The 6 Best Free Gym Trials in Hong Kong

by SavvyinHK
January 23, 2021

Wanting to join a gym in Hong Kong but not sure which one?  Before deciding, try some discounted or free gym trials.

Choosing the best gym in Hong Kong can be overwhelming; especially where there are many choices.

There’s no need to make a sudden decision about which gym in Hong Kong you should join; instead, try a free gym trial

The best thing about using as many free gym trials in Hong Kong as possible is that it will give you a feel of what you prefer to do and where you like best.

Below I explain what 6 of the best Hong Kong gyms have to offer. I also dig into what their free gym trials include.


1. F45 Hong Kong

F45 gyms in Hong Kong offer a one week free gym trial membership to Hong Kong ID- holders. There are locations all across Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of F45 Sheung Wan Facebook.

F45 classes combine functional training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and circuit training

There are more than 30 different workouts featuring thousands of different exercises. In some classes, you’ll be focused on lifting weights, and others are pure cardio. 

The large variety of classes means you definitely won’t feel bored. Trying all the different classes can become quite addictive!

Key Facts 

  • Free gym trial – 1 week to all HK ID holders
  • Team training 
  • Workout length: 45 minutes – 1 hour 
  • Cardio – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Resistance training – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
  • Hybrid – Saturday
  • Multiple locations across Hong Kong


  • Supportive of beginners
  • Meet your trainer to walk through your session before it begins
  • Active demonstration throughout the classes
  • Rigorously tested workouts


  • Membership prices are different depending on location.
  • Some F45 memberships in Hong Kong only cover one location.


High-intensity group training with an equal focus on cardio & weights is perfect for you if you love variety! F45 is the total body conditioning formula that got Hugh Jackman into shape for his Wolverine role. Try it!

Read our in-depth review of F45 gym Hong Kong.


2. Hit45 Hong Kong

Hit45 focuses on high-intensity workouts. You will spend half the class doing treadmill sprints. You will sweat. Hit45 offers discounted classes for new members.

Photo courtesy of Hit45 Facebook.

An indoor boot camp, Hit45 focuses on 45-minute-high intensity workouts.

Workouts consist of spending roughly half of the time running on a treadmill. The other half of the time, you’ll be doing various exercises that could include free weight dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, or bodyweight exercises. The goal of these exercises is to increase muscular endurance and strength. 

Key Facts 

  • You get discounted pricing on your first few classes if you’re new.
  • Team training 
  • Workout length: 45 minutes – 1 hour high-intensity workouts


  • Fat burning interval training 
  • Cardio, strength training, and stretching – all in one work-out 
  • Active demonstration throughout the classes
  • The small and friendly team of coaches.
  • Supportive community 
  • Flexible membership. Wide range of options available


  • Workouts could be overly intense for some people.


Hit45 uses a wide range of exercise techniques that maximize calories burn. Without a doubt, these classes are some of the hardest workouts we’ve ever done. A bonus is that your running will improve.

While Hit45 doesn’t offer a free gym trial, they offer a discount on your first few classes if you are new. Check for current offers over at Hit45.


3. CrossFit Typhoon

CrossFit Typhoon offers free gym trials.

Photo courtesy of CrossFit Typhoon Facebook.

Specializing in CrossFit training, CrossFit Typhoon’s offers a nurturing environment. Most of the class sizes are small, allowing for a more personalized training session and higher engagement with the trainer. The trainers are encouraging and push you to progress through the levels of training. Suitable for all levels of fitness, in our opinion. 

 Key Facts 

  • Free gym trial – one week 
  • Crossfit training 
  • Workout length: 60 minutes
  • Crossfit Typhoon Schedule: 6 am to 9 pm 


  • Core strength and conditioning training
  • Nurturing environment – suitable for all fitness levels
  • Small class sizes
  • More one-to-one coaching and bespoke feedback
  • Active demonstration throughout the classes
  • Supportive community
  • Personal training available 
  • Wide range of memberships, even for travelers


  • The design of the studios can look a little off-putting. It could be described as a ‘Type A’ environment to look at. Once you are in, however, this is not the case. 


This is definitely a gym to try, as the emphasis really is on having fun! Along with super-supportive trainers and feedback tailored to you, this gym has a nurturing community. 

Sign up for Crossfit Typhoon’s 7-day trial and find out for yourself!


4. Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness Hong Kong has a one day all-access free gym trial.

Photo courtesy of Pure Fitness Facebook.

Pure Fitness HK offers a diverse gym experience and caters to all types of fitness seekers’ needs. Pure Fitness offers pilates, dance classes, kickboxing, one-on-one personal training, and cycling.

Memberships cost around HK$1,00 per month for access to a single location such as Soho or LFK. If you prefer to work out on your own, Pure offers an extensive array of gym equipment, including treadmills, rowing machines, hand weights, and kettlebells.

The best part? If you’re a travel lover and a gym shark, Pure Fitness HK offers an “All Asia” membership. This membership gives you access to their gyms at all its locations across Asia!

Key Facts 

  • Free gym trial – one-day full access pass 
  • Variety of classes – pilates, dance classes, kickboxing, cycling
  • Workout length: 30 – 45 minutes
  • 12 Pure Fitness Gyms in Hong Kong 
  • Pure Fitness HK Schedule: 7 am to 8:30 pm 


  • A wide variety of classes and gym activities to choose from
  • Purecast – Live and On-demand classes available
  • Personal training sessions.
  • Exceptional quality equipment and facilities; workout wear, steam-rooms, towels available 
  • Wide range of memberships, including many short term offers, monthly contracts, and prepaid 24-month memberships.


  • You may have to wait for equipment.
  • Can be busy during lunchtime.
  • It can be difficult to get a booking for some of the popular classes.


Pure Fitness is worth trying as it will provide you with access to a huge range of workouts.

Sign up for Pure Fitness HK’s 1-day trial, see if this is a fit for you, or contact Abbas SHAIKH about your trial-membership via Whatsapp: +852 9559 6994.


5. ClassPass HK

Classpass HK has a 7-day free pass. You'll be able to enjoy up to four classes.

Photo courtesy of Torq on Facebook.

ClassPass Hong Kong is part of a membership-based website that gives you access to top fitness studios and live-stream fitness classes from the world’s best trainers. 

The steps are straightforward – you search for a particular type of class or workout, you book a spot at a particular studio near you, or join the live stream.

There are many fitness studios across Hong Kong that participate in the ClassPass booking system. These studios include Iso Fit (pilates), Prajna Yoga (yoga), TORQ (cycling), and XP Fitness Club (engaging group fitness programs).

Classes are worth different credit amounts based on popularity, type of class, and more. 

Key Facts 

  • Class Pass free trial – 14 days and up to 6 free classes 
  • A large variety of classes available on Class Pass  
  • Use of 219 fitness studios in Hong Kong
  • 4000 free at-home workouts available.
  • On-demand and Livestream workouts


  • A wide variety of classes and gym activities to choose from
  • Easy to use app
  • Easy booking process
  • Choices of how many credits you want to buy monthly
  • Buy credits in bundles to suit your budget.
  • Any unused credits roll over to the next month.


  • Not easy to filter classes by your exact location.


The Classpass free trial is a great taster for you if you enjoy a variety of classes. You get access to multiple Classpass studios, which gives you flexibility and an overwhelming amount of choice. 


6. Fitness First HK

Fitness first offers a one-day full access pass free gym trial.

Key Facts 


  • A wide variety of classes and gym activities to choose from
  • Personal training sessions
  • High-quality equipment and facilities
  • Wide range of memberships, including many short term offers, monthly contracts, and prepaid 24-month memberships.


  • You may have to wait for equipment.
  • Can be busy during lunchtime


Fitness First is worth trying as it will provide you with access to a huge range of workouts. Sign up for Fitness First’s free trial and see if this is a fit for you. 



Underneath here, you will see examples of other questions we are asking ourselves. 

You can get a feel for what’s involved when looking for the perfect gym in Hong Kong, what benefits there are of taking a free gym trial, and how to figure out whether a gym is a great fit for you. 

If you have any questions, as always, email us over at

Which Gyms Offer Free Trials in Hong Kong? 

Taking a free gym trial allows you to take your time and decide which Hong Kong gym is the right fit for you. 
Anytime Fitness Hong Kong, Fitness First Hong Kong, F45, CrossFit Typhoon, Pure Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Class Pass are the main fitness centers in Hong Kong to offer free gym trials. 

What are the Benefits of Having a Free Gym Trial? 

– Taking a free gym trial means that you don’t have to commit to a long gym contract if you don’t like the gym you have used in your free gym trial. 
– Take time to look around and experience different Hong Kong gyms. 
– Consider what you enjoy from a workout. Try lots of different activities, and this should inform your end decision. 
– Get the most value out of your money – you have a chance to experience everything a gym has to offer. You also get a chance to see whether the community is the right fit for you.

What are the Key Things to Consider When Taking a Free or Discounted Gym Trial?

What gym has the best deal for me?  
Consider the activities you want to do and research whether the gym provides them before you book your free trial. That way, you are focusing on your ideal fitness experience from the start. 

How much time you have to go to the gym
Looking ahead at the gym schedule in Hong Kong will be useful for you. Will you be able to make the classes or sessions? How far away is the fitness center in Hong Kong that you plan to take a free trial with?  

Prices vary widely between the gyms in Hong Kong. Work out what you can ideally spend a month on fitness before committing to any free gym trials. This will narrow down your search, and you will find the best Hong Kong Gym for you much quicker. 

Quality and Type of Facilities 
Do you love a high-class change-room? Or are you happy with the basics? Are you expecting to see a wide range of equipment in your ideal gym? Or would you be happy sharing a smaller range of work-out equipment in a smaller gym? A gym free trial will give you a real insight into all the facilities at each gym and the way it functions. 

Are you looking to disappear into your own world as you work-out? Or do you find a large gym overpowering and faceless? Again, by experiencing a gym for free, you can really get a feel for how it would be for you. Some people enjoy having gym buddies, and others just want to zone-out. During a free gym trial, you get the opportunity to observe the community in the gym you have chosen. Is it friendly? Too big to be personal? Do you enjoy a community where everyone knows each other, and they work out together? 


Signing up for multiple discounted or free gym trials will allow you to find the best Hong Kong gym for you.

Remember to think about what you enjoyed about each fitness center and how you like to work out. When making your decision, the best gym for you in Hong Kong should be where you feel most comfortable.

Your gym should be within your ideal budget, and most of all, fun!

If you want to learn more about fitness in Hong Kong, check out our Hong Kong Ultimate Fitness Guide. This article covers plenty of topics, including the best yoga classes in Hong Kong, the best gyms in Hong Kong, and an in-depth review of F45 classes.

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