When looking for a place to call home, it is important that you take into consideration more than just location. Using an interior designer for your apartment can make all of those little details seem less daunting and give the space personality; not only does this improve how we feel about our homes but it also increases their value when selling down the line! This article will discuss some of the best interior designers in Hong Kong. 

But before we get to the best interior designers, let’s look at the trends in home design in this great metropolis of ours.  

What is on-trend in interior design in Hong Kong for 2021?

While your home should reflect you and your family’s needs, you also don’t want to be stepping back into an apartment that time forgot just because it’s functional. 

Here’s what you’ll be seeing on mood boards and interior design catalogs in the coming months:

  • The area rug is a great tool to delineate your open-plan space – zoning your space has become more important than ever, now that our work has come into our living area.
  • Earthy tones warm a place and make us feel nurtured, like our home is caring for us, so opt for natural materials like stripped wood and woven fabrics.
  • Multi-purpose furniture has always been a thing in Hong Kong interior design. Still, now our homes have become our office at least some of the time, adaptable chairs and storage that can both hide and display items are more important than ever.
  • The “Outdoors indoors” trend blurs the line between the outdoors and the inside of your home; use extra house plants and other tricks to bring greenery and freshness inside.
  • Shades of blue evoke the sky and the ocean. It’s a relaxing hue as well, so feature walls or splashes of art or soft furnishings in the color of blue will bring calming energy.

What are the key benefits of hiring an interior design company in Hong Kong?

  1. Superior sourcing capabilities. Interior designers are experts in souring anything for a home, from furniture, tiles to wallpaper. They will know the best stores for each product. If you hire an interior designer, you will greatly benefit from their superior sourcing deals. Doubtless, some of the great deals they secure will surprise you.
  2. Industry discounts. Interior designers tend to enjoy discounts at a wide variety of stores, including stores that sell taps and curtains. There’s a good reason for this – they are frequent buyers. As their client, you will benefit from this lower pricing.
  3. Fewer mistakes. You might think that fitting out a house will be cheaper if you do it yourself. But how many times have you bought items only to regret it later because you realized the items were the wrong size, wrong color, or wrong texture? Interior designers buy home items for a living, so; it’s unlikely they will make mistakes in buying items.
  4. Cohesive vibe. An interior designer will be able to piece together a home with a cohesive vibe – just the one you’re looking for – where every pillow has its perfect place within the home. The joy that comes from living in such a perfectly put-together home cannot be overstated.
  5. Less stress. Interior designers are experts. Once you’ve provided your vision, let the interior designer deal with all the stress involved in sourcing and matching.

What are the most important points to remember when working with an interior design studio HK?

  1. Trust your interior designer. Partway through, you might start to seriously wonder about a particular color, texture, or object. You may even be tempted to ask the designer to make sudden changes however, we strongly advise you to stay the course. The designer is likely to have a clear vision as to how items will work together.
  2. Be clear on the budget and scope of work. No matter how much you love an interior designer’s skills, you are unlikely to be satisfied if the price ends up being above your budget or the actual service you receive is less than expected. Before signing on to hire a designer, be sure to have a full understanding of both cost and the extent of services to be provided.
  3. Communicate. As much as possible, let the interior designer know about your likes and dislikes, as well as your expectations on timing and other important matter. Don’t leave things unsaid. Aim to communicate frequently but particularly at the start of an assignment, when your feedback is invaluable.
  4. Be patient. Even an expert such as an interior designer needs time to source items and put together attractive designs; be patient.

What are the key elements of interior design?

Generally, there are believed to be 7 key elements of interior 

  • Space: this refers to the utilization of space. Positive space refers to the area occupied by furniture and other objects. Negative space refers to a bare area. A minimalist interior design will have more negative space than positive. A balanced room is neither crowded nor sparse.
  • Line: Lines help to shape a room. A table will create horizontal lines, curtains will create vertical lines whereas, a staircase will create a dynamic line. A good interior design will help to put the focus on one type of line in your home. 
  • Form: refers to the shapes of an object in a room as well as the overall shape of the objects. Do you prefer man-made forms such as square edges or natural forms that tend to be more soft and fluid?  
  • Light: the importance of lighting selection cannot be overstated. Lights will help to create the mood and ambiance. 
  • Colour: as we all know, color can impact our moods. Consider where you want to use green or blue which are both peaceful colors or where you want to add more drama with red or gold. Smaller spaces will tend to benefit from light colors. 
  • Texture: refers to the feel of furniture or objects. Do you want to achieve a warm and cozy home or a sleek and modern home? Your use of texture is critical.
  • Pattern: is the final element of interior design. Good interior design will often see patterns repeated throughout a home but with some variations in color or texture. Cohesive use of patterns can dramatically improve the feel of a home. Generally, in smaller rooms, you should restrain the use of patterns 

What are affordable options for hiring a Hong Kong interior designer?

As we have stated above, there are many clear benefits to hiring an interior designer, and you might be surprised at how many ways they can reduce costs. But, if you want to spruce up your home and are finding that hiring an interior designer is too expensive, consider the two alternatives below:

  1. Take some interior design classes. Check out Insights School of Interior Design – they offer a range of classes, including interior design boot camps. The result is unlikely to be as effective as if you were to hire a professional, but you will undoubtedly learn useful tips that will improve the look of your home.
  2. Approach interior design schools and see if they have any newly graduated students looking for work.

There’s a lot to think about there, so let’s check out who you can bring into your life to get these things right the first time around. 

Which are the best interior design firms in Hong Kong?

There are plenty of design firms in Hong Kong vying for your attention from snazzy aesthetics to minimalist aesthetics Here are the ones we think are worth your time checking out.

1. Interior Design Hong Kong – Decor Republic

Their design ethos:

  • They listen to your ideas – whatever your thoughts may be – and build a photorealistic 3D model for your space.
  • They can plan, source, and undertake your renovation work, seeing your project through to completion.
  • They offer online resources, virtual design services, and phone consultations if you want to do more work yourself.

Why we chose them:

  • Run by Jamie Mak, born and raised in Hong Kong, Decor Republic knows exactly what works in homes in the city. 
  • The company works across commercial and residential spaces – a one-stop-shop for all your interior needs.
  • Online and consulting services are offered internationally as well, so if you really love their work, you can bring the team in if you ever move on from Hong Kong.
  • On the website, you’ll find loads of useful hints and tips in the blog, as well as design handbooks – there’s no gatekeeping the design process here.

2. Interior Design Hong Kong – AB Concept

AB Concept is one of the best when it comes to interior design Hong Kong.

Their design ethos:

  • The design studio is all about creating luxurious environments.
  • They work how a chef works – taking in the local culture and understanding the skills and tastes available.
  • Interiors are narrative-driven and have a keen attention to detail.

Why we chose them:

  • AB Concept is an international interior design firm in Hong Kong that works across 30 global cities, giving them the experience of many different styles, materials, and ways of working.
  • The team works on domestic and commercial projects and has worked with The Ritz Carlton and W Hotels.
  • The company creates both complete design schemes for clients and products like rugs and chairs to add a piece of flair to your home.

3. Interior Design Hong Kong – Bean Buro  

Interested in interior design Hong Kong? Talk to the experts at Bean Buro.

Their design ethos:

  • The studio has designers from the UK, France, and Japan, giving their work an international, eclectic vibe.
  • Narratives are humanistic, and there is poetry in their designs that bring together the elements you want in your space.
  • Intellect and imagination are watchwords for their designs

Why we chose them:

  • Bean Buro can see your project through a combination of architectural practice and interior designers in Hong Kong from the beginning if needed. 
  • The founders, Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, trained in France and the USA, respectively and have both worked in the UK, too, so you get a wealth of knowledge and experience. 
  • They work with residential and commercial spaces and even create furniture pieces for your needs. 

4. Interior Design Hong Kong – Atelier Lane

Atelier Lane is top notch in terms of interior design Hong Kong. You will not be disappointed.

Their design ethos:

  • The feel of their work is contemporary- read minimalist – and sophisticated refinement.
  • They work with each client to achieve a look and feel very personal to their tastes and needs.
  • Clean lines, high ceilings, and a feeling of openness define what you’ll get from this studio.

Why we chose them:

  • Opened in 2003, Atelier Lane studio is all about design and offers the full service to bring what they create to live, too. 
  • Although they work in commercial spaces, too, their portfolio leans into the residential side more. 
  • You’ll get a simple and classy look with these designers, with nothing unnecessary added in – everything will be functional and ready to use. 

5. Interior Design Hong Kong – Urban Design and Build Limited

Looking for cool relaxed interior design Hong Kong? Try Urban Design and Build Limited.

Their design ethos:

  • They aim for every design to be unique, whatever scale you are working at – residential, commercial, or an entire building.
  • The designs are detailed, and they cater to their client’s specific needs each time.
  • Their residential portfolio uses light and sharp lines to breathe life into space.

Why we chose them:

  • Supported by their partner company Urban: properties, Urban:design+build offers the full package from design to fit out and property management at the end of it.
  • Their online presence is pretty limited, so if you’re looking to see samples of their work or discuss recent projects, you should get in touch with them directly. 

6. Interior Design Hong Kong – Hoo Interior Design and Styling 

Their design ethos:

  • Originality, distinctiveness, and individuality are the concepts that this Hong interior design studio work towards
  • Designs are details oriented to bring these concepts to life
  • Their portfolio shows interesting and quirky elements as a nod to the character of the person the design is for

Why we chose them:

  • Hoo Studio is the brainchild of YC Chen and an interior designer from Hong Kong who learned his trade in the USA. 
  • They offer the full package of services, from designing your space to bringing it to life with their project management options. 
  • Rather than being minimal, Hoo makes statements and brings pops of color and interest to a space – a good place to go if you want something a little different in your Hong Kong home.  

7. Interior Design Hong Kong – Deborah Oppenheimer

Their design ethos:

  • Tight palettes of simple materials encapsulate the interior designs this Hong Kong studio produces
  • Designs focus on residential luxury around the world
  • The idea behind designs is a connection between nature and the home, between dreams and a place to belong

Why we chose them:

  • Led by the woman herself, Deborah Oppenheimer is originally from South Africa and is now a Hong Kong interior designer with a formidable reputation. 
  • Inspiration covers European influence with her time in Switzerland plus eastern notes after being based in Hong Kong for over 25 years. 
  • You get Oppenheimer’s expertise on every project, and she works globally so that you can take her talent to your home country as well as your HK apartment.

8. Interior Design Hong Kong – JAAK

Their design ethos:

  • Comfort in the priority, removing the idea of “high-end” from interior design
  • They have meticulous attention to detail which gets them to achieve what you see as comfortable. 
  • The founders aim to redefine contemporary living

Why we chose them:

  • Founded by Chau and Calvin, the name of this Hong Kong interior design company is the Latin spelling of the Cantonese word for home – JAAK.
  • Their portfolio shows a range of projects covering residential and commercial spaces in F&B, retail, and hotels. 
  • The style is eclectic, with a mix of traditional and modern pieces with international influence, bringing something fresh to your pad. 

Interior Design Hong Kong FAQs

What is a typical interior designer fee in Hong Kong?

– The cost of hiring an interior designer will vary. Interior designers might charge you a flat (fixed) cost or charge by square feet or a percentage of the project cost.
– Pricing will always depend on the extent of the services you require, with options to get a simple consultation, have designs rendered in 3D, or even hand the whole project over to your chosen interior designer – all of which will be increasingly more expensive.
– What you need to consider is the value – will their work make your life easier and justify the cost? Will you add more value to your property than you spend? You can easily expect to pay upwards of HK$100,000 to hire an interior design.
– Still, as we mentioned above, there are multiple ways you will be able to save money if you use an interior designer so, don’t forget to take these benefits into account.

How much does an online interior designer cost?

For an online interior designer in Hong Kong, such as Editors’ Company, you pay a flat fee of $2,100 per room to work with a home stylist. Other online interior design companies tend to be based on Stateside and cost US$1-2,000 – but be wary of using online interior design companies that are not based in Hong Kong because they may not be aware of the brands and pieces available in Hong Kong.

Which is the best interior design company in Hong Kong?

The interior designer that’s right for you may not be a great match for your friend or colleague – how can we define it best? Choose your interior designer based on how their portfolio makes you feel and how well you connect with them – you need to trust they’ll translate your needs into your dream home, after all.



Choosing an interior designer will involve considering various factors, including how much you’re willing to spend for the style and convenience. However you choose to do it, from having a mood board and shopping list produced to handing over your house keys for a week or two, these eight interior designers we’ve presented are the ones to look to.  

If you have missed anything in respect to interior design in Hong Kong please don’t hesitate to let us know via Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments section below.

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