6 Best Vegan Restaurants Hong Kong Island

by SavvyinHK
June 28, 2020

Looking for the best vegan restaurants Hong Kong? We have you covered.

Finding vegetarian and vegan options can be time-consuming— and the variety of unhealthy options could get tempting if you don’t have a list of healthy spots ready when mealtime hits.

To help you stay on track with your vegan goals; we have rounded up the best budget-friendly, healthy, vegan, and vegetarian restaurants you can find on Hong Kong island.

In this article, we tell you where to buy:

  • Delicious flatbreads
  • Quinoa mixed bowls 
  • Organic Asian delights
  • Vegan noodles in a relaxing neighborhood environment
  • Poké bowls
  • Veggie & grain-based bowls with multiple protein options


1. Best restaurant for delicious flatbreads 

MANA! Fast Slow Food

vegan vegetarian restaurants Hong Kong

Known for their delicious plant-based flats, salads, and soups, MANA! has been a staple in the community since 2012. Try their wrapped wholemeal flatbreads topped with your choice of veggie toppings, or give one of their signature flats a try. Our favorite? The signature falafel flat ($95 for an entire flat, $50 for half) includes falafel, fresh tomato, romaine lettuce, pickled peppers, parsley, and tahini. Feel like something heartier? Burgers are priced at $90, and you get your choice of homemade vegan patty and sauce.

MANA! Soho, 8 Staunton Street, SoHo, 5501 7583
MANA! Starstreet, 8-10 Queen’s Rd. East, Wan Chai, 5501 7591


2. Best restaurant in Hong Kong to enjoy Beyond Meat & Omnipork

Green Common

Green Common is a popular choice for vegans and vegetarians with more than ten locations across the city. Whether you prefer traditional or innovative dishes, these veggie dishes will not disappoint.

Green Common has a wide variety of dishes made using Beyond Meat and Omnipork. If you are craving your typical comfort food made with non-meat products, you can find them all here, including Beyond Pizza Delight ($59) and Beyond Burger Classic ($78).

They also offer healthy menu options such as the Quinoa Mixed Bowl for $89 and the Thai Mixed Vege Stir-fry ($42).

Green Common, locations vary. Check shop locations here


3. Best vegan restaurant in Wan Chai to enjoy organic Asian delights

Local Ginger Veggie Bistro

vegan vegetarian restaurants Hong Kong

Located behind Blue House in Wan Chai, Local Ginger Veggie Bistro is a social enterprise restaurant. It is a perfect spot for health-conscious consumers, as fresh ingredients are sourced from local organic farms. Other ingredients are obtained from small local shops around Hong Kong. 

The restaurant uses seasonal ingredients and only uses low amounts of salt, sugar, oil, and no MSG.

Indulge in Local Ginger’s incredible Five Elements Turmeric Rice ($60), veggie wonton noodle ($49), Pine Nuts, and Avocado Risotto ($72) during your visit or try their rotating weekly lunch menu, priced between $51 to $72.

Local Ginger Veggie Bistro, G/F, 8 King Sing Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2833 4601


4. Best entirely vegan restaurant in Sheung Wan

Ohms Cafe & Bar

Dedicated to promoting veganism and a sustainable lifestyle, Ohms Cafe & Bar is a vegan cafe in Sheung Wan with many regular customers. They serve delicious vegan noodles, pancakes, bagels, as well as many other dishes. If you are looking for a relaxed afternoon around the neighborhood, this is a great choice.

Ohms Cafe & Bar, Shop A, 192 Hollywood Road, (SheungWan MTR, A exit)


5. Best restaurant for Poké bowls 


Inspired by the Hawaiian Poké, Pokéworld allows you to build your own healthy poké dish. Pokéworld uses fresh ingredients, offers a wide range of food selections, and emphasizes healthy eating. Whether you choose rice, pokiritto, or even a salad bowl, there are endless combinations that will allow you to build a very individual Poké. Switch out the meat protein for tofu for a refreshing veggie taste. 

Pokéworld, G/F, 8 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Sheung Wan MTR, A2 exit)


6. Best vegan restaurants Hong Kong for veggie & grain-based bowls with multiple protein options

Fete U

For a quality, hearty meal that doesn’t sacrifice your macros, Fete Up’s got your back. Fete Up specializes in veggie or grain-based bowls, topped with lean protein and colorful vegetables seasoned and cooked to perfection.

You either build your own bowl or choose from their signature bowls such as the Swimmer’s Stretch ($83), a bowl with baked fish fillet soba, red kidney bean, and Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Fete Up, GF 31 Wyndham Street, Central, 5688 1117



We are committed to helping people in Hong Kong lead a healthy life in Hong Kong, we how you enjoy trying some of the best vegan restaurants Hong Kong. If we have missed your favorite, please let us know in the comments below. 


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