In this post, we will share with you our favorite specialty stores in Hong Kong. Each store has a unique personality and product selection that make them worth checking out! The list includes where to buy Italian groceries, where to buy cheese and the best places for buying wine. These are just some of our favorites – let us know yours in the comments!

Best stores for French groceries in Hong Kong

There are many stores in Hong Kong selling French groceries.

What you need to know:

  • Hong Kong is host to the biggest French community in Asia. Thankfully, they bought the food with them, too!
  • Check out our article on the best HK grocery stores selling French food to learn more.

Which stores we like:

Some of our favorite stores selling French food are:

  • Monsieur CHATTE: Sheung Wan shop and dine-in deli
  • Cheese Club: offering monthly orders of cheese delivered directly from Europe at low prices
  • My Market: supplying sustainable brands and a great loyalty scheme
  • Terroirs: selling European gourmet foods and frozen chocolate fondant to die for
  • Mordicus: giving free delivery on orders of its perishables over $400

Best stores for buying Italian groceries online in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are many different stores selling tasty Italian food. We tell you where to find the best Hong Kong grocery stores.

What you need to know:

  • Whether you’re in the mood for a huge comforting bowl of pasta or some gourmet truffled dishes, you can get all the Italian groceries you need in Hong Kong.
  • Read our complete guide on buying Italian groceries and all the tools you need to get your kitchen feeling just like summer in Tuscany.  

Which stores we like:

  • Il Bel Paese: deli with a huge array of products from oil, pasta to cheese. Plus they have pre-made meals.
  • Mercato Gourmet by Giando: selling fresh products including pasta, ham, and cheese. They also sell their own sauces and pizza dough. 
  • Buonissimo: decadent imported options so you can find the store that’s going to meet your needs.
  • Castello del Vino: selling Italian wine sourced from boutique vineyards
  • The Italian Club: sells popular sausage mince and more

Cheapest grocery delivery Hong Kong store for cheese  

Thanks to Hong Kong's huge French community, it is easy to get your hands on super tasty French cheese in Hong Kong. We've done the research and found the best prices.

What you need to know:

  • We’ve got a great recommendation for you for price and quality when it comes to cheese in Hong Kong – The Cheese Club.
  • You get to place a pre-order of the cheese you want, spend days drooling over what cheesy goodness is coming your way before receiving your cheese directly from Europe straight to your door.

Why we like the Cheese Club:

  • The Cheese Club- every month they organize a bulk buy of a vast array of cheese and have it specially imported.
  • Check here to find out the intricacies of how they work, plus our price comparison table to check your savings.

Cheapest grocery stores for buying nuts in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are so many different types of nuts available from organic, to buying nuts without any packaging to buying nuts in bulk. We tell you all about where to buy nuts in this article.

What you need to know:

  • Packets of nuts are tiny and weirdly expensive, even by Hong Kong standards. 
  • Lucky for you, we’ve gone hunting for the best nuts in Hong Kong

Which stores we like:

In our article about where to buy good value nuts in Hong Kong, we tell you about:

  • Regency Spices and their plastic-free shopping experience
  • The Store’s online cornucopia of nuts and seeds that are top-quality
  • Prize Mart, with its 20 locations to pick up bulk, discounted nuts
  • 759’s 50 stores across the city offering bulk nut buying offerings
  • Live Zero and its packaging-free store and online delivery options

Best Hong Kong grocery stores for buying herbs

What you need to know:

  • Hong Kong is all about spice and flavor. While prices at regular supermarkets might shock you, we’ve been hunting through the streets to help find all the best options for buying herbs in Hong Kong

Which stores we like:

  • Jou Sun: selling a fresh collection of local organic and imported herbs. All are available online.
  • Joys of Growing: head over to the Brighten Mall in Mongkok and go buy some super cheap potted plants as well as fertilizer.
  • Wan Chai wet market: snoop around or ask around; you’ll be able to find inexpensive cut herbs as well as herb plants
  • Regency Spices: selling fragrant, high-quality dry herbs and spices.
  • Feather and Bone: for the best herb paste

Online grocery stores in Hong Kong for buying wine 

What you need to know:

  • Wine has to come a long way to get to us here in Hong Kong, but we still get some of the good stuff, with international supplies aplenty. 

Which stores we like:

We have a complete guide to buying wine in Hong Kong. But, here are some of our favorite wine stores: 

  • Wine Please large selection of wine with one of the easiest websites to navigate.
  • My Wine Man large selection of wine at low prices from Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and Italy. 
  • etc Wine Shop boutique wines and sprits; you can order online or check out one of their retail outlets.
  • Wine Brothers HK specializes in importing Aussie wine, so if you like your plonk with an antipodean note, head to their website where there’s beer and cider, too. 
  • Cuvées guarantees delivery within 48 hours – they are well known for having really good customer service.

Best Hong Kong grocery delivery stores

We have written an article about the best online grocery stores in Hong Kong.

What you need to know:

Which stores we like:

  • Homegrown Foods sticks to selling locally produced stuff from up towards the north of the islands, cutting your carbon footprint, which we’re all about!
  • Pacific Rich Resources also work with the principles of sustainability, meaning you can buy their great seafood and other products with a clear conscience. 
  • The Store HK is the place to go for your specialty groceries like gluten-free and organic things, as well as healthy items like protein bars and vegan protein powder
  • Mordicus focuses on French products and has a superb range of household goods and beauty bits and bobs to choose from. 
  • Tipico Italian Grocer sells all the cold cuts, cheese, and pasta you’d expect and they also have “Daily Sets” which is a box with all the ingredients you need to cook a meal. 

Best cheap grocery stores near me

There are a lot of cheap great grocery stores in Hong Kong. Check out our article which contains a full review.

What you need to know:

Which stores we like:

  • USelect sells products from the UK supermarket Tesco, which means great quality and very good prices. 
  • The Store Hong Kong is super-careful about what they stock – it’s all healthy stuff – and cater for special diets like vegan and gluten-free. 
  • Prizemart is the place to go to buy usually pricey items in bulk and stock up, along with half of the neighborhood if the queues are anything to go by.
  • 759 Store is ubiquitous across Hong Kong; groceries and products from Japan are the order of the day across the more-than-50 stores. 
  • Japan Home (JHC) invites browsing for deals, it’s great to go and have a nosey and stock up on whatever is well-priced that day. 
  • Don Don Donki sounds super fun to say and is packed with low-priced Japanese groceries that you explore in a single-direction flow around the shop. 
  • Twins Co stocks all things baking so you can start out on a new hobby or take your cake-making to a whole new level. 
  • Marketplace by Jasons’ features in the article again because their prices are great and the stores aren’t overwhelming – we still love the app, too. 
  • A&M is the place for anyone with a taste for all things American, be that groceries or even the homewares they have, all in bulk, so great pricing. 

Best stores for buying kitchenware in Hong Kong

We cover where to buy kitchenware in Hong Kong.

What you need to know:

Which stores we like:

  • King Tak Hong is where you go for your ceramics like plates, bowls, and serving dishes, as well as bamboo and rattan items. 
  • Saladmaster offers a lifetime guarantee on its products and also offers cooking classes to learn how to use its wares in a healthy way. 
  • Meyer stock international branded kitchen goods at great prices – our hack? Go to the outlet in Kwun Tong. 
  • Sogo always has a sale on or seems to – pick up brands like La Creuset and Staub at huge discounts at the right time of year. 
  • Slowood lets you bring your environmentalism into the kitchen with sustainably sourced bowls, tools, and utensils that are also super stylish.
  • Shanghai Street is a Mecca for all things good value for cooking, with the cheapest prices in the city and great local items like chopsticks and dim sum steamers.

FAQs about groceries in Hong Kong

Which is the best international supermarket in Hong Kong?

The best international supermarkets in Hong Kong are City’Super in IFC or Oliver’s in the Prince’s Building. Neither sells cheap groceries, but if you want to buy a particular grocery item that is hard to find in other stores, these two stores are your best bet.

Which is the best organic food store?

The best organic food store in Hong Kong is The Store Hong Kong. The Store Hong Kong sells almost 800 different types of organic products! They sell their products online, which helps to keep their costs and prices low!

Which is the best Japanese grocery store?

While several stores in Japan have a good range of Japanese groceries, such as 759, the newest chain and arguably the best Japanese store in Hong Kong is Don Don Donki.  

Don Don Donki stores are jam-packed with Japanese groceries from fresh produce such as sashimi, fruit, vegetables, and freshly-cooked cakes to canned items and confectionary.

Which is the best online health food store in Hong Kong?

The best online health food store in Hong Kong is The Store Hong Kong. They sell the world’s best health food brands at the lowest prices you will find in Hong Kong. They don’t actually have a bricks-and-mortar store, which helps them to keep costs down.

Which is the best Korean grocery store?

If you want to get your hands on Korean groceries in Hong Kong, the best place to go is Kimberly Street in TST. You can find both Korea Mart at 2 Kimberley Street and New World Mart at 5 Kimberley Street on this street.

Where can I buy groceries in Hong Kong?

– Marks & Spencer: for British groceries
– Don Don Donki: for Japanese groceries
– U Select: for low-priced British groceries
– The Store HK: for a huge selection of quality health food products
– Cheese Club: for the lowest price cheese in Hong Kong



If you’re a food lover, you’re in luck; there are plenty of high-quality, inexpensive grocery stores in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, it’s easy to buy French groceries, Italian groceries, European cheese, health food, and wine from all over the world. And if you know where to go, you should be able to cut down on your grocery costs without compromising on quality or taste.

We hope this list of Hong Kong grocery stores can be your guide around the city so you can get the freshest, most delicious, authentic food and ingredients at the best prices.

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