Water World Ocean Park is the super-fun new water park in Hong Kong. It’s already getting popular and has rides for all ages. Whether you want an adrenaline rush or something mellow like a lazy river, there’s something for everyone.

In this article, we will talk about what you need to book before going to Water World, what you need to bring to Water World, and tips for helping you on the day. These 15 tips will help make your Water World experience unforgettable:

1. Book the free Water World Ocean Park shuttle bus

A free shutter bus service runs between the regular Ocean Park entrance and the Water World Ocean Park entrance. If you use the MTR and get off at Ocean Park, you will send plenty of signs pointing you in the direction of the free shuttle bus service.

However, you will need to book the shuttle bus service in advance. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to get on the bus (due to limited seats) or you may have to wait.  Be aware, that you can only book the shuttle bus once you have purchased your entry ticket for Water World.

Click here to book the shuttle bus.

2. Book a locker in advance 

You will need to use a locker when you go to Water World as you won’t be allowed onto the rides whilst holding onto items. The only thing you can bring on the rides is a small waterproof bag containing say your phone and octopus card.

Since you’ll be needing a locker, you should book a locker in advance to save you time.

Fortunately, you will be able to access your locker throughout the day (using the QR code on the wristband).

Click here to book a locker in advance. 

3. Book a car-parking spot for Water World Hong Kong ahead of time

If you’re planning on driving to Water World, you’ll need to book a car parking spot. You definitely don’t want to find yourself in the situation where you’ve arrived at the park but there’s no car parking spot available!

Click here to book a car parking spot in advance. 

4. Buy a “Splash pass” to eliminate long waits for rides

Buy the “Splash pass” so you can use the “fast-track” line and go straight to the front of the queue. Yes, these passes cost extra, but once it hits around 11 am/11:30 am, wait times for the rides will start to get really long. The extra cost of the splash pass is worth it!

But these “Splash passes” do sell out; so check availability and book ahead!

Click here to book a “Splash Pass” from as little as $250.

5. Bring water shoes or flip-flops

It’s recommended that you wear something on your feet at the water park and this makes sense, the ground can get really hot and it is also slippery in a lot of places.

Water shoes are better than flip-flops. If you are wearing flip-flops, you will need to wear them on your wrists for a lot of the rides.

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6. Bring a small waterproof bag you can wear around your neck

Bring a waterproof plastic pouch so you can put items such as your phone and your octopus card. This will allow you to take photos and videos of all your exciting moments. Plus, it will allow you to buy food and drink whenever you like and without the need of going back to your locker (which takes more time than expected).

Click here to buy the US$11.99 Amazon Choice waterproof plastic pouch that can hold both your phone and octopus.

7. Bring a towel to Ocean Park Water World

Ocean Park Water World is fun but be sure to bring towels!

We forgot to bring towels and at the end of the day, it felt slightly miserable not having a towel to use before getting changed. There is a shop selling towels, but these towels are really expensive, so bring a towel from home.

8. Get there at 9:30 am

Officially, Water World opens at 10 am – but aim to get there earlier around 9:30 am. For us, the whole shuttle bus experience took about 20min. So, we ended up getting there later than we wanted- which was really annoying. Plus, you need to sort out your locker and figure out how to use it. Getting there early should let you do a few rides when there are very few people at the park.

9. Do the popular slides as soon as you arrive!!

If you get there early, do as many of the popular slides as soon as possible. Later in the day, you could end up waiting as long as 60min for the more popular slides.

Have a list of rides you want to hit up.

Popular rides include:

  • Rainbow Rush
  • Vortex!
  • Cavern Chase
  • Cyclone Spin
  • Tropical Twist
  • Thunder Loop
  • Bravery Cliffs
  • Skyhigh Falls

10. Mask protocol

The mask situation is slightly confusing – but basically, you’ll need to wear a mask whenever you are not on a ride; i.e., walking around the park or waiting for a ride.

So the question is, what do you do with your mask when you’re not on a ride?

Well, some people put their masks in a small waterproof bag before hopping on a ride, some people put their masks on their wrists, and other people just wear their masks at all times.

11. Wear a comfortable outfit

Fortunately, there seems to be a lot of flexibility with what you can wear. Yes, some people are wearing bikinis, but plenty of people opt for board shorts, long-sleeved swimmers, and even tank tops with shorts.

Some people have reported that they got slide burn, so we do recommend wearing shorts.

Just wear what makes you comfortable; with your mask and water shoes on, this is certainly no fashion parade.

12. It’s hard getting back to your locker

Navigating Water World is slightly difficult. It’s partly because, in my opinion, they don’t have enough signage but also because there are so many layers that intertwine, and navigating your way from one place to another is definitely more tricky than I expected.

All of this means, it can take quite a while to get back to your locker from the slides. So, that’s why having a waterproof pouch is so important!

13. Make lunch-time easier

Lunchtime can get super busy. Either aim to eat lunch early (ie midday or even before) or bring your own small cooler with food and drinks but don’t pack any glass containers or glass bottles). Personally, I didn’t think the food tasted very good and next time, I will definitely bring all my own food.

14. Afternoon activities

In the afternoon when the wait times are really long for the slides, you can move on to activities that don’t require a wait. For example, Big Wave Bay or the Lazy Cruise.

15. Leave early

Try to leave early (say 1 hour before the park closes) to ensure you can get to your locker and jump on the shuttle bus without lengthy delays.

Click here to check the daily schedule and opening hours. 

FAQs about Hong Kong Ocean Park Water World

Can you go to Ocean Park Water World when the weather is cold?

Yes, you can go to Hong Kong Water World even when it’s cold. The park has put in place various measures for your comfort during the colder months with many heat lamps lining up outside, plus the water gets heated up and they heat up the inside of the buildings as well! You might want to wear a wetsuit and don’t forget to bring along towels so that you can dry off after a shower.



Water World is becoming one of the most popular theme parks in Hong Kong. The park has a wide variety of rides, slides, and attractions that are sure to please kids and adults alike – but there are some things you should know before going to ensure your visit goes smoothly.

Booking ahead for the shuttle bus, lockers, and a car parking spot will help minimize unnecessary waits. Bringing along a towel to make your change at the end of the day more pleasant and planning which rides you want to do first helps reduce wait time later when lines get longer as crowds build up throughout the day. These simple precautions can help maximize enjoyment during your next trip.

Go ahead and start booking your Ocean Park Water World tickets.

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