Happily settled in your home in Hong Kong but looking for help with home repairs and maintenance? 

We all know the importance of looking after our homes. However, when there are unexpected issues with your apartment in Hong Kong, it can very quickly cause a lot of stress and headache. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you a one-stop solution that will enable you to get quality repair services in Hong Kong by using a single phone number!

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Finding reliable handymen in Hong Kong can be difficult

When you have sudden plumbing issues or if a room needs repainting, don’t you wish you could call a single number and get high-quality help? This is what we all wish for. 

But somehow in Hong Kong, this kind of quality, reliable handyman repair service can be difficult to find.

In the past, I have trawled through the internet looking for handymen to contact. But even after I’ve finally found a suitable handyman, actually securing an appointment in itself can be difficult – frustrating, to say the very least.  That’s why we are so happy to share with you the services of a company that provides one-stop home repairs and maintenance service in Hong Kong!!

Infiniti Property home repairs & property maintenance service

Fortunately, we are happy to share with you a home repair service run by Judy Chai of Infiniti Properties. Judy is a well-known independent real estate agent in Hong Kong and has been involved in Hong Kong real estate for more than two decades.

Judy started offering repair services when she realized just how difficult it was for many of her clients to get basic help with repairs and maintenance once they had moved into their new homes.

Infiniti Properties is your one-stop-shop for all of those broken fixtures and random repair jobs. Using Infiniti will save you time, money, energy – even sanity! Just give them a call when something needs fixing in the house or office because they have professional repairmen who can get to your home quickly.

The key features of the repairs service are:

  • Quick response to your request for help
  • Gets you the necessary repair and maintenance assistance to your home as soon as possible  

Here’s a list of home repair services that you can get from Infiniti 

If you need home repairs, having just one number to cover all types of issues, can be a tremendous help!

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drainage cleaning 
  • Bathroom renovation & repair service
  • Lightbulb changing
  • Water leakage

and more!

They can help with small jobs like fixing taps and also, complete home renovations so no job is too big or small for their experienced team.

All you have to do is contact them and they will send a professional team of technicians that can solve your problems.

They will come with the necessary tools, parts, and equipment so there’s no need to worry about anything! Plus, their rates are also affordable.

So if you’re looking for an easy way out from taking care of home repairs and maintenance, then this is for you.

For more information about their services, visit Infiniti Properties or contact Judy at 9687 8831.

Other services provided by Infiniti Properties

In addition, there are further services that Infiniti Properties offers including:

  • Property management 
  • Tenancy management for investors
  • Relocation assistance 
  • Renovation services
  • Feng Shui consultancy 
  • Interior decoration services

Property Management

This service is focused on managing properties to ensure upkeep. These professionals will help maintain the property’s safety standards and schedule repairs when necessary.

Tenancy management for investors 

If you are an investor looking to rent out properties, it is important that you consider getting tenancy management services. This will help ensure that you can maintain a regular income stream to pay off your mortgage. 

Tenancy managers can also provide advice about how to screen tenants and choose the right ones for your rental. You want to be sure to have tenants who pay on time and don’t cause damage to your property.

Finally, they can negotiate new leases with existing renters or help you find new tenants as necessary.

Relocation assistance 

Relocating to Hong Kong can be a very stressful process. There is so much you’ll need to do; from finding the best property in terms of location, size, and price range; scheduling movers (both for your stuff and pets), and settling into a new neighborhood, which can be especially difficult if it is your first time moving to Hong Kong.

That is why relocation assistance services are so important – they ensure that your move goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible. 

Depending on your exact needs, you can even get help setting up utilities at your new home or finding reliable contractors who can carry out renovations and other repairs on your new property.

Renovation services 

Renovations can greatly improve the value of your home and have an immediate effect on its curb appeal. Renovations are often well-received by prospective buyers who want to understand the maximum appeal of a property when looking for a new place.

Feng Shui consultancy 

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that seeks to enhance the flow of energy within a space. When this process is applied to real estate, it can help attract positive energies and good luck into your home or office.

Typically, feng shui consultants will look at several factors like colors used for decorating, the position of furniture in rooms (to ensure proper flow of energy), the orientation of your property (to ensure that it is properly aligned with natural elements), and more.

Interior decoration services  

In addition to renovations, homeowners might also consider getting interior decoration services. This can be a great investment because for a relatively small cost you can really make your home look its best. Hiring an interior design service can also be a great idea if you own your home and you just want to maximize your daily joy of living in your own home. 

FAQ about home repairs in Hong Kong

How can I organize home repairs quickly in Hong Kong?

Whether you own your home or are leasing, there will be constant issues that need your attention. We believe in a convenient, one-call solution where a single call will ensure that house repair contractors are headed to your house. That’s why we recommend Infiniti Properties.



Infiniti Properties is a one-stop-shop for all your home repairs needs. Whether you need to fix a leaky faucet, replace broken tiles on the floor, or paint the walls in your living room, they have a team of experts ready to take care of it for you. 

Their service includes everything from small fixes that won’t require any heavy lifting up to big projects like installing new windows or renovating an entire bathroom suite with worktops and cupboards. Contact Infiniti today if you’re looking for affordable handyman services in Hong Kong.

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