Tai Kwun is set to captivate Hong Kong’s evening skies once again as the second season of InnerGlow takes on a deeper dimension from 26 January to 12 February 2023; inviting some of Hong Kong’s brightest and most original talents to join hands with the compound’s Creative Partner, The Electric Canvas, to devise and create an entirely new programme. Following the enormous public success of the first season of InnerGlow in September 2022, a new series of abstract themes will play with and animate the Parade Ground to such an extent that the imposing classical architectural elements are transformed, morphed and choreographed right before Hong Kong’s eyes.

While InnerGlow 2022 told the imagined history of the Barrack Block, InnerGlow 2023 takes audiences into an entirely different world in which the pure architecture of Tai Kwun becomes the main player. Those longing for a distant time in the city’s history will be delighted by the familiar Hong Kong images and moods woven into the show’s three themes of Particles, Geometry and Neon. Particles set off the show with a burst of fireworks and images of traditional Chinese festivities, while the foundational logic of mathematics, science, engineering and building structures are shifted in Geometry. Next, Neon takes one of the most defining genes of Hong Kong’s DNA, twisting and turning it into abstract forms into a celebration of the city’s vibrancy.

tai kwun innerglow 2023

Tai Kwun during InnerGlow 2023

What’s more, InnerGlow 2023 grants audiences the unique opportunity to project light and shadow animations, such as Lunar rabbits, fireworks, Chinese lanterns and many more, on the spot through interactive technology placed on site. Visitors of the light extravaganza can project their creations onto the compound’s famous mango tree to show their creativity. 

InnerGlow 2023 is created and produced by The Electric Canvas. Once again, it includes contributions from several individual Hong Kong illustrators and animators, recommended by Tai Kwun, ensuring that Hong Kong’s distinctive landscape is infused with the city’s unique style. This fine group of Hong Kong artists has assumed a greater role, joining filmmaker and Associate Director, Oliver Shing for InnerGlow 2023. Shing directs several scenes in InnerGlow 2023 in a collaborative partnership with The Electric Canvas. Meanwhile, the dramatic and emotional soundtrack of InnerGlow 2023 is edited and produced by Roy Cheung.

InnerGlow has been devised as a multi-year project to bring an annual series of startling public events to Hong Kong by the world-renowned production company, The Electric Canvas. Through the event, Tai Kwun is developing homegrown talent in 3D architectural mapping, art direction, digital design, animation, illustrating, sound producing and technical delivery to enhance Hong Kong’s capability in this genre of large-scale public installations and entertainment. By January 2024, the creative lead will reside with the Hong Kong InnerGlow team as The Electric Canvas steps back to provide advice and mentorship in specific fields.

tai kwun parade ground

Tai Kwun Parade Ground

Peter Milne, Managing Director and Technical Director of The Electric Canvas, remarks, “It seems like only yesterday that we were in Hong Kong delivering InnerGlow 2022 after the delays the inaugural project faced due to the pandemic. We are thrilled thatInnerGlow 2023 is returning to its scheduled time slot in January and are excited to continue sharing our knowledge and experience with local skills and talent. It gives us great pleasure to be supporting the team at Tai Kwun for this second iteration of the event.”

Mrs. Betty Yuen, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Chairman and CLP Holdings Limited Non-executive Director, says, “CLP prides itself as the energy partner of Hong Kong. For 122 years, we have been providing a reliable electricity supply, lighting up the city just like InnerGlow lights up our night sky. We are grateful that Tai Kwun is bringing this project back after a successful first edition, and this time coinciding with the Chinese New Year. InnerGlow sees the collaboration and exchange between overseas experts and local artists which exemplifies the core strength of Hong Kong as an international metropolis. We hope the light show will inject vitality and hope for the city’s great economic recovery in the Year of the Rabbit.”

Date: 26.01 – 12.02.2023 (except for 30.01 & 06.02.2023)

Time: 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm

Venue: Parade Ground, Tai Kwun