Grocery Delivery Hong Kong: 7 Best Sites

by SavvyinHK
December 09, 2020

Looking for the best home grocery delivery Hong Kong stores? We have you covered. 

Sick of lugging your groceries back home? Wanting to social distance? Or, perhaps you just don’t have time to hit the pavement. Whichever the case, we have you covered in our online grocery shopping guide for Hong Kong

We’re sure you want to get online shopping so, in this article, we will cover: 

  • The best online supermarket in Hong Kong
  • Where to buy organic fruit & vegetables
  • The best online seafood platform 
  • The health food store offering the best pricing for high-quality products
  • Where to order Italian & French groceries online
  • Household items & health supplements


1. What is the best online supermarket?

Marketplace by Jasons’

Many supermarkets offer online shopping, including ParknShop, WellcomeMarketplace by Jasons, city’super, and Great Food Hall.

However, our favorite Hong Kong supermarket to order online grocery shopping is Marketplace by Jasons. There is a simple reason for this: Marketplace by Jasons’ service is excellent!

If there are any issues with your order (for example, if a product is suddenly out of stock), they will call you immediately to offer you a solution.

All of these supermarkets offer free delivery as long as you meet their minimum spending threshold. This threshold is generally between $500-$800.


2. What is the best online grocery platforms selling organic fruit & veg?

Homegrown Foods

Launched in 2010, Homegrown Foods predominately sells local agricultural products from the northern New Territories of Hong Kong. Also, their product range extends to baby and personal care and beverages. 

So not only can you purchase organic honey, curly kale, and okra from Homegrown Foods, but you can also buy cool mint tea and baby shampoo.

In terms of the organic fruit and veg, you can choose items on an individual basis or subscribe to a box plan. Homegrown Foods supplies food to Posto Publico, which we review here. So if it’s good enough for Posto Pubblico, we know you won’t be disappointed.

If you select the box plan, you will get a regular delivery of fruit and vegetables for the next three, 12, or 24 months. Free delivery is available on orders of $458 or more; otherwise, there is a $100 delivery fee.

Homegrown Foods, 2671 2771,


3. Where can I buy responsibly sourced seafood online in Hong Kong?

Pacific Rich


Selling fresh and frozen seafood, Pacific Rich’s fundamental principle is to provide a selection of 100% responsibly sourced seafood.

The company takes the concept of sustainability and responsible sourcing very seriously. Moreover, they have partnerships with many large Hong Kong companies (including Shangri-La, Cathay Pacific), with whom they work to promote the concept of sustainability.

Pacific Rich offers many different fish, including Pacific halibut, tuna, Atlantic cod, barramundi, and pomfret. Besides, they also sell packed smoked seafood.

Currently, they offer free delivery for all orders. You can get your items delivered the next day if you order before 10:30 am.

Pacific Rich, 2316 7290,


4. Which is the best online health food store in Hong Kong?

The Store HK

best vegan protein in Hong Kong - Nuzest Clean Lean Protein tastes great and does the job

If you’re looking to find the highest quality health food products sourced worldwide, at the best pricing on offer in Hong Kong, look no further than The Store HK.

The Store was founded on the belief that Hong Kong needed a lower-priced health food store. If you shop here, you can expect to find some of the best health food brands from the US, Europe, and Australia.

Wanting to buy protein powder, gluten-free or keto-diet friendly products? The Store HK will have you covered.

If you spend at least $450 and order before 2:30 pm on a weekday, expect same-day delivery.






5. Which is the best online store for ordering French groceries?


Mordicus is one of the best online grocery delivery stores in Hong Kong.

Mordicus is an online grocery store well known for its high-quality delivery service. They sell quite a lot of European products, and in particular, they sell a large variety of French products. They don’t sell fresh goods and instead only sell non-perishable items, but their product range of dry goods is vast.

They have a good selection of quality, sustainable products, so if you’re looking for items such as Pre de Provence Marseille Soap, which is basically a “wonder” soap that can clean both yourself and almost your entire house, you can find it here.

Looking for household items, aperitifs, confectionery, beauty products, or pet care? Check out Mordicus.

You won’t have to pay a delivery fee for most Hong Kong areas if you place a minimum order of $400. Generally, orders will be delivered within 48 hours.


6. Which is the best online store for ordering Italian groceries?

Tipico Italian Grocer

If you're looking for the best Italian groceries in Hong Kong, you're in luck. Tipico Italian Grocer sells high-quality Italian ingredients at good prices.
Do you dream of eating delicious Italian home-cooked food that is made of only the best ingredients? Well, you don’t have to dream anymore. Tipico Italian Grocer can turn that dream into a reality. Italian cuisine is famous for its burrata cheese, olive oil, pasta, and tomato.

Tipico sells all of these items. Perhaps the most exciting products they sell are the “Daily sets.” These daily sets consist of the exact high-quality ingredients required to create a specific Italian mood (don’t worry, they’ll give you the recipe). You can either select a set that feeds 2-3 people or the larger pack which feeds 4-6 people.


7. Where can I buy household items & health supplements?


Wanting grocery delivery Hong Kong? We tell you all about our favorite online grocery delivery stores.

Don’t let the name fool you; iherb sells a wide range of products. Products they sell include not only groceries but also health supplements and electronics. You can expect to pay less for items purchased via iHerb than when you buy the same items from physical stores in Hong Kong.  

Some of our favorite iHerb products include spices (turmeric, cinnamon, pre-brew coffee spice), maple syrup, and almond flour. Besides, iHerb offers a vast range of vitamins, protein powder, and baby food.

iHerb tends to sell well-known, North American, high-quality brands. Consequently, they also offer many organic products. Are you looking for organic acai powder, organic lip balm, or organic spicy guacamole mix? Well, they have it! 

Importantly, they have been shipping many products out of their large distribution center in South Korea in recent years. Consequently, you can expect your products to arrive fairly quickly (often within 2-3 days).

Orders over $158 get free shipping!



What is the best grocery delivery service in Hong Kong?

As you can see above, we have reviewed what we believe to be the top 5 online grocery delivery services in Hong Kong.


Where can I buy groceries from in Hong Kong?

Reviewed above are the 7 best online grocery services in Hong Kong.

Alternatively, we have an in-depth guide to the best grocery stores in Hong Kong (in our humble opinion).

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We are focused on trying to find the best value for money in Hong Kong. We’ve done a lot of research and comparisons, and we hope you find this list of the best home grocery delivery Hong Kong stores to be useful.

Check out the Hong Kong Grocery Guide: Best quality & prices; in this article, we share where to get your hands on the best quality products for the best price. Items we cover include wine, cheese, herbs, and French groceries.

Have we missed your hidden gem for the best online grocery delivery Hong Kong shopping in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what we are missing.


This article contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a small commission for select purchases. 

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