5 Benefits of Marine Collagen | Why It’s Disrupting Beauty

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Do you want to look and feel younger? If so, then marine collagen is for you. Marine collagen provides many benefits that can help improve your quality of life.

In this blog post, I will be talking about the 5 major benefits of taking marine collagen daily including improved skin condition, improved bone health, and more!

Do you want to know more about these amazing benefits? Read on!

The 5 main benefits of marine collagen

  • Improved skin
  • Acts as a natural antioxident
  • Can improve muscle mass 
  • Can help your heart stay healthy
  • Bone growth and healing 

We’ll dive into more details on these later in the article. For now, let’s talk more about what is marine collagen.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein in your body that gives your skin elasticity and helps your muscles and joints function optimally. But once you hit your mid-20s, your body will start producing less collagen, which can cause wrinkles amongst other ailments such as gut issues and joint pain.

If you want to bring your collagen levels back up, you can consider taking supplements. 

Why is collagen so important in the beauty industry?

Collagen is one of the most hyped products in the beauty industry because of the way it can improve the quality of your skin. Recently, marine collagen supplements are becoming popular.

Back in 2018, the marine collagen market was valued at US$603 million, and expectations are that by 2026, the value will have exploded beyond US$1 billion. Let’s find out why! 

Why Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen has many benefits and it is disrupting the beauty industry.
There are four types of collagen (type I, II, III, and IV), and the human body is made up of about 90% of type I. Handily, marine collagen is composed mostly of type I collagen and is rich in amino acids that support the body’s natural production of collagen and is most associated with skin, hair, nails, and keeping the joints lubricated. 

Bovine or pork-based animal collagen is often type II collagen, which is more suited to joints, isn’t as effective as type I marine collagen when it comes to beauty-boosting benefits.

How is marine collagen made?

As you’ll have gathered, marine collagen is fish collagen. It’s produced by processing the skin, bones, and scales of fish – which would normally be by-products in the processed fish industry. 

Marine collagen benefits

Let’s dive into the details about the key benefits of marine collagen so we can understand why marine collagen is becoming increasingly popular.

Marine collagen can improve skin health

One marine collagen benefits is improved skin quality.

You’ve got a lot of collagen in your skin. It’s what gives your skin structure and elasticity, meaning when you’ve got an abundance of collagen your skin will remain firm, hydrated, and plump for longer, so it will wrinkle and sag at a much slower rate.

That’s why once the production of collagen slowdowns (normally around the mid-20s), many people start taking collagen supplements. 

There have been studies that suggest taking a source of marine collagen peptides will slow down the appearance of aging in your skin. 

One study went into a lot of detail and looked at women taking liquid marine collagen for eight weeks. The results showed that the women taking fish collagen showed “significant improvement in wrinkle depth” as well as better skin hydration and elasticity. 

Marine collagen acts as a natural antioxidant

A study from 2020, found that collagen peptides act as antioxidants are able to subdue inflammation and free radicals in the body, which is associated with aging.

In another more recent 2021 study, 50 women aged between 45 years old to 60 years old took 10 grams of a marine collagen powder supplement for 12 weeks and experienced an impressive 35% reduction in wrinkles compared with those taking placebos.  

Marine collagen can improve muscle mass 

We’ve only had one study about collagen and muscle mass so far in humans, but it is promising. 

They gave some collagen to older guys and had them exercise regularly for three months. The guys gained significantly more muscle mass than a control group who exercised but didn’t take the supplement. 

The theory goes that it should work for younger people, women included. It could be worth adding to your supplement mix if you’re looking to build muscle or recovering quicker after a workout. 

Marine collagen can help your heart stay healthy

One marine collagen benefits is a healthy heart.

Collagen is one of the key ingredients in your blood vessels, and healthy blood vessels mean less strain on your heart. 

The theory goes that more collagen in your body should help keep your circulatory system in better shape and promote a healthy heart. 

We’ve only got one study on this point at the moment. Scientists gave 31 adults a collagen supplement for six months and measured how stiff their arteries were, as well as their HDL cholesterol. 

Their arteries were less stiff than when they’d started and their HDL, or bad cholesterol was down by an average of 6%. 

Marine collagen possibly promotes bone growth and healing 

It’s worth noting the effects that marine collagen peptides could have on your bone growth. 

In studies done on mice cells in the lab, when they were given fish collagen, the cells that made bones were stronger than the cells that didn’t receive the supplement. 

Another study, this time on rats, also suggests that taking liquid marine collagen increased bone density. That is, the thigh bones of the rats that were given marine collagen were dense and therefore stronger, than the control group. 

We don’t have human studies on this yet, but we’ll keep you updated if the evidence gets stronger. 

Which is the best marine collagen? 

Now we know the benefits of marine collagen and why we should be taking it, but choosing one can appear overwhelming.

When we were trying to figure out the best marine collagen supplement, we realized that for us the most important considerations were:   

  • What we’re putting in our body
  • Whether it’s a sustainable product
  • How easy it is to build it into our routine
  • Whether it actually tastes good 

With an eye on these factors, when we came across Isagenix Collagen Elixir, we were very impressed.  

Isagenix Collagen Elixir 

Drinking Isagenix Elixir provides many marine collagen benefits.

After completing my research, I started taking Isagenix Collagen Elixir; this is a product that I have been using for the past 5 months – and my skin is looking better!!

Let me tell you more.

Isagenix is a well-known global company that creates health products. An increasingly popular product they make is “Collagen Elixir” which contains 5g of marine collagen per serving and comes from cold-water fish in Scandinavia with holistic certification by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). Alongside this special ingredient, there are lots of other goodies such as goji berries, aloe vera extract, acerola berries, and chamomile.

Preservatives aren’t used so your drink won’t spoil quickly after opening unlike many similar drinks on store shelves today; it also doesn’t contain any added sugar.

The collagen is fortified with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Biotin. These all help with collagen synthesis. 

How to take Isagenix Collagen Elixir

You buy the liquid marine collagen in small, brown, sealed bottles. There’s no need to mix it with water or try and mask a flavor with a milkshake or fruit juice. 

In the same way that you’ll probably drink your daily probiotic, drink your liquid collagen elixir each day. 

We found it super easy to add this into our routine. Since you’re not mixing things up like with a protein shake, it’s no effort at all.

Taste of liquid marine collagen

Isagenix’s liquid marine collagen benefits from a sweet, fruity taste without even a hint of fish! Promise, you’ll not know that this was a product of the ocean at all.

It comes in a handy 50ml bottle, so you can just drink it down and not have to think about masking the flavor or downing a load of water to get rid of any aftertaste. 

Drinking it was enjoyable – there was no wincing or wishing it was nicer – it actually really reminded me of some grape juice I’d once had in Japan.

How can I order Isagenix’s Collagen Elixir?

Since Isagenix’s Collagen Elixir isn’t available in-store, you will need to place an order with a registered salesperson. We strongly recommend Angela Hancock. 

We’ve mentioned Angela Hancock from Bust-A-Rut in a previous article. Angela is a wellness guru with over two decades of experience helping people get fit and live better lives.

If you live in Hong Kong and want to order Isagenix Collagen Elixir, it’s a very simple process, just click on this link and you can expect your order to arrive within four working days.

Or if you are ordering from the UK, scan here:

FAQs about marine collagen benefits 

If this is the first time you’ve ever really looked into marine collagen, its benefits, and what it actually is, then you’ve probably got some questions. 

Why is marine collagen better than other collagen?

The two main sources of collagen are marine collagen or bovine – cow – collagen. Marine collagen has a few advantages over bovine collagen, such as:
– It’s mainly type I collagen, the stuff you need for healthy skin, bones, and muscles
– The composition is closer to human collagen than bovine collagen so it can be processed easier
– There’s no potential for disease transmission with fish collagen

How is marine collagen created?

Marine collagen is a by-product of the fish industry. Whilst a lot of us will love going to fish markets to get the day’s catch and cooking a whole snapper or tilapia, it’s not always possible. 

When fish is caught wild or farmed, it’s caught and can be processed to be used in tinned products or pre-prepared meals, cat food, and a range of other products. 
The skin, scales, and bones don’t get used for food, so this is what is used to extract the collagen. Once it’s been extracted, it gets processed into powdered or liquid marine collagen and added to products like Isagenix’s Collagen Elixir.

We love that Isagenix Marine Collagen is sourced from wild-caught, cold-water fish from the Atlantic Ocean following strict, environmentally friendly practices.

Is it good to take marine collagen?

There are loads of potential benefits to taking marine collagen. We’ve tested it ourselves and reckon there has been a marked difference in our skin’s appearance – less puffy and smoother for sure.   

There aren’t any downsides to taking the marine collagen peptides that you get in the Isagenix Collagen Elixir product that we can find – worth giving it a try for yourself, for sure.

How much fish collagen should I have per day? 

All the studies that we’ve looked at in this list of marine collagen benefits use different doses of daily marine collagen supplements. With that, it’s kind of hard to give you a definite answer based on science. With the Collagen Elixir, you get five grams, which is within the range of collagen that was given in the studies. 

What are the side effects of marine collagen?

Since marine collagen contains fish, if you’ve got a fish allergy, you may want to avoid it.  Other than that, there are reports that it can upset your stomach and/or cause heartburn, but this doesn’t happen to everyone and it certainly didn’t happen to us. 

Some people say that collagen supplements don’t taste nice, but since this is formulated as a drink and packed with superfoods like goji and acerola berries, it’s not an issue with Isagenix’s Elixir. 



Marine collagen is a natural supplement that you can take to improve your skin tone. There are many benefits of marine collagen, including healthier nails and hair.

You may have noticed our glowing review for Isagenix’s Collagen Elixir above! We love this product and it has the added bonus of being gluten-free which makes it perfect for those who need to be careful about their diet but still want access to healthy supplements like collagen.

If you would to order Isagenix’s Collagen Elixir, head on over and place your order – you can expect to receive your order in about 4 working days.

Still have questions and want to learn more? Reach out to Angela Hancock of Bust-A-Rut and she will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you figure out if Collagen Elixir might be a good option for you. 

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