In our HKTVmall guide, we will explain why this online platform is worth exploring.

Grocery shopping can get expensive in Hong Kong—especially when you don’t know where to shop from. For those looking for a budget-friendly one-stop shop for your daily necessities, HKTVmall might be exactly what you need. 

Launched in February 2015 by Hong Kong-based technology company Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV), the company is best known for its e-commerce platform, HKTVmall.

While it previously had plans to become a television station, HKTV faced several setbacks when applying for its television license. From March 2018, the company pivoted to entirely focus on its shopping and entertainment business, HKTVmall.

HKTVmall currently partners with over 2,000 merchants and is Hong Kong’s largest online marketplace. The business operates through its website as well as smaller retail stores. Offering a wide range of lifestyle items from groceries, beauty products, electrical appliances, houseware, toys, fashion, and more—it’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs. 

Now let’s dive right in and find out how shopping on HKTVmall works.

How does HKTVmall work?

To begin shopping at HKTVmall, the easiest way is to download the HKTVmall app. Customers can shop through separate categories, search through their database of nearly 600,000 products, or shop through individual brands. 

While the brand mainly operates through its digital site, you might’ve seen HKTVmall’s growing number of online to offline (O2O) shops in person in neighborhood malls and MTR stations.

Offering a small range of products and produce for immediate purchase, customers need to have an existing HKTVmall account in order to purchase items from these stores.

These shops also act as a convenient pick-up point for customers to easily pick up their online purchases while saving on residential delivery fees.

Shipping with HKTVmall guide

In our HKTVmall guide we talk about how to shop, about deliveries and also how to do returns.

Different items have different delivery options. Immediate shipment means that the product is stored at the company’s logistic center and can be delivered as soon as possible—if the order is placed by 3 pm, the items can be arranged for delivery by the following day.

Other delivery options such as two-day group shipment will be picked up from the merchant upon order confirmation or merchant delivery. The merchant will contact the customer directly to organize a delivery time. For the full list of delivery information, click here

Self-pick-up options at HKTVmall’s online to offline (O2O) shops, pick-up points, and smart lockers are available for selected items – these options will be displayed on the checkout page. 

Having so many options allow for more flexibility, especially for people who have irregular work hours and wouldn’t be able to pick up the package during regular delivery hours.

However, smart lockers have size and product limitations, such as fresh produce, luxury products, and products requiring a storage temperature of less than 25 degrees. For HKTVmall’s network of self-pick spots, click here

HKTVmall delivery fees

General members of HKTVmall, meaning anyone who first registers for an account on the site, can qualify for free delivery to residential or commercial addresses when the total bill is over HK$500. A flat rate of HK$80 will be charged as a delivery fee for orders under that amount.

For self-pick-up options, delivery costs HK$80 for orders under HK$200 and free when it’s over HK$200. 

VIP and Gold VIP members can enjoy lower delivery thresholds of HK$350 for residential and commercial addresses. However, to qualify, customers will have to spend HK$3,000 for VIP membership and HK$20,000 for Gold VIP membership.     

Price check function is available on the HKTVmall app

Shopping in a store and want to see if it’ll be cheaper on HKTVmall instead? Their app comes with a price comparison feature that can be accessed through the search icon. The barcode/ QR code scanning function should appear, where you’ll be able to scan the product’s barcode to see HKTVmall’s price online.

Benefits of shopping via HKTVmall 

In our HKTVmall guide we explain why gold members are able to enjoy better shipping terms.

With HKTVMall, you get:

  1. A vast range of products
  2. Some of the best prices in Hong Kong
  3. Everything delivered directly to your door
  4. Easy returns
  5. Price check function available on the HKTVmall app

Types of products you can buy on HKTVmall 

Interested in shopping on HKTVmall? Here are five kinds of everyday products you can purchase on the site at low price tags.

1. Makeup on HKTVmall


Want to look stunning without the huge price tags that come along with the big brands? Check out HKTVmall’s massive range of makeup brands being sold at huge discounts compared to in-store.

For fans of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Fenty Beauty, NARS, SKII, and Tom Ford, you’re in luck. Stocking a massive range of makeup brands sold at discount prices, you’ll be able to restock on your favorite empties without breaking the bank at HKTVmall. 


Here are a few price comparisons on beauty products available on the site:


  HKTVMall Regular shop
Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau De Parfum 100ml $898  $1,380
 Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation $412 $706
Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Amoureux $224 $340


2. Deals, Discounts on HKTVmall 

Check out the deals section to grab some real bargains. This section has everything from daily/ weekly discounts and vouchers for a wide range of products.

You’ll find deals on the following types of products and services:

  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Dining

You might not see exactly what you want each time you head to this page, but it’s worth checking back. The page gets regular updates and one day the perfect discount for you might be sat there waiting for you.  

3. Champagne on HKTVmall 

Our HKTVmall guide explains why champagne is so cheap.

Say it with bubbles. 

Who doesn’t love a bottle of bubbly to toast a special occasion or even just to get a night started in style? It doesn’t have to be a high-end option reserved for a special event—you deserve a little treat yourself once in a while. 

HKTVmall stocks Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve NV 750ml for HK$398, compared to HK$598 in regular stores. Add in the benefit of home delivery without the fuss of going to the shop yourself; it’s an absolute bargain. 

4. Frozen fish on HKTVmall 

Salmon is one of the pricier fish around the world. There’s usually not enough supply to fit consumers’ insatiable demand, causing inflated salmon prices in supermarkets. 

HKTVmall’s supermarket section offers plenty of affordable fish options. From frozen, smoked, sliced, and fillets – all the salmon you’ll ever need at unbeatable prices. Check out the massive value you’ll find at HKTVmall; even with slightly different branding, you can see where the savvy Hong Kong shopper would go:

  HKTVMall Supermarket
Norsk Sjømat AS – Norwegian Salmon Portion, 480g as low as $87  $110
Boatat – Norway Smoked Salmon, around 500g $102.80 $185

5. Online supermarket

In our guide on HKTVmall we explore which items are cheaper when bought via HKTVmall.

Don’t fancy going to the shops for your grocery essentials this week? You don’t ever have to go to the supermarket again with HKTVmall’s online supermarket, selling everything you need at reduced prices. 

You can put in what you’re looking for in the search bar at the top, browse categories in the same way you’d cruise down the aisles in the shop, or do some virtual bargain hunting on the supermarket home page with their big price drops and multibuys on show. 

Selection of items available:

  • Fresh fruit and veggies
  • Canned goods
  • Cooking oil
  • Toiletries like toothpaste
  • Cleaning supplies

Not only are you going to save yourself a bunch of time, but you’re also going to see a big difference in your average weekly shopping bill.

At Savvy in HK, we did a test for you and loaded up our regular shop, including pasta, cooking oil, fruit juice, yogurt, some veggies, bathroom cleaner, and toothpaste and mouthwash. What would normally come to around $1,200 totaled just $920 on HKTVmall.

Watch those types of savings tot up every week, along with the cash you’ll save on your makeup, champagne, salmon, and beauty and hotel deals; you’ll be living your best life with dollars to spare.

FAQs about HKTVmall guide

How much does HKTVmall charge retailers to put products on its platform?

Retailers pay HKTVmall a flat annual fee, of between HK$15,000 and HK$50,000. The annual fee depends on the number of products they sell. Retailers are also charged a percentage of their sales turnover.

How does HKTVmall make deliveries?

HKTVmall has its own fleet of more than 350 trucks, including trucks that are equipped with cold storage facilities that help to keep frozen food from melting in the heat.

Why are prices generally low on HKTVmall?

The sellers of products on HKTVmall don’t have to pay rent for retail shops so this lowers their cost basis.

What products does HKTVmall sell?

A huge range of products from every day groceries to makeup, Italian sofas, and refrigerators.


We hope you found this HKTVmall guide useful. Have we missed your favorite tips about HKTVmall? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks.

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