“Glamping” is a fun way to enjoy camping without all the pesky tent pitching and other discomforts of traditional camping. Instead, when you are glamping at Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park you will get an adorable tent with comfy beds, your own BBQ, and views of nature at its finest… it doesn’t sound like too much work, right!?!?

Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park is a great place to go for those who love the outdoors and want to experience nature.

Fortunately, Saiyuen offers many activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, including cooking classes, feeding animals, hiking trails, camping grounds, and much more! Read on to find out 14 tips that will help you maximize your Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park experience.

Book a BBQ for dinner at Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Saiyuen offers a variety of facilities, including BBQs which are great for cooking an outdoor dinner. Be sure to book a BBQ so that you can enjoy your dinner amongst the starts.

You can order a small BBQ tabletop stove at the cost of $120 which is suitable for 3-4 people. Or, you can order a free-standing BBQ for $300 which is much larger in size and is suitable for cooking dinner for between 8-10 people.

Also note:

  • BBQ rental comes with large dishes, tongs, and a lighter. You will need to bring your own food and utensils.
  • Be aware that certain types of tents have a grill attached to them; so be sure to check with Saiyuen if your tent already has a grill attached.
  • You can either bring your own food or you can order BBQ food directly from Saiyuen
  • If you’re ordering BBQ food from Saiyuen, you’ll need to order at least 2 days before arrival
  • They have a small shop on site but only sell really basic food and drink items
  • To rent a BBQ, either call 2981 1010 or email booking@saiyuen.com

Take the kids glamping in Hong Kong

Saiyuen is perfect for families with children because it has so much to offer!

At Saiyuen, kids can enjoy:

  • Interacting with the goats
  • Playing on the outdoor gym equipment
  • Just roaming around the campsite
  • Walking to the nearby beach
  • Doing one of the many different activities they have available for kids
  • Sitting by the fire at night
  • Relaxing in a chilled and quiet environment

Take marshmallows to Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Bringing marshmallows is perhaps the most important tip of all! Saiyuen is a great place to roast marshmallows and make smores.

When my kids talk about staying at Saiyuen, they mostly talk about the sticky marshmallow on their hands. Sitting by the campfire with marshmallows on a stick is an experience your kids won’t forget!

Book your glamping trip at Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park in advance

You don’t want to miss out on Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park because it fills up fast! Book your trip ahead of time so you can be sure that there will still be some spots left.

As you can expect, Saiyuen fills up faster than normal around public holidays!

Also, pricing does vary and it definitely gets more expensive around public holidays. So, book your glamping trip in an advance and see if you can find a good date that works for you.

Don’t book too many activities for your trip to Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

When glamping at Saiyuen Camping Adventure park, there are so many activities to do!

You can book activities for your kids before you actually get to Saiyuen and you might be tempted to book a large number of activities for your kids because you want them to experience as much as possible. However, Saiyuen is a great place to just relax and enjoy nature, so try not to book too many activities in advance.

You can always book extra activities once you’re there – but not giving your kids enough time to explore is a shame.

Some of the activities available at Saiyuen include:

  • Climbing monkeys (i.e., climbing a tree)
  • Treetop canopy walk
  • Junior abseiling
  • Bubble soccer

Take the sampan once you arrive at Cheung Chau ferry pier

Don’t bother walking to Saiyuen from the Cheung Chau ferry terminal especially if you are carrying a lot of items and if you have small kids.

Instead, once you arrive at the Cheung Chau ferry terminal, face the land, turn right and you’ll find a number of sampans waiting to take you closer to Saiyuen. The cost of hiring a Sanpan is so little and the short boat trip really adds to the excitement.

Order some pizza while you are glamping

Depending on how long you stay at Saiyuen, you might find that your own cooking gets boring. If this is the case, there is a delicious pizzeria close to Saiyuen.

An adult could probably walk to the pizzeria in about 15min or so. So, just start walking towards the ferry terminal and you will find the Pizzeria on your right. You can also take one of the bikes if you prefer.

We ate pizza for lunch one day and really enjoyed it!

Go glamping early!

Saiyuen opens from 9:30 am onwards and even though check-in time is officially 3 pm, you can actually arrive early and store your luggage in their storage area.

So head to Saiyuen early in the morning and know that you can enjoy the campsite and other activities without having to wait until 3 pm.

Check-out time is 9:30 am – 11:30 am.

Walk to the beach

Saiyuen is surrounded by the ocean. Fortunately, there is a very beautiful beach just a few minutes’ walk from the adventure park.

Make sure you set aside time to take a short stroll to the beach where your kids can either swim in the water or search for shells on land.

The beautiful beach is another good reason not to book too many activities for your kids! I didn’t leave enough time for the beach and I really regretted it!

Bring plenty of food and drinks to make the most of glamping

Saiyuen has a small shop where you can buy some pretty basic supplies including water and some other drinks and snacks, however, you must bring plenty of food with you – especially if your kids are picky eaters!

Even though breakfast is available at Saiyuen – it doesn’t consist of much more than white toast. I strongly recommend you bring some tasty food for breakfast – if you don’t you will be watching with envy as other people tuck into some great food they brought with them.

Go glamping at Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park with your friends

Saiyuen is the perfect place to go with multiple families – with a bigger group it should mean more help with looking after the kids and more fun for everyone! Be sure to book tents that are close together.

Bring bug spray for mosquitos when glamping

Nighttime is a really fun time at Saiyuen – you can sit by the fire and relax with your family and friends. But at times particularly in the early evenings onwards, there are mosquitos so, be sure to bring bug spray with you!

Bring warm clothes when glamping

Don’t forget Saiyuen can get cold at night, so be prepared by bringing a few extra layers of clothes – even if it doesn’t feel too cold during the day!

Ride on the bikes

If you need to head into town, take one of the park’s bicycles. Saiyuen has a few bikes available and they are free to use! Just ask the staff. Don’t forget, if you are heading into town to grab a pizza for lunch – take a bike!


With these 14 tips, you should be able to maximize fun at Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park. Whether you’re going solo or bringing friends and family, we hope this list has helped prepare for your visit!

Saiyuen is so close to nature that you can even see beautiful stars in the sky! Just make sure your kids have their warm clothes on and they will be able to enjoy Saiyuen at night. To book head over to the Saiyuen website.

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