Furniture Hong Kong: The Complete Guide

by SavvyinHK
December 20, 2020

Wanting to buy furniture Hong Kong? Buying furniture in Hong Kong comes with multiple challenges. The main challenges you expect to encounter when buying furniture in Hong Kong are;

  • making sure you find furniture to fit your home
  • how to find good quality but reasonably priced furniture that doesn’t come from Ikea
  • how to get rid of unwanted, second-hand furniture

In this article, we will address all three of these challenges. Other topics we will cover include;

  • Why it’s so important in Hong Kong to select the right furniture.
  • The key factors to consider before making your purchase
  • The best furniture stores in Hong Kong
  • FAQs

Why is selecting furniture in Hong Kong so important?

With so many people renting in Hong Kong, there are often limitations regarding what changes you can make to your apartment. That’s why selecting the right furniture in Hong Kong is so important. Furniture, which reflects your style, can turn an ordinary apartment into a luxury statement home. The benefits of making good choices with furniture include:

  • Good furniture choices will help to define the space, maximizing square feet clearly.
  • You’ll likely feel calmer and more comfortable in your home with pieces that effortlessly work within the space.
  • Furniture will quickly give your home a sense of individualism and style.

What are the key considerations when buying furniture in Hong Kong?

Let’s discuss some important considerations when it comes to selecting furniture in Hong Kong. With apartment sizes generally so small in Hong Kong, there isn’t space to hang on to furniture pieces that aren’t suitable.

Small apartment sizes

It’s rare in Hong Kong to see oversized sofas or chaise lounges, and that’s for a good reason. As you surely know too well, the size of your apartment is probably quite small. When selecting furniture in Hong Kong, you’ll likely have to ask yourself if a particular piece of furniture is essential. If it’s not critical, then unnecessary furniture will only help to make your home feel smaller. Ensure that you get out your measuring tape and measure precisely what size furniture will fit into your home.


Elevators in Hong Kong can be rather small, particularly those elevators found in older buildings. If your new furniture item can’t fit in the elevator, you might have to consider paying to get it hoisted up to your apartment. Having to hoist furniture up to your apartment will create both extra costs and extra headaches.

Resale value

Let’s face it, lots of people in Hong Kong come and go, and plenty of people move around. When it comes time to try to sell or give away furniture, you’ll find that smaller sized furniture is in high demand. In contrast, large-sized pieces are harder to find buyers for, and in fact, many charities won’t accept larger sized pieces. If you want to learn more about selling, giving away, or donating second-hand furniture in Hong Kong, check out our article on getting rid of furniture in Hong Kong. 

The best furniture stores in Hong Kong

Sometimes it feels that when it comes to buying furniture in Hong Kong, the only options available are going to Ikea or visiting Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau. Do you wish you knew of other options for finding quirky furniture in Hong Kong that has character? To give your worries a respite, we have handpicked the best furniture stores in Hong Kong to help you find items with character and class. Whether you are looking for wooden Scandinavian furniture or industrial pieces in Hong Kong, we have you covered.

1. Where can I buy Scandinavian furniture in Hong Kong?

EMOH Design

EMOH Design sells high quality Scandinavian wood furniture. The furniture is clean and crisp.
Photo courtesy of EMOH Design.

Located in Kwun Tong, EMOH Design offers clean Scandinavian furniture. EMOH believes in the “Art of less,” so if you love chic style, this is your paradise and a great place to get designer furniture in Hong Kong. Scandinavian furniture is famous for clean wooden pieces, and when it comes to wooden furniture, EMOH provides lots of options. We recently bought a chest of drawers from EMOH, which was offered in three different colors. We were absolutely delighted with our purchase. In addition to the typical pieces of furniture you’d expect to find (tables, sofas, bookshelves, etc.), one of the best things about EMOH is that they sell a large number of pieces that are sure to surprise and delight. We love their teak table centerpiece for $980 and their raw sugar stool for $880. I found out about this store from a friend known for having fabulous interior taste; I only wish I had known about it sooner.  Take the time to check out the showroom in Kwun Tong. Location: Room 1001, 10F Century Centre, 44-46 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong

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2. Which furniture store in Hong Kong sells stylish furniture?


Decor8 sells super style furniture in Hong Kong. They sell a huge variety of furniture styles include modern an art-deco.
Photo courtesy of Decor8.

Decor8 is the definition of stylish interior design. Their amazing sense of style can be seen in every piece of furniture, and their products are decently priced. Their offering includes copies of mid-century modern furniture, art-deco pieces as well as modern pieces. While the style of furniture offered at Decor8 varies, the consistent theme is that the pieces they sell are super stylish. In fact, every item screams of good taste. If you want some inspiration for your own apartment, check out their social media handles. There is plenty there to feel inspired about. We love Decor8’s sofa collection. The selection is huge; you can be sure to find the sofa of your dreams here. Locations in Mong Kong and Wanchai.

  • 9/F Unit B, Fuk Chiu Factory Building, 20 Bute Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
  • 8/F, Full Floor, Shun Pont Commercial Building, 5-11 Thomson Road, Wanchai

3. What is the best second-hand furniture shop in Hong Kong?

2nd Chance

2nd Chance Hong Kong tends to sell high quality second hand furniture from brands such as Tequila Kola, Indigo, and Tree. Prices are a fraction of what you would expect to pay for brand new items,
Photo courtesy of 2nd Chance Facebook.

If you love a good deal or you simply prefer to shop sustainably, check out 2nd Chance. At 2nd Chance, you can expect to find authentic, high-quality furniture at some really great prices.  You will find many pieces that speak of Hong Kong; think oriental dresses, and plenty of dark wooden pieces. If you are concerned that the pieces will be worn out or damaged, don’t be. 2nd Chance only accepts good quality furniture. The deals they offer are hard to refuse! Why? Because you get premium and luxury furniture at such cheap prices. You can turn your house into a stylish home full of designer pieces at affordable prices. Many beautiful pieces from stores such as Tequila Kola, Indigo, and Tree can be found at 2nd Chance if you want to find the best store for buying furniture in Hong Kong, head on over to their warehouse. Otherwise, click here to access 2nd Chance and to be able to buy second-hand furniture online. Location: 2nd Floor, Unit 14, Kin Fat Industrial Centre, 13 Kin Fat Street Tuen Mun.

4. Where can I buy inexpensive furniture in Hong Kong?

Go Green Shop

Go Green Shop in Hong Kong sells recycled and up-styled second home furniture including tables, chairs and sofas.
Photo courtesy of

Want to buy great furniture in Hong Kong and save the environment? We recommend GoGreenShop, which is the partner company to Green Dot Home. GoGreenShop is an environmentally-friendly platform that sells used and upcycled household items. They have a simple goal, and that is to promote sustainable living in Hong Kong. The prices are low. You will be hard-pressed to find better value for money, plus you can feel happy knowing that part of your purchase will go towards a charitable cause. They aim to collect used furniture and homeware (which they do so via Green Dot Home) and then sell as is or upcycle so they can help to decrease Hong Kong’s waste. They have a great collection of furniture, including chairs and tables; check them out online.

5. Where can I buy quirky furniture in Hong Kong?

Homeless sells some really quirky home items. In addition, they sell clean Scandinavian-style furniture.
Photo courtesy of Homeless. Hk Facebook.

Started in 2003, Homeless now has 13 retail outlets across Hong Kong. The name “Homeless” refers to the furniture in Hong Kong they sell in their stores, which are considered in need of a good home and “homeless” without an owner. Sound unique, right? Well, so is their furniture in Hong Kong. From quirky showpieces to more subtle pieces, Homeless is a holistic furniture store in Hong Kong. You can probably find all you need here, including a good range of kids and office furniture. In recent years, Homeless is offering a larger amount of Scandinavian furniture; they offer lots of simple and clean pieces from Danish designer HAY, including sofas, beds, dining tables, dining chairs, and shelves. Also, they sell other accessories like quirky phone cases, jewelry, face masks, etc. Besides their amazing furniture, they also offer a newsletter service, which is unique, like everything about them. If you’re looking for decor advice,  subscribe to this service. For unique yet stylish furniture, Homeless is the perfect place for you. Best of all, their furniture is quite pocket friendly. Locations here.



People come and go from Hong Kong fairly frequently. Besides, apartment sizes are generally fairly small, so people don’t have the space to hang on to furniture they no longer need. As a result, you’ll often find people needing to sell high quality, second-hand furniture. Besides, 2nd Chance, which is the wonderful second-hand furniture Hong Kong store we mention above, there are other ways to buy second-hand furniture online in Hong Kong. We recommend checking out Asiaxpat and Geoexpat.  Both these platforms enable you to buy second-hand furniture at low prices conveniently. Good items on these sites tend to sell pretty fast, but you can set up alerts on these websites to ensure you get informed straight away if a particular item of furniture is put up for sale.


If you’re looking to dispose of furniture in Hong Kong, there are three best ways; selling furniture, giving it away to a friend, or donating to a charity. We have an entire article devoted to this topic.


Second-hand furniture is both cheap and sustainable; we find it hard to go beyond this option. Besides the large supply of great quality second-hand furniture, Ikea furniture is also available in Hong Kong, and they have a large shop in Causeway Bay.


Shopping for furniture online has never been easier; as long as you’ve taken the measurements of the room, and you’ve considered the size of the elevator, you’ll be able to start online shopping. While there are endless online furniture options, we particularly like the following two sites for buying furniture in Hong Kong; Decor8 and 2nd Chance. We like shopping online from Decor8 because there is so much inspiration to found on their website. We love buying from 2nd Chance‘s Facebook page because you’ll find some really great deals on high-quality, used furniture.


Yes, Muji sells a limited amount of furniture, mostly storage units, chairs, dining tables, and desks. Their designs tend to be clean and simple and come in very few color options.  The prices aren’t exactly low, but if you’re looking for durable, elegant pieces that will are timeless, Muji can be a good option.


In Hong Kong, several stores offer furniture rental solutions, making sense given how many people get seconded to Hong Kong for brief work stints (during normal times). Indigo Living offers long term and short term rental. The short term rental can be as short as one month. Best of all, they have a design team that can help put together a furniture package tailored to suit your own individual tastes within a few days.


We have an entire article dedicated to making donations in Hong Kong. We tell you the best charities for donating specific items, including; maternity clothes, baby clothes, books, and bikes. When it comes to donating furniture, we like;  Happy Shop, 2nd Chance, and Greendot. All these companies specifically deal with buying and selling second-hand furniture, so it’s possible you can secure some cash for your unwanted furniture. In terms of charities, quite a few charities are doing great work in Hong Kong, helping to redistribute unwanted items to those in need; we like:

If you’re interested to learn more about making donations in Hong Kong, see the full article here.


In Hong Kong, it’s important to get it right when deciding on which furniture to buy. There isn’t much space to make mistakes. We hope you get your measuring tape out and that you are now well prepared to start selecting furniture. Whether you a furniture enthusiast or just looking for the perfect interior design for your home, we hope this article helps you find the perfect pieces for your home. Whatever your style, from Scandinavian, Rustic, Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern, we have you covered. If prices of brand new furniture seem high, or if you (are like us) lovers of recycling and reusing, don’t forget that in Hong Kong, buying high-quality second-hand furniture is relatively easy. Have we missed any tips regarding buying or disposing of furniture Hong Kong? If so, please let us know in the comments below. If you’ve just arrived in Hong Kong, check out A Guide for Newbies in Hong Kong. In this article, topics we cover include; buying a car in Hong Kong, tips for selecting an apartment, a guide for buying second-hand goods in Hong Kong.

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