Kid’s Birthday Party – How to Host an Inexpensive Fabulous Party

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Are you looking for a way to host an inexpensive, fabulous children’s birthday party? Well, look no further!

We’re here to give you some helpful tips on how to plan your next event. In this article, we’ll talk about ways of maximizing fun and minimizing budget. Often the secret to a great party is just being prepared. Let the celebration begin!

Inexpensive venue for a kid’s birthday party in Hong Kong. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on party venues when there are plenty of inexpensive and free ones just around the corner. Consider hosting your kid’s birthday celebration at home with some friends, in one local park after another–or even through Hong Kong membership clubs!

Party at our house

  •  Complement it with other facilities at your building; this may include a pool or clubhouse.

Local parks

  • Many parks have fun activities for the kids, whether it’s the super long slide at Hong Kong Park or the myriad of climbing equipment at Mount Austin Playground.

Membership clubs

  • If you or your friend are a member of one of Hong Kong’s membership clubs (e.g., the Cricket Club or the LRC), you could host a party as a “play-date.” The best part of hosting a party as a play date is that you won’t have to pay for booking a room, instead, let the kids enjoy the facilities (pools, indoor and outdoor play areas).

Prepare entertainment for the birthday party 

Kids will have a blast at their next birthday party with these games! Entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive. Remember a child’s imagination is the limit.

Here are some ideas:

  • Musical statues – This costs nothing to set up, gets younger kids excited, remember it’s the wow factor that counts when performing for your guests; also bring out some funky tunes on guitar or clarinet as well as a speaker for maximum effect!.  
  • Pass the parcel – Another favorite everywhere due to its low cost yet high entertainment value (and difficulty).
  • Crafting – You can make cute wooden bead jewelry; plan ahead and buy the Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set for US$9.99.
  • Pinatas – Fun for many age groups, so you might want to get one that will stand out.
  • Sand art –  kids will love playing with their new sand art creations all day long. Again sand craft kits are super easy to buy.

Inexpensive decorations for a birthday party

Decorations don't need to be expensive for a kid's birthday party; try resusable decorations instead.

If you want to host an inexpensive kid’s party in Hong Kong, there is no need to spend too much money on decorations. Fun and unique activities are all that kids really care about when they come together with their friends for the occasion of celebrating birthdays!

Luckily it’s easy as pie (yes!) because not only can we find some budget-friendly online ideas over at Amazon but also wonderful places like Fuk Wing Street (Sham Shui Po MTR Exit B2) – where I found cheap yet quality items ranging from reusable plates through table cloths perfect for reuse time after time again; so head out today if this sounds good?

Inexpensive food ideas for a birthday party

The best way to make your kid’s birthday party unforgettable is by providing them with good food. Tasty, unique dishes will be enjoyed by all of the guests in attendance!

Here are some inexpensive ideas for just such occasions:

  • Pizza bar – Let kids choose their own toppings and you can even offer different types or flavors on hand (e.g., vegetable sauce).
  • Taco stand– Setting up this type of dining experience takes only a little time but provides lots of opportunities for creativity; use colorful condiments like salsa & ranch dressing so they don’t get bored eating the same thing over again every single day!
  • Fun fruit sticks – Great for little guests, who love eating colorful party foods. You can also carve different shapes and sizes out of fruit to make it more fun!
  • Sandwiches: Serve your little guests with bite-size sandwiches in playful shapes and colored bread with their favorite filling of cheese and meats inside.
  • Tortilla chips and dips: Let the kids enjoy some tortilla chips and dips made of healthy ingredients. These should be creative enough to catch kids’ attention at the party.

Want some more inspiration? Check out; 365 Yummy Kids Party Food Recipes for $14.99.

Tips for buying Goodie Bags for a birthday party

There are tons of ways to make your kids’ birthday party more memorable. Forget about sending them home with unneeded items, though! You can get creative and give out crafty gifts instead that will be appreciated by the recipient.

Instead of sending kids home full of wasteful plastics, consider providing them instead with one or two items such as storybooks, craft kits, or handmade treats that won’t quickly become obsolete once they get home!

Let’s get ready to create a beautiful masterpiece. This 3-pack of wooden magnets from Melissa & Doug is the perfect project for your little guests to do at home, or as an activity during your event!

This 3-pack of wooden magnets has a total of 12 magnets in different shapes; flowers, hearts, and butterflies. The pack includes 4 paint pots, 12 gem stickers, a paintbrush, and glitter glue in case they want extra sparkle overloads – we know how kids love that!



Reusable Sticker Pads: Another great option as a birthday return gift, the Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads are known to refine the motor skills of children, enhance their narrative thinking, and help them learn about different colors, their combinations, commonalities, and themes. Activities like these sharpen the minds of tiny tots and make them more expressive about their surroundings.

This Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pad bundle comes in reusable vinyl stickers, consisting of fairy, princess, dress-up, and playhouse theme stickers, which are easy to peel-off and rearrange. The package includes four full-colored glossy background pages for a clean and attractive display of your kid’s favorite fairytale characters.

Water Wow Bundles: Kids love filling up the markers with water so they can discover what pictures are underneath. You can buy these in a pack of 3 to help reduce the cost. Kids love these and generally will finish the entire pad.

Cakes for a kid’s birthday party in Hong Kong


Making your own birthday cake is an easy and delicious way to celebrate! 

The cheapest option for a sweet treat at home, aside from baking one yourself (which we highly recommend), would be getting one of those pre-made frozen SaraLee Cakes that requires no decorating skills whatsoever – make some frosting and you’ll have the cake looking perfect if no time – kids really love the taste of this cake.

If you’d like to make your own cake, buy the simple-to-follow Step-by-Step Kids’ Birthday Cake recipe book which is a best seller on Amazon.

FAQs about inexpensive kids’ birthday parties in Hong Kong

What are the best parks for hosting a kid’s birthday party? 

– Hong Kong Park, 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong
– Mount Austin Playground, Mount Austin Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
– Chung Hom Kok Beach, just down the road from Stanley Plaza.
– Cyberport Podium, Cyberport Road, Telegraph Bay
– Inspiration Lake, just outside Disneyland, Penny’s Bay

Who are the best entertainers to hire for a kid’s birthday party?

– Want to make your kid’s birthday party a fun-filled dancing affair? Go with NattyBop; they will keep your little guests totally engaged and entertained with their themed party games and an hour of dance entertainment.
– How about partying while learning? Doesn’t that sound cool? Yes, it does, and Jurassic Garage provides just this. With lots of animal pals in their team, they make your little one’s birthday celebrations exciting, educational, and so much fun.
– Face painting never goes out of fashion and helps turn any kid’s birthday celebration into a fun time; from superheroes to cute kitties. And, with Dee Face Paint as your little guests’ face painters, things will be super fun and exciting. They are simply the best.
– Surprise your kid and their friends with fun activities from Hong Kong Toy Club. They can supply you with various items from bouncy castles, ball pools, car rides, and so much more.
– From magicians, clowns, jugglers, dancers, storytellers to several exciting party games, Kids leaves no stone unturned to help keep you and your little guests fully entertained. Each entertainer has its own unique style to get the kids involved in their shows. You won’t go wrong with them.

Who are the best photographers for a kid’s birthday party?

Capture the precious moments of your little one’s birthday with Hong Kong’s best photographers on board.

Little Stories-the Moment by Amy: Known for her fine art aesthetics, founder Amy’s photography brings uniqueness to every click. Inspired by modern arts, her photography will infuse liveliness into the photos.
DFN Studios: Those magical memories of your little one’s birthday are worth every click. With over 10 years of experience in the field, they are specialists in shooting birthday parties and making your special event worth remembering.
DRF Photography: The winner of 2019’s best family and kid’s photographer, DRF is known best for capturing the natural expressions of kids and their families. They know how to make children feel comfortable and relaxed. Their photoshoots are fun, relaxing, and interactive.

What is the best craft activities to have ready for a kids’ birthday party?

Creating Birdhouses – This wooden birdhouse painting activity will bring out the artist in your little guests.
These paintable wooden birdhouses come in durable plywood material, a 3-piece set of unpainted birdhouses with strings attached. The package contains 3 DIY birdhouse kids with 12 different colors and 3 paintbrushes.

What is a good craft activity for toddlers at a birthday party?

Rock Painting: Delight the toddlers with a rock painting kit. Creating art from rocks can take the fun to another level altogether.

This rock painting kit comprises 10 rocks, 8 waterproof paint colors, rock transfer designs, stickers, and a paintbrush for endless creative fun. All the art supplies are non-toxic and completely safe for the kids to play around with and showcase their talent.

What is a good activity for boys at a kids’ birthday party?

Building & Decorating Wooden Cars: These magical, wooden cars craft kits will keep excitement intact and creativity levels high. This wooden car craft set can be a fun birthday party activity or a great return gift.

These DIY wooden car kits come in pre-cut pieces that are easy to assemble. The package includes 42 pre-cut and sanded wooden pieces to make 3 cars and also includes 12 different acrylic paint pots, 2 paintbrushes, 3 glue pots, and sticker sheets with an easy instruction manual.  



 You may be thinking that all of the costs associated with hosting a birthday party for kids are too high. Don’t fret, because we have some creative ways to get around this and still throw an amazing event! We hope you found these tips helpful in planning your next event. If you need any more help or want us to do it for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Happy planning!

If you’re interested to learn more about kids and life in Hong Kong, check out Kids in Hong Kong: Your Complete Guide.  

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