Selfridges Membership Benefits if you Live in Hong Kong

Global shopping in Hong Kong and no hefty shipping fees? Selfridges is the answer.

From London to Hong Kong, via Selfridges, you can get all the hottest products without melting your credit card. The international superstar brand offers everything you could want from a department store, shipped directly to your door.

Selfridges ship pretty much their whole range to Hong Kong, from women’s fashion to bed linen and everything in between. The best bit? You can sign up for Selfridges discounted shipping membership so you won’t get stung at the checkout.

Sounds too good to be true? We’ve got the full low-down for you, covering:

  • Why you always get redirected to Hong Kong shopping websites
  • What Selfridges is and why you need it in your life
  • Real price differences when shopping with Selfridges
  • How to get unlimited international shipping for HK$420
  • Some of the cool brands and awesome gadgets you can get
  • Signing up to be a member of Selfridges

So that you’re ready to get some great value shopping done for you and your global family.

Why is it so hard to shop on international websites from Hong Kong?

Ever found some items on an overseas website, you’re just about to lock in some great pricing, and then you get bounced to a .hk website? Gone are the days of Marks and Spencer’s and Reiss’ UK prices available just a few clicks away.

It’s annoying.

So we do we so frequently get redirected back to .hk websites? Physical stores in Hong Kong were taking a huge hit in income by having customers shop online and out of the country. Companies needed to protect their margins, so they decided to keep shoppers like us bound to their Hong Kong high street prices.

Photo courtesy of Selfridges on Facebook

What’s the deal at Selfridges?

Selfridges is from the UK. It’s one of the stalwarts of the UK retail scene with four flagship stores – if you’ve ever taken a holiday to the UK, you probably went into one of their architecturally stunning stores.

Established in 1904, the company has grown in reputation and now ships its range of designer, high-end, and high-quality goods across the world. The website offers shipping to over 130 countries and territories – making life easier for most of us.

To ship Selfridges products to Hong Kong, you just need to check the item is good for international delivery. When you’ve found the product you want:

  1. Scroll down to the Product Details
  2. Click on Delivery and Returns to the right
  3. Check that you can get delivery to Hong Kong

Be sure that you choose the right currency in the top left of the website so that the Selfridges website changes to Hong Kong-based information.

Why you need Selfridges international delivery subscription

How often have you found what you want to buy on an international website, and the price doubles at checkout because of crazy shipping fees or jacked-up Hong prices? When you sign up to Selfridges+ Global, that’ll not happen again.

Selfridges+ Global ships to Hong Kong for one annual charge, no matter how much you buy or how often. Your orders will be sent minus UK VAT, and any additional costs are all calculated into the checkout price.

This represents a huge discount on Selfridges delivery. One-time shipping for most items costs HK$260, so by the second order, you place you’re already saving with the HK$420 Selfridges+ Global.

Photo courtesy of Selfridges on Facebook

How do Selfridges prices compare to Hong Kong shops?

Since Selfridges doesn’t have sky-high Hong Kong rent to pay, their prices are lower than you’ll find in the city. You’ll be able to find similar products to SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui online at Selfridges.

Among the many items they retail are:

  • Women’s fashion
  • Home accessories
  • Stationery
  • Technology such as Apple products
  • Kid’s clothing
  • Linen
  • Beauty and makeup
  • Menswear

And plenty more.

You’d not normally associate Selfridges with being at the cheaper end of the market, but when you live in Hong Kong, you know to expect the weird and wonderful. Getting everything you need delivered to the city from Selfridges UK makes a whole lot of sense when the prices are good, and the shipping is covered by an annual fee.

Photo courtesy of Selfridges on Facebook

Real examples of great value at Selfridges compared to Hong Kong websites

To bump this amazing deal down to reality, let’s look at some real examples of how much you can save ordering on Selfridges.

On the Reiss Hong Kong website, the Reiss Remey silk front vest top costs $1,280. For the exact same item on Selfridges you’ll get the exact same top for $650. That’s just about half price and you’re still saving money if you take the Selfridges+ Global shipping!

Recovered from your mini heart attack? Let’s check out another example with BA&SH, a chic, French brand available on Selfridges’ with HK shipping. The BA&SH Prisca metallic woven midi skirt is available for HK$1,690 from Selfridges UK. However, the same product is priced at HK$2,370 on the BA&SH Hong Kong website – that’s a 29% mark up! Again, even if you add the HK$420 Selfridges+ on to this one purchase, you’re better off.

How do I get unlimited international shipping to Hong Kong from Selfridges?

For a full year, you get unlimited international shipping, including to Hong Kong, on all orders placed at for just HK$420.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Shipping costs can range from an annoyance to outright extravagance when you want to bring international goods into Hong Kong. Using Selfridges+ Global means you don’t have to consider exorbitant shipping fees for a year.

Send your shopping anywhere

In these strange times we’re living in, with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world, life’s got a little bent out of shape. We can’t go spend summer holidays with family, sending presents home to family can be a gamble of shipping companies, and have you even thought how you’re going to deal with Christmas?

With Selfridges+ Global, you can ship your orders anywhere in the world that they serve. Send a birthday present to your bestie in Bangkok or a baby shower present to your sister-in-law in Berlin. You might not be able to be there for your loved ones right now, but you can still get your gifts through to them with no extra shipping to worry about.

What brands can I get delivered to Hong Kong from Selfridges?

Along with the awesome women’s fashion deals, there are a whole host of other products available from Selfridges.

Some of the biggest names in bags, such as Burberry, Coach, and Mulberry are available, along with designer makeup and beauty products. There’s a vast array of menswear brands and interior and home goods. Everything is as well priced as the clothes we just talked about, promise.

Editor’s note: Recently, I was buying some new work clothes from Maje, Reiss, and BA&SH from the Selfridges website when I remembered I needed some stuff for the house and the kids. A few clicks later, my online shopping cart was full: a girl’s dress, bed-linen, and a bathroom rug all from the White Company. All the items were delivered a week later, with no extra shipping costs!

How do I become a Selfridges+ Global member?

If you buy the items that Selfridges sells, this is a fantastic deal. Every day is going to feel like you’ve got a Selfridges promo code when you look at the prices and the complete lack of delivery fees.

To get your Selfridges+ Global membership just click here. A new window will open up where you can add the membership to your cart, and then you just need to go shopping! It’s priced at HK$420 and lasts for a full 12 months.

Just remember to buy it again next year; there’s no auto-renew function!

Have we missed your favorite tip about shopping at Selfridges? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks. 



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