Kid’s Birthday Party: The Ultimate Guide

by SavvyinHK
August 25, 2020

Throwing a birthday party in Hong Kong for your little one doesn’t have to break your bank.

Learn how to plan a budget-friendly kid’s birthday party in Hong Kong that will guarantee smiles on everyone’s faces – giving the kids a fun bonding day with friends and parents a relaxing day to sit back and destress.

Parties are almost inevitable when you have kids, and the costs of throwing a children’s party in Hong Kong can quickly add up. But fear not, there are plenty of ways to host an inexpensive birthday party for your kids without compromising on the fun.

In this article, we will cover:

  • The options available for inexpensive venues
  • Popular birthday party themes
  • Entertainment
  • How to save money on decorations
  • Goodie bags
  • Options for birthday cakes

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Select an inexpensive venue for a kid’s birthday party in Hong Kong 

The bottom line is that there is no need to spend a lot of money on party venues when there are plenty of inexpensive and free venues for hosting kids’ parties.

You can consider the following venues

  • Your own home
  • Local parks
  • Hong Kong membership clubs

Your own home

Start the party at your house and compliment it with other facilities at your building. This may include the pool or clubhouse.

It will save you tons of money and, at the same time, make it easier to engage your guests!

Remember, you may be bored with your own house, but kids are always super excited to visit another kid’s house.

Local Parks

The parks mentioned below all offer fun activities for the kids, whether it’s the super long slide at Hong Kong Park or the myriad of climbing equipment at Mount Austin Playground.

Many parks in Hong Kong have plenty to keep the kids occupied. Not only do parks offer plenty of space for kids to run around freely, but they also provide space for you to hold various activities and games.

Park recommendations:

  • Hong Kong Park, 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong
  • Mount Austin Playground, Mount Austin Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
  • Chung Hom Kok Beach is just down the road from Stanley Plaza.
  • Cyberport Podium, Cyberport Road, Telegraph Bay
  • Inspiration Lake, just outside Disneyland, Penny’s Bay

Hong Kong’s membership clubs

If you or your friend are a member of one of Hong Kong’s membership clubs (e.g., the Cricket Club or the LRC), you could host the party as a “play-date.”

If you host a birthday party at a club, you can sit back and let the kids enjoy all the facilities (pools, indoor and outdoor play areas).

This idea works very well, particularly on a weekday when clubs are less crowded. Catering is also often provided at an affordable cost. Since you’re already a member, look out for some great discounts and deals.


Kids birthday party themes

There’s nothing more delightful than to see your young one happy and excited. So how about hosting a theme-based birthday party for your kid?

There are several kids’ birthday party ideas and birthday party themes to choose from that can make your child’s special day truly unforgettable.

Here’s the list of some of the most popular theme-based party decoration ideas that you can easily incorporate in your kid’s birthday celebrations:

  • A Science-themed birthday party: If your child loves to explore and innovate things, then this is the theme to go with. No stress, no mess party, it will take the kids to an entirely different world with science, magic tricks, and experiments, which are sure to keep the kids entertained. You can order bulk party supplies online like scientific invitations, astronaut photo booth props, tableware with classic scientific symbols, science-inspired cutlery, and so much more to impart the birthday venue a look and feel of a science laboratory in your budget. Believe us; there’s no better theme for a budding scientist than this. It will make science so much fun for the kids.
  • A Disney-themed birthday party: One of the best kids’ birthday party ideas that every child can relate to. Create a magical birthday party moment with everything inspired by your kid’s favorite Disney character, right from the yumilicious Disney-themed birthday cake and desserts to Mini, Mickey, Goofy party decoration ideas. If your little girl is a fan of Disney princesses, then birthday party themes like Snow White, Rapunzel, or Cinderella will be great to make your little princess feel like one. Just pick something they adore. These kinds of birthday party decorations are sure to make your little one’s birthday super fun and memorable.
  • A Colorful polka dot party: Colors and shapes always attract kids, so why not arrange something colorful and creative. Going with a polka dot party theme is something your kids will love. The decor for this visually stunning birthday party comprises of simple birthday party decorations, covering everything in polka dots from polka dot tablecloths to dotted birthday candles, napkins, cups, and plates. A dedicated party supply store in Hong Kong can help you out with all these things. You can find a number of them online like Party Time, Simply Love, or The Party Boutique, which keeps you covered for all kinds of kids’ party decorations.

Apart from these, birthday party themes like Barbie theme party, circus theme, storybook party, tea party, Peter Pan-themed party, pirates theme, personalized balloon theme, and little mermaid-themed parties are also a big hit among children.


How can I prepare entertainment in advance?

The key to a great kid's birthday party in Hong Kong is to prepare entertainment in advance.

Photo courtesy of Melissa & Doug.

Kid’s entertainers can be great, but if you have other activities planned, entertainment can be absolutely free, saving you about a thousand dollars. Just remember to prepare some form of entertainment in advance!

Including party games for kids is a great way of planning an unforgettable birthday party. Things like these keep children engaged and entertained, and they do not get bored easily. So here’s how you can keep up with the entertainment quotient at your kid’s birthday party:

You can consider the following games and activities:

  • Musical statues: this costs nothing and gets younger kids excited; remember to bring out some funky tunes and a great speaker!
  • Pass the parcel: is another favorite and costs little.
  • Pinatas: are fun for many age groups.
  • Sandart: you could order pre-made packs from Amazon. We love Melissa and Doug’s sand art pack. Another option is to purchase art sand and containers separately from art supply stores.
  • Decorate cupcakes or cookies: ingredients can easily be bought at any supermarket. Remember to pre-bake the cupcakes or cookies so they’re ready to be decorated.
  • Mickey Mouse Game: You need plain Mickey Mouse masks for this and make the kids color them and wear their creation while mimicking Mickey’s popular dialogue Ahey everybody! I’m Mickey Mouse..
  • Popping balloons: This is another fun game in which balloons will be tied to each player’s leg near the ankle, and they have to dance to the music. As soon as the music stops, kids will try to pop the balloon of the person standing next to them. So whosever balloon gets popped, he/she will be out of the game.

If you’re keen to try some craft activities for the party, you could try Craft Supplies Store (Mongkok and Wanchai) or Bead Box (Sham Shui Po) for supplies.


I just want to hire someone; which entertainer should I hire for my kid’s birthday party?

Entertainers to hire

  • When all you want is to make your kid’s birthday party a fun-filled dancing affair? Go with NattyBop, who will keep your little guests totally engaged and entertained with their themed party games and an hour of dance entertainment.
  • How about partying while learning? Doesn’t that sound cool? Yes, it does, and Jurassic Garage provides just this. With lots of animal pals in their team, they make your little one’s birthday celebrations exciting, educational, and so much fun.
  • Face painting never goes out of fashion and helps turn any kid’s birthday celebration into a fun moment. This is the most colorful event to have at any kids’ party, from superheroes to cute kitties. And, with Dee Face Paint as your little guests’ face painters, things will be super fun and exciting. They are simply the best.
  • Surprise your kiddo and his friends with their dream toys from Hong Kong Toy Club. They can supply you with various items from bouncy castles, ball pools, car rides, and so much more. Let the kids party hard.
  • From magicians, clowns, jugglers, dancers, storytellers to several exciting party games, Kids leaves no stone unturned to help keep you and your little guests fully entertained. Each entertainer has its own unique style to get the kids involved in their shows. You can never go wrong with them.



kid's birthday party in Hong Kong

If you want to host an inexpensive kid’s party in Hong Kong, there is no need to spend money on decorations. Decorations can be expensive and often don’t add a lot in terms of kid’s overall enjoyment.

If you want to add some decorations, consider buying decorations that you can use for multiple occasions. Skip single-use items such as helium balloons and opt for non-theme specific happy birthday signs and table cloths that can be reused many times.

For cheap decorations, we love taking a trip to Fuk Wing St in Sham Shui Po (MTR Exit B2) for a variety of cheap decor.  Another good place to secure party supplies at low prices is CN Square; read our CN Square review here.


Goodie Bags

For birthday parties in Hong Kong, consider skipping goodie bags. But if you can't resist, look for reusable goodie bags.

Credit: Parteezi

Save the environment and consider not sending kids home with unneeded items. But if you feel the pressure to provide goodie bags, be environmentally friendly and ensure that your goodie bags won’t be thrown out. Buy reusable party bags.

Instead of sending your little guests home with a bunch of unneeded plastics objects instead, consider sending them home with one of the following creative gifts? Go with non-plastic items for your goodie-bags. We list two great crafty wooden options for goodie-bag fillers below.  You could also consider storybooks or home-baked goods.


Decorating Wooden Magnets: How about organizing a magnet decorating activity? Melissa & Doug Paint Magnets Craft Kit is all you need. Let your little guests showcase their talent, their creativity in this fun decoration and coloring session.

This 3-pack of wooden magnets has a total of 12 magnets in different shapes; flowers, hearts, and butterflies. The pack includes 4 paint pots, 12 gem stickers, a paintbrush, and glitter glue. This will be a perfect birthday activity for the little ones to enjoy, and their decorated pieces can be given away as take-home favors.



Reusable Sticker Pads: Another great option as a birthday return gift, the Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads are known to refine the motor skills of children, enhance their narrative thinking, and helps them learn about different colors, their combinations, commonalities, and themes. Stuff like these sharpen the minds of tiny-tots and make them more expressive about their surroundings.

This Melissa & Doug sticker pad bundle comes in reusable vinyl stickers, consisting of fairy, princess, dress-up, and playhouse theme stickers, which are easy to peel-off and rearrange. The package includes four full-colored glossy background pages on the above-mentioned themes for a clean and attractive display of your kid’s favorite fairytale characters.


What kids activities can you have ready at the party?

Organizing a fun birthday event for your little one doesn’t have to be costly. It just requires you to be creative; that’s all. Today’s birthdays are much more than just cake-cutting and dancing. You can plan out different activities to keep your little guests engaged, like fun games, coloring competition, baking, icing, jewelry making, and so much more. There are unlimited options to entertain the kids and their parents alike.

Here we list some popular birthday party activities that children will definitely love. These activities are great to either do at the party. They’re also great for goodie bags.

Recreating Birdhouses:
Inculcate the feeling of love and care in children by taking them close to nature. And, what can be better than paintable wooden birdhouses? Organizing such a painting activity for your little one’s birthday will serve a dual purpose; one, it will bring out the artist in your little guests, develop multiple skills, and two, they will learn to respect nature.

These paintable wooden birdhouses come in durable plywood material, a 3-piece set of unpainted birdhouses with strings attached. The package contains 12 paint pieces in 12 different colors with 3 paintbrushes, enough to get that creativity on point. Besides being a fun birthday party activity, these birdhouses also make amazing eco-friendly return gift options for the kids.




Building & Decorating Wooden Cars: These magical, meaningful wooden cars craft kits make a perfect takeaway favor for your little guests, which will keep their excitement intact and creativity level high. Though you can make it a fun birthday party activity, things like these usually make a great return gift.

These come as DIY wooden car kits in pre-cut pieces that are easy to assemble. The package includes 42 pre-cut and sanded wooden pieces to make 3 cars, 12 different acrylic paint pots, 2 paintbrushes, 3 glue pots, and sticker sheets with an easy instruction manual.  It is a perfect pick to build, paint, and play, all at the same time, which your little guests will definitely love. So just gift them what they love.





Rock Painting: Doesn’t this sound interesting? Involve the kids in something that is both creative and educative and a rock painting kit. Planning activities like rock painting at your kiddo’s birthday party can take the fun to another level altogether.

This rock painting kit comprises 10 rocks, 8 waterproof paint colors, rock transfer designs, stickers, and a paintbrush for endless creative fun. All the art supplies are non-toxic and completely safe for the kids to play around and showcase their talent.


Cakes for a kid’s birthday party in Hong Kong

There are a lot of options for birthday cakes.

  • DIY
  • Home Bakers
  • Combine the cake with entertainment


Get creative and crafty by baking a cake by yourself or perhaps decorating a frozen SaraLee Cake to give it some unique character.

Home bakers

Birthday cakes in Hong Kong can be super expensive. One alternative option is to consider home bakers in Hong Kong. They provide quality cakes at lower prices.

Photo Courtesy of Priyanka’s Cake Bakes and More.

Order a cake from one of Hong Kong’s many home bakers. We like Priyanka’s strawberry compote and fresh cream cakes.

Priyanka can style her cakes in almost any way you want (from cars to unicorns). Cakes cost $450 and upwards. Contact Priyanka via WhatsApp on +852-9453-3180.

Smash cakes

Think you’ve done enough saving? Splash out on a fun, interactive cake from Bombshell.

The cakes feature a hard shell for the kids to smash before physically getting into the delicious inner cake layer. Acting as food AND entertainment for the kids, you’ll be sure to get the best parent award.

We liked the Sweet Unicorn Bomb 7″ for $988.

Have we missed your hidden gem for hosting kid’s parties in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks.


Food ideas that you shouldn’t miss

There’s no party without good food, and when it is your kid’s birthday party, the servings have to be unique and special.

Go with the foods that children can recognize and serve them in different shapes, colors, and wrappers to make things attractive.

Here’s a list of some lip-smacking dishes that every child would love to try:

  • Mini Pizzas: Kids simply love pizzas. When at your birthday party, let them choose their own toppings to make it a fun and quick food activity.
  • Taco bar: Tacos are the favorite of most kids, and serving them with one will make things more enjoyable.
  • Fun fruit sticks: Try making colorful fruit sticks for your little guests in different shapes and sizes. You can also carve out different characters out of fruits to attract the little ones.
  • Sandwiches: Serve your little guests with bite-size sandwiches in playful shapes and colored bread with their favorite filling of cheese and meats inside. This is something they can’t resist.
  • Tortilla chips and dips: Let the kids enjoy some tortilla chips and dips made of healthy ingredients. These should be creative enough to catch kids’ attention at the party.
  • Rainbow cupcakes: This is something that never fails to impress the kids. Serve them rainbow cupcakes in bright colors and decorations, giving them the best dessert experience at your kid’s birthday party.
  • Chicken fries: Quick and kid-friendly, chicken fries is the best addition to your little one’s birthday menu. Oven-baked and crunchy, children just love these kinds of dishes.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream: Filled with sumptuous strawberries and topped with crunchy crackers, this is the yummiest dessert to serve to your little guests.

These are just a few of the popular ones. You can include other kid-friendly foods in your menu: assorted fingers, cheese puff twisty, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, fruits kababs and tartlets, cheese pinwheel, and a lot more.


Affordable Photographers for Kid’s Birthday Party

Hosting a kids birthday party in Hong Kong, and looking for a high-quality and affordable photographer? We list our top 3 recommendations.

Photo courtesy of DFN Studios Facebook.

Capture the precious moments of your little one’s birthday with Hong Kong’s best photographers on board.

  • Little Stories-the Moment by Amy: Known for her fine art aesthetics, founder Amy’s photography is on point and brings uniqueness to every click. Inspired by modern arts, her photography will infuse that much-need liveliness into your child’s photo book.
  • DFN Studios: Those magical memories of your little one’s birthday are worth every click. And DFN Studios is a perfect option for getting those moments captured. With over 10 years of experience in the field, they are specialist in shooting birthday parties and making your special event worth remembering.
  • DRF Photography: The winner of 2019’s best family and kid’s photographer, DRF is known best for capturing the natural expressions of kids and their families. They know how to make children feel comfortable and relaxed. Their photoshoots are fun, relaxing, and interactive.



We are committed to finding ways for you to host an amazing kid’s birthday party. We hope these ideas help you to spend less money without compromising on quality. If we missed a key point, please let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.


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