26 Best Inexpensive Things to Do in Hong Kong

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Looking for inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why things in Hong Kong seem to cost so much money and if there are more inexpensive and affordable activities and things to do?

If you’re visiting Hong Kong for the first time, you will immediately notice how exciting and enthralling the city is, but you might get a shock when you see the prices. Perhaps you’ve been living in Hong Kong for a while and trying to think of some of the best inexpensive activities that Hong Kong has to offer.

Either way, we have you covered.

Here at Savvy In Hong Kong, we want everyone to love Hong Kong as much as we do – visitors and locals alike. If you want to know the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong, you’ve landed in the right place. 

We’re going to guide you around the city with the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong

Got questions? If we’ve not covered it here, get in touch, and we’ll give you our personal take.

This article will cover the best inexpensive activities to do in Hong Kong:

  • On Kowloon side
  • Near Central
  • On the Southside of the Island
  • Best whole day activities
  • Activities to do with kids
  • FAQs

What are the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong on Kowloon side?

In Hong Kong, walking along the promenade near K11 is one of the most fun inexpensive activities to do in Hong Kong. The views of the harbor are incredible, and you'll find some pretty amazing artwork inside K11 which you can view for free.
Photo courtesy of K11 Facebook.

Hong Kong has a lot going on. Sometimes, it might feel overwhelming, but if you have a clear list, sometimes it’s easier to know what to do next.

When it comes to activities, here are our best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong during the day:

  1. Visit the songbirds on Yuen Po Street in a garden designed to showcase an authentic Chinese garden. It houses many exotic birds and bamboo cages. You can purchase mini birdcages as souvenirs, too.  
  2. Strong along with Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) promenade: If you take the star ferry to TST, walk towards the right, and you will enjoy a delightful walk along the foreshore.  You’ll quickly come across K11 MUSEA, which is a relatively new shopping mall; it’s got a really funky vibe and even has a whole floor dedicated to art. The entry is free.  If you time your walk right, you’ll be able to see the light show at 8 pm.

What are the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong near Central?

  1. Wander around Soho and Sheung Wan: enjoy the beauty of a city as you wander on foot from Man Mo Temple, PMQ, to Tai Kwun. You’ll come across some unexpected streets like Cat Street, where you will find some fascinating antique shops. 
  2. Eat dim sum: feast on one of the most famous Cantonese foods, dim sum. Try steamed shrimp dumplings, barbecue pork buns, spring rolls, fried turnip cake, and more. Visit Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. 
  3. Stroll through Hong Kong Park: at Hong Kong Park, there are turtles, a waterfall, and streams and ponds to fill you with tranquility. You can get here by bus, train, or MTR. 
  4. Visit The Peak: one of the most popular attraction centers in the city, simply named “The Peak,” is the city’s highest point, and the view is spectacular. One of the views is the skyline as the sun races to the horizon. Check out Lion’s Pavilion to the right of the peak with a free viewing platform, or visit the sky terrace in the peak tower for a fee.
  5. Ride the world’s longest escalator at 2,624 feet, a worthy bucket list contender. It links the west and central districts on Hong Kong Island, and along the way, there are numerous dining spots and shops to visit.

What are the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong on the Southside of the Island?

  1. Head to Stanley: here’s where the British took their last stand against the Japanese in 1941. Originally a fishing village, today, it’s home to hundreds of souvenir shops and even the beautiful Lake Pier and Murray House. 
  2. Hit up Ocean Park  – Ocean Park is a beautiful theme park back nestled on a mountain right next to the ocean. This is one of the more expensive items we have listed, but for cheaper tickets, check out Klook.  If you have an HK-ID card, you can get a free ticket on your birthday. 
  3. Walk the foreshore from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay. This may be the last entrant but, it’s one of my favorite activities. Grab the scooters and bathers, and enjoy the beautiful stroll along the water’s edge. Once you arrive at Repulse Bay, you can enjoy swimming or the kid’s outdoor play activities. Fortunately, adults can grab a coffee. And if you walk a little further ahead to the end of the shopping area, you’ll find a lovely temple. This inexpensive activity will sure to please everyone. If you’re going by bus from Central, take buses 6, 6A, 6X, or 260 and hop off at Deep Water Bay.
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What are the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong at night?

With so much going on, Hong Kong is a great destination. Think we’ve given you plenty to see so far? We’ve barely started! Here are our top five favorite inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong at night.

  1. Get your fortune told late at night during a visit to Tin Hau Temple. There are more than a dozen English-speaking fortune tellers to tell you your future.
  2. Visit the modest-looking Under Bridge Spicy Crab for dinner in Causeway Bay, and enjoy the signature fried crab with great prices and a good crowd.  
  3. Enjoy the nightlife in Peel Street, Soho with all the bars you can imagine – coffee shops, restaurants, bars are more to give you your perfect nighttime experience. 
  4. Rooftop bars: sip a glass of wine or champagne and drink in the views at a rooftop bar. Hong Kong has plenty to choose from. Although not cheap, we really like Sevva for a luxe bar to enjoy the city’s magnificent views up-close. For the cost of a glass of wine, you really are getting a lot when you soak in the night atmosphere from this rooftop bar. Sipping your wine, you will feel as though one hand can touch Victoria Harbor, and your other hand can touch the majestic HSBC headquarters building.  
  5. A sunset cruise in the Aqua Luna or Dukling: you can’t visit Hong Kong without taking a famous sunset cruise – it never gets old or tired no matter how many times you go. The Aqua Luna is a refurbished old Chinese boat hosting cruises and dinners along the Victoria Harbour. Dukling is also one of the oldest Chinese junk boats that are still in operation. Start from Pier 9 in Central; hop off at Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) for the daily evening light show starting at 8 pm.

What are the best whole day, inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong?

  1. Get street food in the fishing village of  Tai O on the west of Lantau Island.  The buildings are on stilts, and you can taste numerous dried fish dishes here. 
  2. Go to Disneyland and feel the magic. It’s small and perfectly formed. A visit here will give you a bit of an insight into Chinese culture and traditions, and you’ll see how Feng Shui is incorporated into buildings. Buy a ticket from Klook to help save you money. 
  3. Visit Tian Tan Buddha: visit the Tian Tan Buddha over on Lantau Island. Completed in 1993, the Buddha draws pilgrims and visitors from across the continent, all ready to climb the 263 steps to the top.  Pop over to Po Lin Monastery for a hearty vegetarian lunch. Take the yellow line on the MTR to Tung Chung, or ride the cable car. 
  4. Make an incense wish at Po Lin Monastery to attract God’s attention or invoke spirits. If Lantau seems too far, instead go to Man Mo Temple, which is centrally located on Hollywood Road.

Still want more? Check out

  • Mong Kok flower market
  • Cheung Chau island
  • Lamma island

For beaches, hiking, and waterfalls. 

What are the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong with kids?   

There are so many inexpensive activities to do in Hong Kong for kids. One of the best activities to do is to go to one of the many museums in Hong Kong.
  1. Rooftop Playground at Elements Mall. The playground at Elements Mall is massive, and there’s something for kids of all ages. Easy to get to, and with plenty of restaurants nearby, we like to stop off for a snack or dinner on our way home.
  2. Verm City. Climbing gym, perfect fun for the whole family.
  3. Hong Kong Children’s Discovery Museum. This museum combines play and learning. Our little ones had a fabulous time playing on the Story Stage, learning about how to protect our environment, and also experimenting in the Tinkering Lab. Go to their website for ticketing info and to book a time slot. A visit for two adults and one child is only $168! Now that’s a deal!
  4. Central and Western District Promenade. This is a lovely walk to do with kids along the water. It runs for 600 meters along the foreshore near the Western District Wholesale Food Market. Bring a scooter and enjoy the kids climbing activities you will find along the way.
  5. Safety Town. We’re regulars at the Pak Fuk Road Safety Town in North Point. A mini roadway complete with traffic lights, flyovers, and walkways. Don’t forget to bring bikes or scooters for your kids, if you don’t they will be pretty frustrated. Pro-tip–there’s a Frites not too far away; we stop there for dinner on our way home.
  6. Baumhaus. If you have tiny ones, babies, and young toddlers, Baumhaus is a great place to go for a play. They have a beautiful wooden play structure and plenty of high-quality toys that are exciting to small children. Bonus, there’s a coffee area with a clear view of the play area, so if your kids are a bit more independent, a good place for mum to relax with a latte.
  7. Ryze. You’ll find two floors of bouncing fun at Ryze! If you have little ones, we recommend going first thing in the morning, when it’s quiet. Yes, this is one of the more expensive activities we list, but we had to add it to the list given how unique it is and how much kids enjoy it.
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I’m visiting Hong Kong soon; what advice and tips do you have?

There are some misconceptions about Hong Kong, like what the culture’s like, isn’t it always humid, and are there clean beaches? Let’s start with some facts that are going to get you ready for your Hong Kong visit:

  1. Currency: the official local currency is the Hong Kong dollar. There are thousands of ATMs available for Mastercard and Visa users, and at least half also accept American Express. 
  2. Seasons: got the idea that Hong Kong is year-round tropical? Nope. We get the full four seasons, including somewhat chilly weather between December and February. March to June and September to October are great for a visit.
  3. Language: the local language is Cantonese, and many people speak English; almost all signs are bilingual.
  4. Transport: public transport is good and cheap with an extensive network. The taxis are clean and affordable, too.
  5. Octopus card: insider tip for Hong Kong: buy an octopus card as soon as you arrive; you can buy it straight away at the airport at the counter selling MTR (train) tickets. It’s something like a London Oyster card or Melbourne’s Myki, getting your around on the light rail and buses. Taxis are (very) slowly being added, too. 
  6. Airport transfer: do like the locals and take the Airport Express train. Pick up a discounted ticket online using Klook and get into the city in a speedy 24 minutes.  

How long should I stay in Hong Kong? 

To get the best out of Hong Kong, four days here is ideal – stay as long as you like though, there’s plenty to do and eat! Looking for a sample itinerary?

What we’d do in Hong Kong in a week is outlined here: 

Day 1: Go to Victoria Peak to look out over the whole city and Victoria Harbour: hike up or take the tram. 

Day 2: Relax in Nan Lian garden: a famous place to enjoy the beautiful city. In the afternoon, stroll to the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, then for the evening, take a Star Ferry ride across Victoria harbor.

Day 3: Learn something new at the Museum of History, open from 10 am to 6 pm, except Tuesday. After exploring the museum, walk through the Kowloon district and splurge the cash at Temple Street night markets.

Day 4: Hong Kong’s markets will drain your pockets with curios along the labyrinthine streets. You can visit the Flower Market or Ladies Market for clothing and nick-nacks for your home and Temple Street Night Market for seafood and souvenirs.

Day 5: Visit the longest Island at Pearl River, Lantau Island. The Ngong Ping plateau houses the famously beautiful Po Lin Monastery.  

Day 6: If you’re a holiday hiker, don’t miss Dragon’s Back mountain ridge. Pack your backpack and hike on spectacular hiking trails. Enjoy the view of the city too while hiking.

Day 7: Give a whole day over to street food; try dim sum and fried morning glory and other Chinese specialties. Try the tea; it’s a huge element of Chinese culture. 

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

There are so many great, inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong. Walking up the Peak is just one of many activities.

There are not-so-great times to visit when it comes to the weather, and then there’s the best time to visit Hong Kong.

October to December has the best climate, but there are public holidays in the first week of October – best to avoid. From October to December, it’ll be sunny, cool, and pleasant. This is a delightful time to be in Hong Kong.

The rainy season is June to August, a raincoat and umbrella will help but unfortunately, it’s also very humid during this time which makes sightseeing slightly less pleasant. 

For festivities and cultural experiences, January and February offer Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival. Photographers will love a visit when the city lights up. 

Coming for some retail therapy? December to February is the winter sale season, with Christmas and Chinese New Year tending to be periods that see stores offer big discounts. Summer sales are from July to September.  


Hong Kong offers a huge array of experiences; there are many fun and exciting places to visit. 

We hope you now have a good idea of the best inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong. Regardless of if you’re a visitor to Hong Kong or if you’ve been living in Hong Kong for years, you should now be well equipped to undertake some great inexpensive activities in Hong Kong.

If you think we’ve missed out on any great inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong, or you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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