Where to Buy Quality Kid’s Clothing – 10 Best Stores

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Want to buy quality kid’s clothing in Hong Kong without paying the earth? That’s us too.

In Hong Kong, it can be challenging to find affordable clothing for young children, whether it’s casual wear or outfits for special occasions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of brands that are devoted to creating high-quality kid’s clothing at reasonable prices.

This article will cover:

  • Timeless kid clothing 
  • Vibrant Caribbean-inspired kids clothing
  • Super cute kidswear
  • Second-hand children’s wear

and more! 


1. I want to shop in-store; where should I go for timeless kids’ clothing?


Velveteen sells timeless kids clothing at affordable prices.

Photo courtesy of Velveteen Facebook.

Head on over to Lee Garden Two in Causeway Bay to the recently opened Velveteen store. At the shop or online, you can get clothes for newborns right up to 14-year-olds. 

The founders were frustrated with either the sky-high designer brand kids’ clothes or the cheap, disposable, fast-fashion that’s not great for the environment. Thus they decided to create their own clothing that’s well-designed and high quality. 

They work with family-owned factories to ensure every item is of a high standard and that production is ethical. You get to buy pieces for your kids that are both cute and functional. 

With a store in Hong Kong, you get your delivery within 2-3 days if you order online and get store credit for refund requests within seven days. If you do want to visit the store, it’s more than just a clothes shop. There are activities and games to keep your children happy whilst you shop, making it a complete shopping experience. 

Velveteen address: Lee Garden Two, shop 214  – 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay. Phone: +852 2505 8100


2. Where to buy vibrant Caribbean inspired kid’s clothing 

Beam Bold

Beam Bold sells vibrant kid clothing.

Photo courtesy of Beam Bold.

Beam Bold sells vibrant kid’s clothing made of bright colors and bold prints. Items are made of soft, silk cotton fabric, which means not only are they machine-washable, but they are long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

Other reasons we love Beam Bold kid’s clothing includes;

  • Each piece of clothing is made to order so the clothes will fit well. 
  • A lot of their pieces are adjustable; for example, you can adjust all waist sizes by moving a button and have the option of using the extra seam allowance to adjust the sizes when necessary – this helps to extend each piece’s life.
  • These pieces are showstoppers; pop your girl into one of these dresses, and you can expect plenty of compliments.
  • Orders are filled within 2 weeks. 

Audra, the Beam Bold Founder, wanted to create vibrant kids’ clothing that is long-lasting and grows with the child – she has achieved just this. 

We love supporting independent companies run by strong women!


3. Where can I buy super cute, fun kid’s clothing?  


If you are looking for super cute and fun kid's clothing Hong Kong, this is the right store. They sell awesome items for both girls and boys.

Photo courtesy of Seed.

Seed Heritage offers adorable clothing that is vibrant and full of color.  If you love dressing up your children with the boldest of looks, look no further than Seed.

Seed has a charming selection of accessories such as headbands, sunglasses, and bags.

They also have a charming section of gumboots; these are especially perfect for the rainy summer weather in Hong Kong. What better way to battle the rain than a splash in puddles?

Whilst Seed has closed down many of its stores in Hong Kong. Fear not.

They still have a few stores open (including the one in Repulse Bay). Also, they offer express international shipping at very reasonable prices.

If you buy online via their Australian website, you can expect to pay at least 20% less than if you purchase Seed items in-store in Hong Kong.


4. Where to buy eco-friendly kids’ clothing in Hong Kong


Retykle is one of the best second-hand kids clothing stores.

You may have already read about us being big fans of Retykle in our guide to second-hand shopping in Hong Kong

In this online store, you’ll find high-quality second-hand clothes for your kids, from newborns up to 14 years old. Not only do they sell pre-loved, second-hand clothing, but they also sell the end of line clothing, with over 2,500 brands on board.

On this platform, you can expect to find an assortment of items, including;

  • Second-hand clothing 
  • Brand new clothing, with tags still on.
  • You’ll find kidswear brands like Ralph Lauren, Bonton, and Stella McCartney with up to 90% off the retail price.
  • Maternity clothing 

You can expect the clothes on this website to be both of great quality and value, but what really makes us love Retykle is the environmentally-friendly ethos of the company.

By reselling perfectly good clothing, the business model helps prevent clothing from heading to landfills too quickly.

Buying from the site comes with free delivery for orders over $300, and you get free returns with refunds as store credit. 


5. Where to buy fancy kid’s clothing – dresses


Kids clothing from Monsoon is just so cute. While these aren't the cheapest of kids clothing, your kid will be best-dressed in an outfit from Monsoon.

Photo courtesy of Monsoon.

Monsoon has a wide variety of kids’ clothes from casual wear, party wear, beachwear, and baby dresses. But above all, Monsoon is best known for its party wear. 

If your kids are going to a fancy party or a wedding, check out this store.

Prices tend to be higher than other recommendations listed in this article, but you won’t be disappointed with the quality. With an outfit from Moonsoon, your kids will be best-dressed at almost any event.

Prices for kid’s casual wear range from $200 upwards. Special clothing for occasions will cost around $500 and upwards.

Although prices may be on the higher end, their kid’s clothing is worth checking out.

Shipping is free on orders over $750.


6. Where can I get socially responsible children’s clothing in Hong Kong?

Kids Dressmart

Kids Dressmart is a Hong Kong-based company that reselling pre-loved kids’ clothes. If people choose to donate clothing to this site for sale, then Kids Dressmart will donate 60% of the sales proceeds to charities working with kids in Hong Kong.  

You can shop with a healthy conscience, knowing that you’re doing good for the city whilst also getting up to 90% off designer clothing brands. You’ll find kids and baby clothes from Armani, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren, among others, for newborns up to 10 years old.

Like Retykle, you can also sell your old clothes rather than throwing them out or hoarding them until one of your friends welcomes a new child. Contact the company through the website to get cash or store credit for your high-quality kids’ clothes.

Kids Dressmart offers free delivery after a certain amount, and you also get to return anything in its original condition within seven days of receiving it. This is really handy when you’re not sure how the sizing works across different brands. 


7. Where to buy timeless, classic kids clothing 

Bonne Mere

Bonne Mere sells timelines kids clothing at reasonable prices. This is a great store to checkout.

Photo courtesy of Bonne Mere Facebook.

Australian-owned Bonne Mere is run by a fashion insider who worked in the industry for 16 years before hitting out independently. 

We love Bonne Mere – literally meaning “good mother” in French – because its values reflect what we look for here at Savvy in Hong Kong:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Value

At this store, you will find timeless kids’ clothing and kids’ accessories. You will find many muted colors – dusty pinks, cream, white, grey, and light blue.

The aesthetic here is really pleasing. Everything has a vintage, timeless look and a traditional feel. If you or a friend has a nursery to get kitted out, check out the blankets, nappy bags, etc., you can find here. This is of the best stores to go to for buying the best baby presents.  We really like their bedspread and pillow sets. 

Delivery takes 10-14 days, so you will need to plan a little. For returns, you can send anything back in its original condition within 7-10 days, but you pay for the shipping yourself.  


8. I want fun yet classic kids’ clothes in Hong Kong; where should I shop?

Little Islanders

Little Islanders sells fun and vibrant kids clothing.

Photo courtesy of Little Islanders Facebook.

Aside from the super-happy kids modeling the clothes on the website, you’ll also find great design with a clear nod towards Asian culture and style. 

Little Islanders is based in Hong Kong and uses Filippino weavers and Hong Kong dressmakers to produce their clothes. Little Islanders’ brand ethos is about modern design and slow fashion, focussing on high-quality, heirloom pieces. 

Everything has been made with a thought to cross-seasonal wear that is easy and comfy for your little ones to wear to make everything versatile. Not buying into short-term trends means you’ll be able to pass the pieces down through generations. 

Nothing will be very cheap from here, but the quality is high, which protects your investment. Whether you, your family, or friends intend to have more kids, these pieces will last being used by a few kids. 

Spend more than $800 to get free shipping across the city, or pay $30 for anything under that. Returns can be done within seven days of your order, with shipping paid for by yourself. 


9. Where to buy inexpensive kid’s clothing – casual wear and PJs


The UK-store "Next", offers really reasonably priced kids stores. They often sell items in packs, you can expect pretty good pricing.

Photo courtesy of Next.

Next is mainly known for its cute nightwear and casual clothing that can be worn all season long.  Some of the brands they sell include Lipsy London, Monsoon, River Island, and Mamas & Papas.

Prices are very affordable for kid’s clothing – you can easily find casual wear in the $100-200 range.

Many products are offered in bundles on Next. For example, they often sell pajamas in sets of three and t-shirts and leggings in sets of three or so. These are often the best deals you’ll find on Next.

Cute patterns will tend to sell out quite fast, so don’t delay if you see something you like.

Shipping is free for all orders over $250.


10. Where can I buy high-quality and practical kid’s clothing? 


M&S is a hugely popular kid's clothing Hong Kong store. They are known for selling high-quality and long-lasting items.

Photo courtesy of M&S.

M&S, a UK-based brand, is hugely popular in Hong Kong and is well known for its excellent quality kid’s clothes. M&S offers high-quality swimsuits, socks, and underpants, as well as lovely dresses for girls and stylish shorts for boys.

You can purchase in-store or online via the Hong Kong store website. M&S kid’s clothing is not cheap, but the clothes tend to be high-quality, and they tend to last longer than many other brands.

If you go to M&S during the sale-time, you’ll find some great bargains.



Where can I get organic cotton baby clothing in Hong Kong?

Organic Mom is a Korean brand founded in 1995 specializing in producing baby clothes out of all-organic cotton. You can buy clothes for newborns right up to your 12-year-olds.
You can shop in-store at their locations in:
– Causeway Bay
– Sha Tin
– Tsim Sha Tsui
Or get free online delivery for orders over $1,000. 

I’m looking for French brands in kids’ clothes, where do I look?

You have a few choices for French brands for your kids in Hong Kong. The store La Compagnie des Petits is a French childrenswear company that has five locations across Hong Kong at:
– Causeway Bay
– Kowloon Bay
– Tsim Sha Tsui
– Tuen Mun Town
– Tung Chung
For French clothing for all the family, Petit Bateau is a French company with a website stocking clothes from newborn all the way to adult. 

Which online stores in Hong Kong sell good kids’ clothes?

Online stores in Hong Kong that we like selling kid’s clothes are: 
Seed: super fun and bright kid’s clothing
– Retykle: second-hand high-end fashion at low prices
– Bonne Mere: high-quality pieces that you can pass down
You can usually secure free delivery on orders over a certain value. 
Be sure to check your delivery timeframes because some shops are international, which can make your package take longer to arrive. 

Where do I buy baby clothing in Hong Kong?

For value baby clothing, there are seven branches of Mothercare across Hong Kong. The prices are very reasonable, but the items are generic, and your baby might end up looking like every other kid at your playdates!
For more memorable and rare items in the city, check out Bonne Mere that we talked about a little earlier. Your baby will look like it popped out of the 60s!

Where can I buy second kids’ clothes in Hong Kong?

For very cheap second-hand kids clothing in Hong Kong, you can head over to Kam Sheung Road Flea Market. Here you’ll find very cheap clothes if you’re looking for a one-off item or a few bits for a fancy dress outfit, for example. To get high-end, pre-loved designer kids’ clothes in Hong Kong, head to either of the two stores we’ve recommended here, Retykle or Kids Dressmart.



We hope you are now ready to get your hands on some super cute kid’s clothing.

Have we missed your hidden gem for affordable kid’s clothing in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks.

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