The Best 10 Hong Kong Themed Children’s Books

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Hong Kong is a small city with an amazing culture. Hong Kong themed children’s books are great for people of any age, but they are especially wonderful for Hong Kong natives or those who have lived in Hong Kong at some point in their lives. The books on this list will take you through the streets and neighborhoods of Hong Kong, introducing you to the residents and events that make Hong Kong what it is today. In this article, we will list 10 of the best Hong Kong-themed children’s books available to purchase for your little one!

1. Good Night Hong Kong (Good Night Our World)

This book takes its readers through Hong Kong, introducing them to animals and famous landmarks that can be found in Hong Kong. The simple text is great for young children who are just starting to learn about Hong Kong.

Good Night Hong Kong features some of the most famous places in Hong Kong including Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Ocean Park, the Star Ferry, and more. It is part of the well-regarded “Good Night Our World series”, which has hundreds of books exploring places all over the world.

Reading age:

  • 0 -3 years

To buy:

2. What Makes Little Hong Kong Big to the World?

This book dives into Hong Kong’s history and its role in the world today. It is perfect for older children who are interested in learning more about Hong Kong and how it has developed over time.

Hong Kong might be small but it is actually a significant shopping destination, Asian port, and financial hub. By reading this book, kids will come to realize that it’s not just the size of a place that makes it great.

Reading age:

  • 7 – 9 years olds

To buy:

3. Emi Takes Hong Kong: A Kids’ Story Travel Guide 

This is a Hong Kong-themed children’s book that doubles as an interactive guide to Hong Kong. It tells the story of Emi, who travels throughout Hong Kong and learns more about its culture while looking for a present for his Mother. Once finished reading the book, readers can flip back through the pages and see all of the spots Emi went on his trip.

Reading age:

  • 5-7 years old

To buy:

4. The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac

The Jade Emperor has called all animals to participate in his latest competition. Which 12 lucky ones will cross the mystical river and become part of the Chinese Zodiac?

Young readers will enjoy this classic Chinese legend that has been passed on over many generations. Kids will understand why the cat didn’t form part of the Zodiac. Children can follow the story in English and Chinese.

Reading age:

  • Children all of all ages should enjoy this story; little ones will need to be read the book

To buy:

5. Hong Kong ABC: A Book About The People And Places Of Hong Kong

In “Hong Kong ABC: A Book About The People And Places Of Hong Kong”, your child will learn all about the different people and places that make up Hong Kong. Filled with colorful photos and interesting facts, this book is a great way to introduce your child to the city’s culture and history.

This chunky book will have your little one wanting to dive into Hong Kong’s culture. It features 26 images of uniquely Hong Kong delights. All work done for the book was donated with all profits from the sale of the book going to Room To Read.

Reading age:

  • 2 – 4 years old

To buy:

6. This is Hong Kong – one of the best Hong Kong themed children’s books

This is a book about the bustling, colorful city of Hong Kong in the 1960s. While this is not the Hong Kong of today, the book covers everything that makes Hong Kong so endearing: festivals, neon signs, Peking duck, the angle of the Peak Tram, the romantic Kowloon side of the Star Ferry, temples, bamboo scaffolding, doormen at the ready, street food and hawkers.

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It was first published in 1965 (since updated) and captures all the enchantment of Hong Kong with contrasts through captivating stories! This book has many positive reviews!

Reading age:

  • 7-8 years

To buy:

7. Hong Kong: A Photographic Journey

“Hong Kong: A Photographic Journey” is a beautiful coffee table book that showcases the best of Hong Kong’s landscape, culture, and people.

If you’re looking for a more visual introduction to the city, this book is perfect for you and your child.

Reading age:

  • All ages

To buy:

8. Dim Sum for Everyone – lovely HK book for kids

A Chinese American family sits together to enjoy a traditional dim sum. All kinds of little dishes are wheeled out on trolleys, and everyone gets to pick what they’d like to eat. Dim Sum choices include dumplings, cakes, tarts, and buns.

The story is pretty simple and the sentences are short but the book has a lot of positive reviews and it’s the kind of book that kids enjoy listening to or reading over and over again.

Reading age:

  • 3- 5 years

To buy:

9. A Day in Hong Kong – Great Hong Kong children’s book

In “A Day in Hong Kong”, young readers will get an introduction to daily life throughout different areas of the city. The book gives children the opportunity to learn a wide variety of facts about Hong Kong covering food, culture, and attractions.

The illustrations are a combination of photographs and drawings which work well to capture kids’ attention from beginning to end!

Reading age:

  • 2 years and up

To buy:

10. A Tour of Hong Kong – Kids’ book HK

A Tour of Hong Kong is a great Hong Kong themed children's book

This visually intense wordless picture book takes readers on a journey through the busy urban center of Hong Kong, through the lens of two children. Each of the kids commences their journies on different sides of the book and then meets in the middle.

Young children will delight as they find themselves navigating this world-famous place with its many things to see. A new perspective can be found by viewing the book front-to-back or back-to-front.

Reading age:

  • 8 -10 years

To buy:


Hong Kong themed children’s books are great for anyone interested in learning more about Hong Kong or its culture. Whether you’re traveling to Hong Kong soon, have just moved here, or want something fun and interesting to read with your kids, Hongkongers-themed picturebooks make the perfect companion!

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