Do you have a business? This is your guide to services that will help in the day-to-day.

This blog post includes 8 services for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners; from website maintenance to communication training. 

As businesses mature they often embrace new ways to do things and for this reason some types of service work well across all organizations while others are better suited only in certain situations. If you are a business owner in Hong Kong then keep reading! 

1. Website design is critical for all business owners

Another thing that business owners often need help with is website design. Good design can make or break a business, which is why it’s important for business owners in Hong Kong who are not designers themselves to invest in professional services that will ensure their brand looks great and gets the attention it deserves.

A custom website created by a professional developer or designer will give your business the best chance at success! With features like design, branding/copywriting services (for SEO purposes), newsletter templates that work well with social media platforms–you’ll be set up to succeed when it comes time for marketing tactics using these channels of communication!

I hired Mellissa from Mean Creative to help create SavvyinHK. From the moment we spoke, she made me feel secure and encouraged all of my crazy ideas for SavvyinHK! Her pricing and skills were better than the other firms I interviewed — plus I found her SEO writing skills super helpful – I just gave her the broad idea of what I wanted and she filled in the rest!

2. Website maintenance for entrepreneurs and business owners

A business website is a great way to get your business out there, but keeping it up-to-date can be difficult. Globally, 30,000 websites are hacked daily, and every 39 seconds there is a new attack somewhere on the web. 44% of sites hacked are outdated WordPress sites.

Fortunately for business owners in Hong Kong, you can hire a tech-savvy team who is able to ensure that your site remains functional at all times.

Whilst the cost of having a professional maintain your website is relatively small, the cost of not maintaining your website can be huge. The biggest risk of poor website maintenance is increased vulnerability to hacking.

You’ll find that some companies charge high fees for monthly website maintenance. The reason they charge so much is that in the event that something does go wrong with your site, they may have to spend a lot of time fixing the issues. 

We really like Bauhinia Solutions because they only charge a minimal fee to keep your website in good working order. Only if something does go wrong, do they charge you extra (quote provided) to get the issue fixed.

3. Legal services for business owners in Hong Kong

A key service business owners need is legal help. Legal services will protect business owners from business risks such as employees, partners, shareholders, suppliers, and customers. If business owners engage legal services early enough, it can also help to prevent problems or litigation which will save businesses from stress, headache, loss of money, and time.

Elsa Law is a commercial and business attorney in Hong Kong whose experience spans the gamut of issues that entrepreneurs or business owners might face, especially with her having been an in-house counsel for reputable corporations. She can help with everything from buying and selling shares or assets, JV agreements, shareholders’ agreements, franchise agreements, distribution and agency agreements, and other agreements – all under one roof!

Elsa brings decades’ worth of expertise assisting local and international business owners; whether it’s helping them get started on their new ventures by offering guidance through each step or navigating a growing company through complex grey areas where laws conflict between jurisdictions.

4. Insurance for Hong Kong business owners

Insurance is a business owner’s best friend. Insurance helps keep things stable when dealing with potential problems like accidents at work or liabilities that might arise in the natural course of doing business. 

While insurance can protect you from unknown risks it also requires some research and understanding of your needs to make sure that you’re getting the type of insurance coverage that’s right for your industry.

If you want to make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing insurance products, we recommend you to talk to an experienced independent insurance broker such as Litai Wai from Charings

Litai can give you advice on a wide range of business products including; office insurance, employee compensation, public liability insurance, director and officer insurance, group medical insurance, and more. Best of all, Litai knows all the big insurance brands well and understands the details of each product, making it much easier for you to make decisions for your business. 

5. Communication training for companies in Hong Kong

Even if you have sales and marketing staff, as a business owner, your team will be your company’s best and most important advocate. That’s why public speaking and presentation skills are so important!

If you feel like your team’s presenting skills need some brushing up, you can consider contacting Vannessa from Cascade Teach Train Learn. With more than two decades of experience presenting to groups of people, Vannessa Misso-Veness is warm and friendly. She will train your team for better collaboration online and face-to-face.  She can come to your office and for a reasonable fee will get you practiced and ready to talk about your business with confidence.  

6. Outsourced CFO services to get a handle on your company’s growth

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will help business owners see where their money has been going and how it can be better used, giving them more control over the company’s future growth. 

Running a business is incredibly stressful, which is why business owners in Hong Kong can consider taking advantage of outsourced CFO services. Rather than taking on a full c-suite level salary into your business, with outsourced CFO services you can get professional help contracted on an hourly or monthly basis.

Pinetree is a professional Kowloon-based company that offers the full suite of CFO services your business needs. They are not only friendly, but they also offer great value and a wide variety of services. If you want one-off reports for meetings or would like to retain them so their expertise can help track financial KPIs each month then Pinetree has got just what’s needed at hand.

7. Virtual assistant for an extra pair of hands

Virtual personal assistant Hong Kong


If you don’t know how to start your business growth plan then this service might be just what you need. Virtual assistants can provide business owners with an extra pair of hands on a part-time basis, for odd jobs that seem to pop up all the time. 

The best thing about a virtual assistant agency such as Bauhinia Solutions is that you can sign a monthly contract with them for a set amount of hours and then use them for a huge range of tasks. These tasks can include (but are not limited to) answering your customer service emails, tracking your expenses, drafting presentations or proposals, and managing your email marketing.

In addition to the ad-hoc work that pops up, a virtual assistant can alleviate pressure by handling regular tasks that are an important part of your administration or marketing activities, on your behalf.

Having the services of a virtual assistant can help to free up time for the business owner to focus on growth strategies for their core business.

8. Outsourced payroll services for Hong Kong companies

Payroll is an important business function that can have huge negative consequences for the company if not carried out on time and accurately. Using outsourced payroll services can help to get your paychecks dealt with promptly and save you from a whole lot of admin pain. 

Also, paying someone else to do payroll tasks will free up valuable time for your staff to instead focus on the growth of your core business – don’t waste precious hours going through tedious paperwork when an outsourced service can do it instead for reasonable fees. 

Pinetree’s founder, Vinod Menon, has built up a strong reputation within his field because he delivers high-quality service on time using specialized software. 


I hope that these services help you grow your company and make life easier for you as a business owner. If there are any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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