Miniso – 5 Reasons it is Becoming Popular in Hong Kong

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Miniso first landed in Hong Kong in 2014 and has been surging in popularity since. 

It’s a Chinese budget retailer with stores worldwide. It’s rapidly expanded around the world from its Guangzhou-based and even launched on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2020.

The pandemic has accelerated the popularity of discount retailers; have you noticed new discounted retail stores popping up all over Hong Kong? Miniso is no exception to this trend.

Miniso in Hong Kong sells low-priced items, from household goods to electronic gadgets and cosmetics. 

Miniso is effectively a cheaper version of the much-beloved “Muji” brand, and the aesthetics of items sold at Miniso are generally clean and simple, similar to Muji. Think of a Miniso store like the  100 yen stores in Japan, pound stores in the UK, or dollar stores in the US.

Want to learn more about Miniso? In this article, we will cover:

  • Miniso’s history
  • The 5 key reasons why Miniso is making it big in Hong Kong
  • What you can find on a trip to Miniso
  • Top buys from the retail giant

So you’re ready to hit the shops.


History of Miniso

There’s a reason Miniso is gaining in popularity in Hong Kong. Over the last five years, MINISO has been the fastest-growing retailer in China. 

Now, the company has a global empire of 3,500 stores in 79 countries and is only getting bigger. 

Selling everyday basic homeware needs at super low costs, Miniso is all about minimalism and functionality. From nightlights to comfy bathroom slippers and plush toys, most items are priced under $100, making Miniso the to-go place for bargain shoppers.

Inspired by the 100 Yen shops in Japan and similar retail concepts in Europe and the U.S., Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu and Japanese designer Miyake Junya founded this low-cost variety store chain in 2013.


The five reasons why Miniso is so popular in Hong Kong

  1. To gain an edge over its higher-end competitors, Miniso has perfected the art of keeping both their costs and prices low.
  2. Miniso has an extensive in-house design team who observe consumer trends and quickly turn them into aesthetically appropriate products.
  3. The company also has a firm grasp on its key consumers: young people who want good-looking products at low prices. While perfecting the minimalism aesthetic, Miniso has signed some significant partnerships. 
  4. When you head into a Miniso store in Hong Kong, you’ll find some cool branding around the store from companies you already know and love. The retailer sells products in conjunction with brands like Marvel, Sesame Street, Mickey and Minnie, and Hello Kitty.  
  5. Don’t see what you need during your visit? Miniso brings in new products every seven days, with a complete change of in-store products every two weeks. You’ll always find something new during each visit to the store.

Next time you’re looking to replace home staples, head over to Miniso for products that are easy on the wallet while not compromising the products’ functionality.  


The types of products that are sold at Miniso Hong Kong

Miniso sells a whole range of products. Whilst the color and patterns can be switched up often, some staples get a superficial overhaul but generally remain the same. 

When you need to go shopping for a teenager’s birthday party, need some last-minute holiday essentials, or want to revamp your kitchen or office on a budget, Miniso is the place to be. 

We do stand by our environmental and ethical consumer principles at the same time. Take time to consider what you buy from Miniso and be sure it’s not a false economy. If you find that some items wear fast, avoid buying them again and again and find higher quality stuff elsewhere. 

That being said, sometimes you need spares or items that you don’t want to take out of home or will use only a couple of times. This is the type of shopping that Miniso is for, and it’s super fun!

Generally, you can expect to find the following items at Miniso:

  • Face masks
  • Storage boxes
  • Water bottles
  • Cutlery
  • Ceramic mugs
  • Makeup brushes
  • Face cleansers
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Tech accessories including charges


Our top 8 Miniso HK products  

1. Cosmetic brushes and kit from Miniso

Miniso Hong Kong

Love working with Real Technique’s makeup brushes? You can get items that match the type of design that Real Technique offers, at a fraction of the price. 

Other great additions to your work bag include their eyelash curlers which work really well. They also sell nail kits to help you patch up the emergency breakage before your manicure at the weekend

You’ll also find a vast array of facemasks. We’re not promising the most high-end, luxury ingredients here, but if you’ve been out all day and the air has really gotten to your skin, grab once on your way home for a pampering session on a budget.


2. Miniso storage boxes

Space comes at a premium in Hong Kong apartments; creating storage space can be a nightmare. Clearing your clutter into designated, well-ordered spaces can make your home flow well and improve your life immeasurably. 

Miniso to the rescue!

They have loads of great storage solutions around, like collapsible boxes and sets of three or four different sized boxes. The prices will normally be around $20-80, depending on the size that you need. 

Designs run from neutral color blocks to florals and spots and stripes, depending on the season’s trends so pop in regularly to keep your eye out for what you like.


3. Cute plushies at Miniso

Miniso sells a wide range of plushies.

Sticking with the home theme a little – the adorable plushies that you find packed onto the shelves in Miniso are always worth casting your eye over. 

If you’ve got a kid’s bedroom that needs a splash of color or a quick upgrade now they no longer play with dolls – this is a great way to make a quick change. The plushies are also useful as quick birthday gifts. 

They should all be washable – check the labels – so if one of your kids falls completely in love, they won’t be dragging a grotty plushie everywhere!


4. Travel essentials at Miniso

When was the last time everything that went in your suitcase made it home with you? Taking your best items away with you can be dangerous – if you’re as distracted by beaches and temples as we are, anyways. 

Left your last expensive neck pillow on the plane? Your nail scissors left languishing an exotic bathroom someplace? Grab great value replacements that live in your luggage and you won’t be devastated about losing. 

Their neck pillows are great value and you can pick up a range of clear plastic bottles to decant your expensive shampoo and moisturizer so you don’t lose them at the airport security check.


5. Grab a bag at Miniso

You don’t always want to be spending big money on a new shoulder bag or backpack. Miniso to the rescue, with their range of bags that are on point no matter the season. 

You may not get years out of it like Hermes Birkin, but a bag from Miniso is of reasonable quality and great value. When you’re throwing together an impromptu outfit, a bag from Miniso can finish off a stylish look. 

Fast fashion is damaging to the environment – we don’t want to encourage that. If you do only end up using your Miniso bag a few times, be sure to pass it to a teenager who will appreciate the on-trend item or donate it with your other clothes.


6. Eco-friendly items in Miniso

Miniso HK sells a wide range of reusable water bottles.

Single-use plastic bottles are the scourge of the environment. We encourage all our readers to avoid them at all costs and use alternative water bottles. 

This is where Miniso can help. They always have different styles of water bottles in stock, from brightly colored and printed plastics to thermally insulated ones. Reusable coffee cups are also a thing here, so grab one when you’re going past. 

Pick one of the reusable cutlery sets and keep one in your bag. It’ll save you having to use plastic or bamboo, single-use chopsticks when you’re eating out at street food places, and every little bit helps!


7. Miniso has got the power

How annoying is it when your phone battery starts to die? Charging cables for top-of-the-range phones can get expensive – we loathe having to take them out of the apartment because the chances of getting left, lost, or broken is just too much!

Miniso has all the power cables you need, in every color, you can think of. It’s not just the wires you need in your life, their range of power banks in assorted colors and shapes can keep your devices powered up when you need them. 

Other great electricals you can pick up include:

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Headphones
  • Selfie light rings
  • USB adaptors
  • Mini lamps

Meaning you’ve always got what you need at hand in terms of tech.


8. Miniso is write-on

Just because you’ve got a high-flying career, it doesn’t mean you can have some fun at your desk. Quirky pens and pencils teamed with funky notebooks and organizers can keep your fun side alive. 

All the cool stationery you need is available at Miniso. With their brand partners, you might even find a superhero or Hello Kitty set to really stamp your personality on your office stock. 

With gel pens, markers, and stamps among the other stationery staples, you can keep your crafts box stocked up at really reasonable prices, too. 


Location of Miniso Hong Kong stores

It’s difficult to find a complete list of Hong Kong store locations on the Miniso website but if you send them a FB message and request the full store list, you can expect to receive the full list of stores in Hong Kong pretty quickly.

We received the full Hong Kong store locator from Miniso and found that they have:

  • A total 0f 34 stores across Hong Kong; 6 on Hong Kong Island, 11 in Kowloon, 10 in New Territories East, 7 in New Territories West 

Some of the key locations are as follows: 

  • Infinitus Plaza Store, Shop G01, G/F, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan, TEL: 2670 3733
  • Queensway Plaza Store, Unit C02, LAB Concept, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway, Admiralty, TEL: 2570 9238
  • North Point Store, Shop B, G/F, Asia Mansions, 390-394 King’s Road, North Point, TEL: 2967 9216
  • Mei Foo MTR Station Store, Shop No. MEF 118, Mei Foo MTR Station, Kln. (Paid Concourse,. West Rail Line) TEL: 2785 1288
  • Fa Yuen Street Store, G/F, No.170 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok. Kln. TEL: 2285 9878
  • Jordan Store, Shop A1, G/F, New Lucky House, Nos. 298-306 Nathan Road, Kln. TEL: 2798 6865
  • Tai Wai Store, Shop No.7, G/F, Kam Shan Building, 1-5 Tai Wai Road, Tai Wai, TEL: 3996 7595
  • Sha Kok Shopping Centre Store, Shop No. 221, 2/F, Sha Kok Shopping Centre, Sha Tin Wai, N.T. TEL: 2690 3335
  • Tsuen Kam Centre Store, Shop Nos.150-153, 2/F, Tsuen Kam Centre, 338 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. TEL: 3956 3181
  • Tsing Yi MTR Station Store, Shop No. TSY60, Tsing Yi MTR Station, Tsing King Road, Tsing Yi, N.T. TEL: 2493 6220
  • Yuen Long Store, G/F, 185 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, N.T. TEL: 2769 1422


Is Miniso a Japanese company or a Chinese company?

Miniso is actually a Chinese company, but the logo of “Miniso” is written in Japanese. 
The aesthetics of the store is very much Japanese. The founder was inspired by 100 Yen Stores that he saw in Japan so there is a heavy influence from the country in the styling of the store and its products. 
When you first walk into Miniso, you’ll probably get the impression that it’s a Japanese store!

Does Miniso sell online in Hong Kong?

Miniso’s business model is currently all about bricks-and-mortar sales. It’s probably a difficult task to update the product lines so often and keep a website up to date, so we get it. 
Part of the fun of shopping with the retailer is popping into the clean and simple stores to buy a million things you didn’t need and forget the highlighter you needed to work on the report in the morning. 

Can I buy clothes at Miniso?

Although Miniso isn’t a clothes retailer in Hong Kong, there are some items that you can pick up.  The knicker sets and tights or stockings are good value, although you won’t be seducing anyone in the low-cut basics! 
Flip flops and baseball caps are also a mainstay of Miniso’s stock, along with interesting sunglasses that can compliment the designer brands that might not feel too safe on your next snorkeling trip in Thailand. 
You won’t get a whole outfit here, but there are some clothes, and they tend to have funky prints or partner brands on them. 



We are committed to helping you improve your quality of living in Hong Kong.

If you’re looking for more tips on living in Hong Kong, check out; Ultimate Guide to Living in Hong Kong. In this article, we cover why club memberships are useful, how to use Taobao if you’re an English speaker, where to buy clean, crisp white linen, and how you can move toward a plastic-free life in Hong Kong.

Have we missed your best tips about buying items from Miniso? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks.

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