Fitness in Hong Kong: Best gyms & yoga studios

Fitness in Hong Kong is important but getting fit or trying to stay fit in Hong Kong can be a challenge.

The city never sleeps, there’s always someone heading out for a drink and a bite to eat, and sometimes finding time to hit the gym in the city can be a challenge.

However, fitness in Hong Kong is important and there are lots of options out there to get you toned, strong, and healthy though – you just need to find the time to fit it in.

Like with so many things in Hong Kong, you can pay a ton of money for things that you come across, or you can dig a little deeper to find the bargains.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with your fitness options in Hong Kong. Whatever your style of exercise and your fitness goals, we’ve got something that’ll get you flexing.

We’re going to give you an overview of:

So you can focus on achieving your fitness in Hong Kong dreams instead of hunting for the best deals.


Where can I do cheap yoga to help improve my fitness in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is well known for having a large number of yoga studios. While some of these yoga classes in Hong Kong can be very expensive, there are also a number of cheap and free yoga classes available. You just need to know where to go.

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The high energy levels of Hong Kong can be truly captivating, but we all need a release from the hectic city streets sometimes.

Fitness in Hong Kong isn’t just about lifting weights or doing high-intensity workouts. Instead, consider yoga.

Yoga is a great way to bring yourself back to center and spend some time in a peaceful state. 

There are some great yoga studios in the city. Most of them follow the normal pricing practices of drop-in classes and monthly fees. These can soon mount up, stretching your bank balance as much as your hamstrings.

In our article about the five best discount yoga studios in Hong Kong, we’ve covered:

  • Some of the best discounted and free trials for yoga studios
  • IKIGAI yoga studio, offering unlimited yoga sessions for a fixed monthly fee
  • Lululemon – not just about the cutest yoga pants in town, you can head to free early morning stretch sessions in store
  • Yoga Union which has an interesting take on pricing their classes; you pay what you feel the class has been worth to you

Along with other essential yoga inside information.

Be sure to tell us the coolest and best value studios you’ve found in Hong Kong so far in the comments.


What’s F45 and where are the studios in Hong Kong?

F45 originated in Sydney, Australia. Now there are F45 gyms all over the world including multiple F45 gyms across Hong Kong. F45 offers 45 minute high-intensity workouts. No workout is ever the same.

Photo courtesy of F45 Quarry Bay Facebook.

If you’ve not heard of F45 yet, where’ve you been? It all started in a Sydney gym in 2012 and in 2015 it went global with studios now all over the world.

The concept is to do 45 minutes of high-intensity training. It’s a body conditioning program that will burn fat and build muscle.

You won’t be alone in your endeavors – every studio across the world does the same workout on the same day, but won’t do the same workout twice.

Studios are filled with technology – screens around the gym show you the current and next exercise. F45 sessions are also facilitated by instructors to correct posture and suggest modifications, too.

In our guide to F45 in Hong Kong, we list all the F45 studios across the city and a price list for some of the best located F45 studios in Hong Kong.

If you are interested in fitness in Hong Kong, give F45 a try. All Hong Kong ID-holders are able to enjoy a whole week of free classes

Are you into F45? What advice would you give to anyone looking to take it up? Leave your hacks and tips in the comments.


Which gyms offer free trials to help me improve my fitness in Hong Kong?

Pure Fitness Hong Kong offers small group classes know as "Fuze" classes. These are high intensity workouts that are targeting maximum calorie burn.

Photo courtesy of Pure Fitness Facebook.

Signing up for a gym is a commitment. Hong Kong is notorious for getting people to sign up for long-term contracts, often a year or more, although you usually pay monthly.

It’s a good idea to test the waters when you’re looking for a gym in Hong Kong.

That’s why free gym trials in Hong Kong are such a great idea. You get to try before you buy, with your freebie lasting from a day up to a week with the places we’ve looked at.

Save yourself all the cruising around the internet, we’ve pulled together a list of the six best free gym trials in Hong Kong. We’ve got you covered with all the details you need to know about:

  • F45 and your free access to make sure it’s a regime that’ll work for you
  • Hit45’s intense, treadmill-based workouts and when free trials are available
  • CrossFit Typhoon and it’s one-week free trial of the challenging, instructor-led workouts
  • Pure Fitness giving access to all classes and equipment for a full day
  • Fitness First offer that’s like Pure – you get a day to visit any classes and use any kit
  • Class Pass lets you pre-book visits to any gym’s class with no membership, with a week’s trial

Once you’ve got some idea of what’s out there and done some gym speed dating, it’s time to choose one to settle down with.

Did you get a great deal on a free gym trial in Hong Kong? Give us the lowdown in the comments.


Which gym in Hong Kong should I choose?

HIT45 in Hong Kong offers some of the hardest workouts in Hong Kong. If you are looking to lose weight, you've come to the right place. In a HIT45, you can expect to do plenty of treadmill sprints as well as weighted exercises.

Photo courtesy of HIT45 Facebook.

After your free trials, it’s time to commit to a gym for the long-haul. It’s worth checking with any gym you choose whether they offer discounts if you sign up for a long time or even pay for more than one month upfront.

In our guide to the six best options for the gym in Hong Kong, we’ve included:

  • F45 – Ok, we love it and you just need to try it then we won’t talk about it again. Maybe.
  • Hit45 – after your free trial, check out their monthly unlimited access pass, if you work out a lot, this could be a game-changer.
  • LCSD gyms – offered by the Hong Kong government, we outline the rules you need to follow to access these heavily discounted gyms around the city.
  • Fuze classes – a new addition to Pure gyms, if you’re interested in this high-intensity program, arrange your trial day when a class in on.
  • Kayla Itsinine’s Bikini Body Workout – stay at home and get fit without facemasks or viral threats.

Which is your go-to value gym offering? If you have great tips on fitness in Hong Kong, don’t keep them to yourself! Drop some names of gyms in the comments.


Wrapping up

Putting in time and effort into fitness in Hong Kong is essential, especially with so much great wine and food around.

Whatever your workout style, yoga, or HIIT, or anything in between, there are great value classes available as a free trial or as a long-term membership.


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