Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Convenience is key when it comes to everyday modern living, which is why people prefer all-in-one, automated, and easy-to-use appliances for their homes. If you’re looking for something like this to help with your housework, a robot vacuum cleaner meets all these criteria.

Here are some of the 10 best reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner:

Facilitates hands-free cleaning

A robot vacuum cleaner takes everything that makes house cleaning tedious off your hands. You don’t have to bend to clean nooks and crannies, bother about emptying dust bags, or remember to wash mop pads as these cleaners do all these tasks themselves. These features are especially useful for people with mobility issues or dust allergies.

Provides cord-free convenience

As robot vacuum cleaners are cordless, you don’t have to worry about tripping over an unwieldy cord or searching for a power outlet to plug your cleaner into while your home gets cleaned.

Easy to store

Most traditional vacuum cleaners come with a canister, hose, and wand, which makes them difficult to store in small spaces. However, robot vacuum cleaners are compact and fit neatly into a docking station.


Cleans tight and hard-to-reach spaces

The sleek and compact design of a robot vacuum cleaner allows it to clean spots that are usually hard to reach with a traditional vacuum. They can sweep under sofas and low tables and even clean wall corners using the side bristle brushes.

Works on different surfaces

A robot vacuum cleaner typically switches modes, depending on the surface it’s working on. It will increase its suction power when its sensors detect a carpet, and decrease the suction when it moves to a hard surface. Cleaners that have mopping functions also work well on tiled floors.

Allows remote cleaning

One of the most handy aspects of owning a robot vacuum is that you don’t have to be at home to get your home cleaned. You can set a cleaning schedule on the vacuum and programme which rooms you need cleaned and when. You can even schedule cleaning sessions while you’re asleep or on holiday.

Operates within specified boundaries

Newer models of robot vacuums come with 3D mapping capabilities so that you can set virtual barriers to prevent them from going into certain rooms or bumping into fragile pieces of furniture. So you can, for instance, programme your vacuum not to go into the nursery during your baby’s nap time or to clean around a pet’s food or water bowl.

Allows customised cleaning sessions

There are always certain areas in a home that need more attention than others, such the main door entrance, children’s play areas, and the kitchen. You can schedule more frequent cleaning sessions for these parts of the house or set specific cleaning modes for them.


You don’t have to worry about remembering to charge a robot vacuum as the appliance will return to its docking station — even mid-clean — charge, and then pick up where it left off.

Responds to voice commands

Robot vacuums are usually compatible with interactive voice assistants so that owners can issue commands like, “Pause cleaning” or “Clean under the sofa”. Some models even allow users to tell their vacuums to quickly map a home or return to their stations.

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