We live in a world where women’s health issues are often overlooked, dismissed, or minimized. Research shows that women in pain who are seeking relief are up to 25 percent less likely to be offered opioid analgesia, and they wait significantly longer to receive that same pain relief. Women also have unique health needs that may be poorly understood. Hypnosis can help you take control of your wellness.

Hypnotherapy for Women’s Health: Why Does It Matter?

Women’s lives are naturally cyclical. Both our health and our wellbeing are closely tied to our reproductive systems and the hormonal fluctuations that guide them. During puberty, hormones surge, triggering numerous changes to mature our brains and bodies. Girls will also experience their first menstrual cycle during puberty, and this cycle continues throughout their reproductive years, marking the passing of each month.

During our reproductive years, our hormones fluctuate every month, triggering the release of eggs and then the shedding of the uterine lining. If an egg is fertilized, instead of being shed along with the uterine lining, it implants. The implantation triggers a flood of hormones that help support and nourish the pregnancy and prepare your body for the eventual labor and birth.

The end of a woman’s reproductive years is marked with menopause, during which our bodies transform again. Hormones fluctuate and eventually decline, and our bodies adapt once again.

The cycles and changes of a woman’s body are not merely physical but also emotional. Pregnancy, in particular, is a time of increased vulnerability and emotions. While these changes are all-natural, they can bring with them a flood of uncomfortable symptoms and feelings.

Hypnosis can help you culture a sense of mindfulness so that you can stay focused, confident, and prepared for whatever life has in store for you.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a specific type of therapy that incorporates hypnosis to alleviate certain symptoms or manage certain health issues. During hypnotherapy, the therapist will use a variety of tools and techniques to help you relax and focus your mind. Once you are relaxed and experiencing hypnosis, the therapist uses a variety of techniques to address specific issues. These can include:

  • Targeted suggestions
  • Guided imagery
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Mindfulness
  • Modeling or anchoring

You can use hypnotherapy in a variety of ways. Whether you want to overcome unhealthy habits, manage symptoms, develop a healthier new mindset, or nurture positive coping mechanisms, hypnosis is a great choice. You can even use it to gain a new perspective on past experiences.

Hypnotherapy can address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress

It is also especially beneficial for addressing women’s unique health needs and can be used to:

  • Reduce nausea and morning sickness
  • Alleviate labor pain
  • Promote a more positive birthing experience
  • Soothe menstrual cramps
  • Cool hot flashes

Traditionally, hypnotherapy has been administered via in-person therapy, but modern technology offers you more options, such as a self-guided hypnotherapy app.

Such an app is designed to guide you through the hypnosis experience much like a therapist would. You can address specific issues, such as weight loss, relaxation, or stress, or you can focus on specific goals, such as improved confidence or focus.

For women, an app can provide greater versatility and fit more conveniently into busy schedules. You can use your hypnosis app at a time or place that works well for you.

Hypnosis for Pregnancy Anxiety

During pregnancy, your body can change in ways that trigger both excitement and fear, and all of these changes will eventually culminate in labor. Labor is a complex process that begins with the cervix softening, thinning, and dilating. Uterus contractions can be irregular initially but will soon find a rhythm, contracting regularly until the birth.

Labor can be painful, and many women opt for medications to help them manage the pain. Hypnotherapy offers a drug-free alternative for improving women’s health.

When you are afraid or anxious during pregnancy your body releases numerous stress hormones that could have far-reaching effects. According to the March of Dimes, chronic stress can dampen your immune system and increase your risk of uterine infection, which can lead to preterm birth. Stress can also aggravate normal pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness.

Your anxiety and fear might also have unwanted effects on your labor, lengthening it and increasing your pain. Stress hormones such as catecholamine can slow or stop contractions, preventing your cervix from dilating properly. Tense muscles can worsen your pain.

Using hypnotherapy for women’s health can help you relax, calm your fears and worries, and transform your birthing experience.

A Healthy Pregnancy starts with a Healthy Mind

Human pregnancy is long and energy-intensive. When it comes to endurance, pregnancy and marathons are fairly equal.

Unlike marathon runners, however, pregnant women are not necessarily getting “in the zone” for a race that can last up to 40 weeks. Hypnosis might be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to preparing mentally for your pregnancy and labor.

Much goes into a healthy pregnancy: a balanced diet, good sleep hygiene, and regular activity. Your emotional health matters, too, and stress can affect not only your labor but also the baby in utero.

Using hypnosis for women’s health can give you powerful stress-busting tools to help, such as:

  • Identifying sources of stress
  • Developing coping skills to better manage stress
  • Nurturing a healthier mindset

Stress might not be the only emotion that can negatively affect your pregnancy. Fear, anxiety, and worry can also affect your experience while improved mental health can boost your sense of self-efficacy or your confidence in your capabilities as a mother.

A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy mind, and hypnosis can help with both. Hypnosis can uncover the sources of your fears and worries and give you the emotional space you need to work through them. With a healthier, more positive mindset, you will be ready for all the big changes that are coming your way.

Leveraging Digital Hypnotherapy

Women's health is important; you can use hypnotherapy to have both a better pregnancy and birth.

When you use hypnotherapy, you can tap into the power of your mind to overcome specific subconscious obstacles. Traditionally, people would need to visit a therapist experienced in hypnosis to access hypnotherapy, but today, you have an alternative: digital hypnotherapy.

Digital hypnotherapy, which you can access through an app or download, enables you to access hypnotherapy on your terms.

You can completely customize your hypnosis experience using UpNow’s hypnotherapy for women’s health. It is easy to use with a wide selection of therapeutic audios, including:

  • Stress reduction
  • Healthier sleep
  • Confidence
  • Healthy eating

UpNow’s app has been designed and is voiced by a professional credentialed hypnotherapist. Each session is half an hour or less, and you can sit back, relax, and use your subconscious to implement powerful changes in your life.

Hypnosis is a state of awareness that enables you to relax deeply while focusing your attention. Using a hypnosis app before labor can offer the drug-free pain relief you need while calming your fears and boosting your confidence.

You will not be asleep but deeply relaxed, allowing your body to do the work it needs to do to bring new life into the world.

HypnoBirthing and Digital Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to promote sleep, combat pain, and promote improved health. Today, we know that hypnosis is incredibly versatile and can help us transform our life and health. During pregnancy, hypnosis can ease morning sickness and other symptoms, and during labor, it can help you manage your pain while focusing on the job at hand.

With hypnosis, you can overcome your fear, anxiety, and pain. UpNow’s self-guided hypnotherapy app gives you complete control over when, where, and even how you use hypnosis to manage your birth experience.

With each exhalation, you can breathe away the stress that is keeping you from the labor experience you want. Hypnosis activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers your blood pressure and calms your mind.

There are many benefits to using hypnosis for a healthy pregnancy. You can use your downloads during labor to:

  • Manage your breathing
  • Transform your focus
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Visualize your cervix opening
  • Change the way you experience contractions
  • Feel safer and more comfortable
  • Boost your confidence
  • Focus on letting go and allowing your body to do the work of labor


Pregnancy and labor can be both difficult and rewarding. At Renewed Edge and UpNow, their team will work with you to help you have the birth experience of your dreams with hypnobirthing courses and digital hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis can be beneficial at any point in a woman’s life but is particularly beneficial before, during, and after pregnancy. You can use it to manage bothersome symptoms, conquer stress, and nurture a more positive mindset.

With the help of Renewed Edge counselors and UpNow’s hypnotherapists, you have the power to change your mind, your body, and your life. Visit them today to learn more about using hypnosis for a healthy pregnancy or to download their app.

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