How to Get Rid of Furniture in Hong Kong – The 5 Best Ways

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Wondering how to get rid of furniture because you’re leaving Hong Kong, downsizing, or simply de-cluttering? We’ve got your back.

In Hong Kong, if you have unwanted furniture to get rid of, the best options are: to sell, give to a charity, and of course, pass on your pre-loved items to a friend.

However, if your friends have been living in Hong Kong for a while, chances are you’ll be forced to choose between the first two options. 

Getting rid of old furniture does not mean you have to treat it like garbage. It might be useless for you, but it could be useful and much needed for someone else.

So instead of dumping any unwanted items at your nearest landfill or paying money for someone else to take them to a landfill, why not give your unwanted items a second life?

We’re sure you’re keen to know how to get rid of furniture, so we’re going to tell you.

  • Why you shouldn’t just throw away furniture in Hong Kong
  • How to determine where you should sell your used furniture or give it away to charity
  • What type of second-hand items charities generally accept
  • The steps involved with donating used furniture to a charity
  • The best ways to sell second-hand furniture


Used furniture disposal – Don’t just throw away furniture and other unwanted goods in Hong Kong.

There are so many ways to get rid of furniture in Hong Kong, but the best ways are to sell or give away to a charity.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

In Hong Kong, sometimes it may feel like disposing of unwanted furniture and other items is harder than it should be. Space is limited, and it’s unlikely you’ll have friends who need an extra sofa.

But just because you’re friends don’t need additional furniture doesn’t mean you should stop there. There are plenty of ways to dispose of unwanted items in Hong Kong.

There shouldn’t be any need to throw away perfectly good items, especially when this will only add to landfills. Finding your unwanted items a new home is not only good for the environment and a good sustainable option, but it will likely put a smile on your face.

Items are precious, especially in a city like Hong Kong, where high-quality, gently used items are abundant. Let’s not abandon items; instead, let’s give them a second life.


How to decide whether to sell or give away your furniture for free to a charity?

In this article, we will go outline our favorite 6 ways of getting rid of furniture in Hong Kong. Two of these methods involve selling you second-hand furniture and the other four methods involve donating your used furniture to chart.

First, you will need to determine whether you want to sell or give away your furniture. 


Our experience with donating used furniture to charities

In our experience, charities are generally looking for smaller-sized items in good working condition. In the past, we found it impossible to find a charity willing to accept a large-sized dining table.

At that time, even though we had a preference for giving the table to a charity, we couldn’t find a charity willing to take it, so we ended up selling the item on Asiaxpat.

The key lesson here is that charities will not necessarily want your particular piece of second-hand furniture, especially if is an over-sized piece of furniture. You will need to check with a charity beforehand 


Our experience with selling second-hand furniture in Hong Kong

When it comes to selling second-hand furniture in Hong Kong, you will likely find a larger audience by posting classifieds on expat sites. For example, if you have large bookshelves, cabinets, or sofas, the chances are that trying to sell items on websites like Asiaxpat or GeoExpat will enable you to get rid of your items more easily than the charity-route.


What should I do if charities don’t want my piece of furniture, no one wants to buy it and I am in a hurry? 

The next question is, what if charities don’t want your item, you haven’t been able to sell, and you’re in a hurry? If so, the fastest method of getting rid of these types of items is to offer the items at a low price or for free on Asiaxpat.

You will simply be amazed at how quickly your items will be picked up and taken away once they are offered for free. Whilst this method won’t generate any money, at least it will prevent perfectly good items from going into landfills, and you won’t have to pay someone to come to your home actually to throw your item away.

Now, let’s dive into how to get rid of furniture in environment-friendly ways.


5 Best ways to get rid of furniture in HK

1. Asiaxpat: Great way of selling second-hand furniture 

Asiaxpat is a very popular website full of a huge variety of classifieds. If you are trying to sell items that are reasonably priced, you can expect to receive enquirers within minutes.

Why we chose it:

  • On Asiaxpat, items such as wardrobes, dining tables, and sofas are in high demand. Even though it’s unlikely you can recoup the original amount of money you spent on the item, you’ll be able to get a modest amount of money from your furniture.

How to sell furniture on Asiaxpat:

  • Generally, all that is required to place an ad on Asiaxpat is to upload photos of your item, state your asking price, your contact method, and some basic details about the item.
  • Don’t forget to include the furniture’s measurements and notes on the item’s condition and age to stand out from other sellers.
  • Make sure you upload photos taken from a few different angles – it’ll save you from an influx of questions later on.


  • Great website for selling second-hand furniture quickly.


2. 2nd Chance: A store that buys second-hand furniture Hong Kong

Second Chance is a wonderful company in Hong Kong that both buys and sells high quality furniture.

Photo courtesy of 2nd Chance Facebook.

Why we chose it:

  • Keen to give your second-hand furniture in Hong Kong a new home? 2nd Chance is a second-hand furniture store that purchases quality home furnishings and accessories in Hong Kong.
  • 2nd Chance is particularly well known for selling high-quality second-hand items from stores such as Tequila Kola, Indigo, and Tree, so if you want to dispose of second-hand furniture from these types of stores, 2nd Chance is a great option.

How to sell furniture on 2nd Chance:

  • Reach out to 2nd Chance via Facebook or call them (+852 2496 1222) with information regarding the item you’d like to sell. Once the information is received, they will let you know if they’ll take your item.
  • If you’re one of the lucky ones, expect a cash offer within two working days.
  • If they accept more than $2,000 worth of your items, they’ll even arrange pick-up and collect your items free of charge.


  •  2nd Chance is a great way to sell quality second-hand furniture. On the other hand, if you are looking to offload Ikea furniture, your best option is to give 2nd Chance a miss and instead try Asiaxpat or a charity.


3. Crossroads Foundation: Great option for furniture donation Hong Kong

Crossroads Foundation is a fabulous organization in Hong Kong. They are dedicated to not only helping those in need in Hong Kong, but they also the needy in many countries across the world.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Why we chose it:

  • Crossroads Foundation distributes high-quality goods to the needy in Hong Kong and over 90 other countries worldwide.
  • The organization collects a huge array of goods, including furniture and other home products, that can benefit from being recycled.
  • Home products include stationery, electronic items, kitchenware, and other essential products, such as clothing and educational items. 

How to get rid of furniture with Crossroads Foundation 

  • First, you need to contact Crossroads Foundation to see if they require the particular items you want to give away.
  • You will need to register your unwanted item on; it’s pretty simple, click here to start the process.
  • You will need to enter the description of the item, the size, the quantity as well as some photos; this will only take a few minutes
  • Their experts will review your items and let you know quickly if they have been accepted. 
  • Crossroads Foundation will not arrange pick-up; if your items have been accepted you will need to organize to have your items delivered to Tuen Mun 
  • You will need to book a time slot; due to high demand, you may have to wait longer than a week to secure a delivery time. 


  • Your discarded furniture might be worthless for you, but it might be worth something to someone. Make your unwanted furniture removal meaningful with Crossroads Foundation; this is a wonderful charity doing great work. 


4. Green Dot Home: Try this method to get rid of furniture HK

Green Dot Home makes it easy to get rid of furniture in Hong Kong. They will accept a huge variety of second-hand items.

Why we chose it:

  • Green Dot Home is all about sustainability and helping the needy with a focus on recycling and re-using furniture and homeware.
  • While some of the items donated will be given away to those in need, others will be sold, and the money will be donated to charitable organizations.
  • Donating items via Green Dot Home will give your abandoned furniture a new lease of life.
  • Their website provides a fairly comprehensive list of items they will and will not accept, but we’ll summarize the key points here.

What items will Green Dot Home accept?

  • Furniture that is in usable condition and without visible wear and tear
  • They will accept include: sofas, tv stands, coffee tables, bookshelves, office tables, and bed frames.

What items will Green Dot Home not accept?

  • Dismantled furniture
  • Items that are no longer functional
  • Any furniture that has been specifically designed/tailor-made for your apartment
  • Items that are damaged

How to donate second-hand furniture to Green Dot Home?

  • You can deliver your goods to their warehouse in Tsuen Wan, or Green Dot Home can arrange a time to collect the items for an extra charge.
  • Don’t leave the donation to the last minute, though— arrange the pick-up service about a week in advance to avoid schedule conflicts. 


  • Another great option for donation furniture in Hong Kong


5. Happyshop: Great method of furniture disposal Hong Kong

Happyshop in Hong Kong will help you to get rid of unwanted furniture. They tend to sell fairly basic furniture.

Photo courtesy of Happyshop Facebook.

Why we chose it:

  • Founded in 2012, Happyshop aims at promoting sustainability by upgrading and improving both the second-hand product’s quality along with its functionality.
  • Thus, their idea of helping you get rid of old furniture is to take old, unwanted pieces and make them look completely new and perfectly-finished.

What items will Happyshop accept?

  • Happyshop accepts all kinds of used furniture, starting from beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas, office furniture to mattresses. You just have to make sure your furniture is in good condition to be useful for someone else.
  • While Happyshop strives to perform a free pick-up service of donated items where possible, they can no longer provide this service to everyone.
  • They welcome direct drop-offs to their warehouse in Tai Kok Tsui. As with most donations in Hong Kong, send them photos of the unwanted furniture, as well as your deadline, and they will try to accommodate.
  • For full details on how to make a furniture donation with Happyshop click here.


  • The company’s goal is to recycle and repurpose furniture. Yes, please!


Consider Hong Kong Salvation Army for getting rid of smaller household items

Why we chose it:

  • The Hong Kong Salvation Army makes sure that your unwanted second-hand items will reach the right people. Thus, giving a new life to both your used household items and to people in need.
  • People in need in Hong Kong can wait a long time to receive a donation of necessary items. It might be an unwanted household item for you, but a donation can improve the quality of life for someone else. 
  • The Salvation Army accepts both organizational and personal donations, which are then directly used to help needy people like the isolated elderly, ex-prisoners, street sleepers, or CSSA recipients.

What items will Hong Kong Salvation Army accept?

  • New or used items that are clean and in working condition; they don’t want damaged items
  • They will not accept furniture and will only accept smaller items such as clothing, toys, books, and small electrical appliances 

How to donate items to the Hong Kong Salvation Army 


  • The Hong Kong Salvation Army is a very reputable charity doing a lot of good work; now you can join them and help transform lives with your useful donations.


How to give away furniture for free in Hong Kong

What can you do if charities don’t want your furniture, you’re in a hurry, and no-one wants to buy your items on Asiaxpat?

Now it is time to place your items in the “Free” section of Asiaxpat. If you do this you can expect to get rid of your unwanted items very quickly.

Offering items for free via Asiaxpat or Geoexpat really is a fast, efficient way of disposing of your items. Benefits include not having to pay for someone to take away your second-hand furniture and other unneeded items; you won’t be adding to landfill, and best of all, you won’t have to waste money on storage fees.

We’ve had the experience of people arriving within hours to pick-up free second-hand furniture.


What type of second-hand items do charities generally accept? 

There are plenty of charities in Hong Kong that will accept unwanted furniture. If you are planning to get rid of furniture that you no longer need, consider a donation.

However, most charities tend to be quite strict about the items they will and will not take. Charities generally provide a list of items they prefer to take in on their website.

As a general rule, charities generally want:

  • Smaller-sized, practical furniture that is in good condition and has no visible signs of wear and tear

On the other hand, charities generally do not want items that are:

  • Damaged or worn-out
  • Any furniture that has been disassembled
  • Over-sized furniture
  • Any pieces of furniture that were custom made for your own apartment


Steps for donating used furniture in HK to a charity

  1. Send photos and details of your proposed donation to the charity.
  2. The charity will respond whether they’ll accept your donation. 
  3. You will likely either have to arrange delivery to the charity, or the charity will pick up but charge you a delivery fee.



How to get rid of large furniture in Hong Kong?

The truthful answer is that in Hong Kong, the demand for second-hand large furniture is low. This is because most people have small homes, charities generally don’t accept large furniture because it doesn’t align with their needs, and people who do have large homes often prefer to buy new. This makes selling second-hand large furniture in Hong Kong difficult.

If you’re selling a high-quality item, you could try 2nd Chance. But, otherwise, in our experience, you’ll need to offers these types of big items for relatively low prices on one of the second-hand platforms such as Asiaxpat, GeoExpat, or even Carousell.

You might even be surprised to know that in Hong Kong, you might be able to get better pricing on smaller, more inexpensive pieces of furniture.
But that’s the truth; the resale value of large second-hand furniture is relatively low.

Is the Hong Kong second-hand furniture market large?

Yes, it is. People are frequently leaving Hong Kong, and new people are always moving here. You might be surprised how quickly and easily you can either buy or sell second-hand furniture in HK. But keep in mind, there is a higher demand for smaller, practical pieces of furniture.

Are there any dumping services in Hong Kong?

Yes, you can pay for someone to come and take away your unwanted items. Another option, which is likely going to be cheaper, is to locate your nearest refuse collection and either transport your items directly there or pay a “man with a van” to take your unwanted items to the collection center on your behalf.
Refuse collection centers accept both second-hand furniture and second-hand electrical appliance free of charge.

I need a man with a van; who should I use?

The ultimate man with a van is Gogox (aka GOGO Van). Booking a Gogox is as easy as booking an Uber. Fees cost as little as $55, and you can get connected to a driver and van within seconds. You will be offered multiple van sizes, and unsurprisingly, the smaller the van you require, the lower the cost. If you need help carrying items from the driver, you can add (and pay extra) for this service.

I want to donate my Hong Kong 2nd hand furniture; what should I do?

If you want to give away items in Hong Kong, we recommend you give yourself at least 1 month, and preferably longer. Sometimes it can take time to get onto a charity’s pick-up schedule. However, the good news is that most charities will be able to tell you very quickly whether or not they are interested in your item. If you’re interested to learn more about making charity donations, check out Guide on Where to Donate Items in Hong Kong.

How I get free furniture Hong Kong?

If you want to pay money and instead want free furniture, you should go to both Asiaxpat and GeoExpat and set yourself up to get notified as soon as someone posts a “free furniture” classified ad on either of these websites. People often find themselves in a hurry to leave Hong Kong so, you’ll be surprised at the high-quality pieces of furniture that people are willing to give away.

How can I get rid of furniture for free?

If you are in a hurry wan want to get rid of furniture for free, simply place and add under the free sections of Asiaxpat or GeoExpat. When we have use this method in the past, we have almost always had someone come over within 12 hours to pick up the furniture for free. This is a great method because the new owner will organize pickup and it saves your old furniture from going into a landfill.

Where can I sell my used furniture in Hong Kong?

If you want to sell use furniture in Hong Kong we suggest:
1. Placing an ad in Asiaxpat and GeoExpat
2. Approaching 2nd Chance which is an excellent store selling high-quality second-hand furniture

Can Ikea pick up old furniture?

If you are purchasing a new item at Ikea, Ikea can pick up and arrange disposal of a similar type of furniture. For example, if you buy a sofa from Ikea, for a fee, they will pick up and take away your old sofa. Various conditions apply, to learn more check out this link on Ikea picking up old furniture.



There are many ways to dispose of unwanted items in Hong Kong. Selling, giving away for free, or donating to charity are all great options. You’ll just need to figure out what works best for you.

We hope you have found a good way to get rid of furniture in Hong Kong. Taking the time to make sure you’ve successfully rehomed your unwanted furniture is certainly a lot more rewarding than just throwing items away.

If you’re leaving Hong Kong, check out our Conclusive Guide to Leaving Hong Kong. This article covers several topics, including how to sell a second-hand car, the best moving companies in Hong Kong, a list of admin items you should consider before your move away from Hong Kong, and the ultimate bucket list of things to do while in Hong Kong.

Have we missed your hidden gem to help with ways to dispose of, donate, sell or get rid of furniture in Hong Kong? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what we’ve missed.

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