but the pieces certainly do last, which drastically reduces your price per wear. This is a great option for buying flattering leggings, sports bras, yoga mats, and water bottles. Lululemon is in multiple locations in the city, making them ideal for visiting with no distance issues.

If you’re looking for a good deal in Hong Kong, check out Sneaker Street, which is home to various sports gear.  

What are some bigger pieces of gym equipment I can consider buying?  

You can consider these 3 items:
– Weight training kit: a complete kit with dumbbells, bars, and discs to strengthen the entire body. It works for the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, shoulder, neck, lower body, and back.
– Reinforced flat/incline weight benches: these benches can be tilted at different angles, are easy to move, and are comfortable because of the thick foam.
– Exercise bikes: get a bike that monitors calories, distance, time, speed, and heart rate so you can get yourself into perfect shape while watching Netflix. 

What is the best outdoor fitness equipment for adults?

Hong Kong has plenty of urban parks kicking around, you can consider taking the following equipment to your local park:  
– Good running shoes for doing interval training up and downstairs
– A suspension trainer (used in TRX classes)
– Agility ladder
– Skipping rope

You can even use normal park furniture in your workout – think park benches for dips.  Plus, bodyweight exercises and other workout options are made easy with your local gym equipment in the park; head over to the park with your yoga mat and start doing burpees, pushups, and mountain climbers.

What is some small effective home fitness equipment that I can buy?

Our top picks are both in terms of size, the equipment’s quality, and the equipment’s effectiveness are:
Pushup stands: These pushup stands allow you to rotate slightly, which helps activate your muscles further, building strength in your shoulders, back, chest, and abs.  
URBN fit exercise ball a great investment for your home exercise. It’s very sturdily made and is great for core-strengthing exercises, with plenty of YouTube workouts focusing on this piece of equipment. 
– An abs roller is another piece to help work on your core strength, helping you tone your abs and work off calories.


Final words

We hope our article helps get your hands on some great equipment without breaking the bank! You deserve nothing less than amazing health for yourself. So make sure today starts being better all-round with these tips from us about living smarter by having some fitness equipment ready to go.

If we’ve missed out on any good tips on buying fitness equipment in Hong Kong or the best fitness equipment stores, please share your tips in the comments below.

If you’re looking to learn more about fitness in Hong Kong, check out: Hong Kong Ultimate Fitness Guide.

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