How To Write a Resume – 8 Key Points

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Wanting to create a perfect resume for a job in Hong Kong?

Living in an expensive city like Hong Kong, it’s likely you will need a job, and to land the perfect role in Hong Kong, you’ll need a well-written and well-designed resume.

Creating a resume that will turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd isn’t easy.

This can be made even more difficult if you’ve worked for the same company for a long time, and you haven’t rushed up your CV in a while. On top of this, standards and expectations about resumes have changed in recent years.

Feeling confused and don’t know where to start?

In this article, topics we will cover include:

What you need to get started
How to layout your resume
Why it’s important to create multiple versions of your resume


1. How do I make a job resume?

When you write a resume, you need to focus on your key achievements and key skills.

When you get that itch to move on from your job and make progress up the Hong Kong career ladder, or you’ve found yourself suddenly without a job, you will need to get your CV whipped into shape fast.

The best place to start? With the big picture. 

The first things you will need to think about in terms of professional highlights are your key achievements and key skills

Sound easy? It can be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming to develop your key achievements and key skills, but these will form the building block of your resume. 

Even if you’ve had a break away from the Hong Kong job scene to travel or raise a family, take the time to think hard about these topics.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, don’t be afraid to search online for job descriptions of the types of roles you want. You should find some suitable keywords in these job descriptions regarding both key achievements and key skills. 


2. What should my CV look like?

Your resume should give people a good idea about the type of candidate you are. The best way to write a resume is generally to focus on reverse chronological order. 

Reverse chronological CV

Start with your most recent job and work backward. Once you’ve covered your work experience, you move on to your skills, education, and qualifications.

This format works when you’ve got a solid career history without too many gaps. It’s a standard format that recruitment managers will be familiar with.

Functional CV

Got skills? A functional resume is there to show them off. You start with your skills and accomplishments rather than specific jobs.

Career breaks are less obvious with this format, and if you’re looking to make a lateral career move and need to focus on your capabilities, this one’s for you.

Combination CV

When your skills and employment history both deserve to shine, combine the best features of a reverse chronological and functional resume.

Highlight your skills straight off the bat, then lead into the jobs where you’ve used them. With less focus on a timeline, employment gaps aren’t so noticeable, and it’s a creative format to use.


3. How should I format my resume?

It’s time to think about the layout of your resume. We notice that these days, resumes are becoming much easier to digest.

We personally like resumes that are formatted so that skills, education, sectors, and awards all have their own designated areas on the CV. We prefer to keep all these parts separate from work history.

Another important step in creating a great resume is getting your resume headline correct. Basically, you want to be creating a headline that is both accurate and suitable for the role you are applying for.

Ideally, you want to have a resume that mirrors the job description. Again, we want to say that all information contained within your resume needs to be truthful! 

The key items you should include in a resume in addition to your name are: 

  • Resume headline – this is a statement that helps your next employer understand you better. It could be “Experienced financial advisor with an established network,” or it could be “Nurturing Montessori pre-school teacher.” 
  • Skills – Read the job listing carefully and identify all of the skills they are wanting. Try to include as many of these skills (that apply to you) as possible. 
  • Qualifications and education don’t go any further back than your university unless you’re just starting on the career ladder.
  • Work history – highlight your achievements in each job, and do not focus on your day-to-day role. Try to only include two or three key achievements for each job (although this will depend on your career history). These achievements should be measurable. Try to put a figure on the sales targets you’ve smashed, the costs you’ve reduced, the client base you’ve grown.
  • Industry sectors – consider including the sectors you have worked in. This will help your next employer understand you better (& should also help with AI)
  • Awards and achievements – if you’ve got some really impressive stats or professional recognition, remember to highlight these. 


4. Create a resume that is easy to read

You need to demonstrate the value you’ll be able to add to a business. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a resume that has a clear message.

To create a resume that is easy to read and has a clear message: 

  • Use active words, keep away from fluff and adjectives. 
  • Ensure your resume is focused on results and not responsibilities. Back-up all your accomplishments with facts and figures; this makes you much more credible to the recruitment manager.
  • Stick to what’s relevant. Does someone interviewing you for a data analytics role really care about your 100m swimming certificate?
  • Keep it to two pages, maximum, but one page is better. You don’t want to bore anyone with information overload.
  • Make it simple and readable without too much fuss and noise. If you’re applying for a design role, show off, but otherwise, don’t go overboard on the format.
  • Whip your social media into shape, particularly LinkedIn since it’s where professionals share their skills


5. Create an ATS-friendly CV in order to reach the interview stage 

Now that it’s so easy to submit a job application online, companies see a huge increase in the number of applicants they see for any job. To tackle such high resume volumes, firms are increasingly using artificial intelligence to do the first round of resume sorting.

To do get through the first AI round, you need to make sure:

  • Your spelling is correct (incorrect spelling will get your resume tossed out at this round)
  • Include the key phrases used in the description of the job you are applying for in your resume. If they are looking for a “Software engineer,” be sure to include this exact phrase in your resume (that is, of course, if it’s true!)
  • Include data that backs up your accomplishments. Put down the exact percentage that you increased revenue by or how many new clients you generated.


6. Create multiple versions of your resume

Does this sound exhausting? Yes. Is it time-consuming? Yes.

But what’s even more important is that tailoring your CV to make it fit a particular job will make it so much more likely that you secure an interview.

We said earlier in this article that you should include your skills. Don’t be afraid to re-arrange your skills to match the order listed in a job description.

Also, don’t be afraid to adjust your resume headline. For one resume, you might use the headline “Experienced private banker with an extensive network,” while in another resume, you might use the headline “Experienced financial advisor.”


7. The ultimate goal of a resume is to secure an interview

We have tips on how to write a resume.

Writing a resume can also be incredibly difficult if you’re shy or don’t like to take credit for things. But we strongly recommend you put in a large amount of effort into your CV because, without a good CV, it will be hard to secure an interview.

And ultimately, the goal of a CV is to get you through to the interview stage. 

If you have a clear understanding of why a high-quality resume is so important and what it will achieve, this makes it easier to put in the effort needed to create a quality resume.

Wondering if there’s an easier way to get a high-quality resume? This brings us to the next point about whether hiring a professional resume writer is worth it. 


8. Do resume writing services work?

Yes, hiring resume writing services work.


A skilled CV writer will help you grasp your key achievements and know the best way to position your key strengths.

Most importantly, a good writer won’t feel any kind of shyness that you might feel about highlighting your achievements. Instead, they’ll have a clear head and be easily able to focus on your key achievements. 

Not sure who to hire? We personally strongly recommend Elissa Campbell. Elissa is a very experienced resume-writer and has experience in both PR and recruiting. This basically means Elissa will know how to sell you “the product.” Contact Elissa via Whatsapp on +852 9855 9845.




Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a type of software that uses algorithms to scan resumes applications and other job recruitment related documents. The software scans for relevant keywords, including job titles, skills, and educational background. These automated resume screen systems are widely used, so it’s good to know how to get approved by this automated system so that human eyes will see your resume.  In order to get approved by the ATS scan, you’ll not only need to include relevant keywords, but you will also need to have correct formatting and correct spelling.


Yes. They are worth it. They should have an excellent understanding of what is expected in terms of a high-quality resume. They will be able to obtain an impartial and unemotional understanding of your career and help to package it up in the best possible way.
The cost of paying a professional resume writer to help create a resume is an investment in your career.


A resume, or a CV as it is also known, should contain a summary of your professional work experience, skills, and also education. The purpose of a resume is to give a potential employer an understanding of the kind of employee you are and your experience. Generally, a resume will need to be accompanied by a cover letter.


The key to listing skills on a resume is to list your skills according to the role you are applying for. Scan the job description and make a note of the key skills they’re wanting. You should then order the skills accordingly. This means that you may need to alter the order of your skills for each job you apply for. This might sound like hard work, but it could really pay off.

How can I find a job In Hong Kong?

Firstly, get your resume in order. Next, you will need to network. Create a spreadsheet of all the people in your own personal network that you can meet up for a coffee. The goal of everyone of these meetings is to get the “next lead”. You should also meet recruiters that specialize in your particular field. If you want to know more read our blog dedicated to tips on finding a job in Hong Kong.


Investing time into creating a high-quality resume will help you land a job in Hong Kong. 

Not only will a good resume help you to secure an interview, but a well-organized resume should also help you feel ready to answer questions in the interview.

For example, questions such as your key strengths and past jobs’ key achievements will be much easier if you have put the time and effort into creating a well-written resume. 

Another benefit of having a resume that you feel proud of is that it should boost your morale when you walk into interviews.  

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