Keen to buy skincare that offers effective results but not keen on paying high prices?  Look no further. In the first of two Cult Beauty reviews, I give you my top 5 skincare picks from Cult Beauty. 

Cult Beauty offers a fantastic solution if you want quality skincare at low prices. Firstly, they select only high-quality, proven products for their website – so you know all the products are hand-picked, to begin with.

Then, they encourage their customers to provide reviews, so you can expect to find numerous, honest reviews for every product. This makes buying skincare much easier.

Also, if you reach the spending threshold for free shipping, you can expect your skincare items to arrive in Hong Kong within a few days! In fact, Cult Beauty ships affordable, high-quality skincare to Hong Kong and around the world!

In this, we will:

In a hurry and want to go straight to the Cult Beauty website to find a carefully curated range of quality skincare products? Click here!

The benefits of buying from Cult Beauty UK 

Are you sick of buying beauty products that promise a lot but fail to deliver? Here are the 5 key reasons we love buying skincare products from Cult Beauty: 

  1. Cult Beauty was founded by two women wanting to shake up the beauty world by creating a platform that sells “cult” skincare products, i.e., only products that deliver on results.
  2. When you buy products from Cult Beauty, you can expect your skincare regime to get a little easier. Many of the products clearly explain what skincare problems the product is targeting, how to use the product, and when to use the product. Some of the products even let you know when you can expect to start seeing a result.
  3. This online platform sells only tried and tested products that perform, and you will be able to read a huge range of reviews from customers that have tried the products.
  4. If you reach the minimum threshold of £60 (~HK$660), you can enjoy free shopping; and you can expect your skincare products to arrive in just a few days.
  5. You can enjoy lower UK pricing; much cheaper than in Hong Kong. Plus, the VAT will get taken off before you make your payment.

The best 5 Cult Beauty skincare products 

1. FARMACY Honey Halo Ultra-hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

Why we chose it:

  • Well, if you haven’t tried natural and organic beauty products before then the experience of using this natural moisturizer will feel novel compared to what’s out there – it’ll be softer skin with fewer blemishes!

What we like:

  • It’s an antioxidant-rich cream that fights the aging effects of free radicals to firm skin and protect it

What we don’t like:

  • The container is a little small – although a little bit goes a long way


  • The Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of super gentle but effective natural skincare products

2. Alpha H Liquid Gold 

Why we chose it:

  • This glycolic acid exfoliator gets amazing reviews and is a best seller for Cult Beauty.
  • Brilliant product if you are concerned with skin aging, sun damage, or problem skin conditions. 

Cult Beauty skincare product - Alpha H Liquid Gold. This glycolic acid exfoliator gets amazing reviews.

What we like:

  • Over time, it lessens the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, blemishes, pigmentation, scarring, and redness. 
  • Firms up the skin 
  • Stimulates cell activity to give you a bright complexion.
  • Easy to use overnight treatment; just apply and sleep. 
  • The formula is great, particularly for acne sufferers. 

What we don’t like:

  • It needs to be clearer on the website whether this is 100% vegan. 


  • Alpha H Liquid Gold will work wonders for acne-prone and sensitive skin.
  • The best thing is that Alpha Liquid Gold is a no-fuss skin product; a little goes a long way. 

3. FRESH Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Antioxidant Face Serum

Why we chose it:

  • This serum contains antioxidants that replenish the moisture lost from your skin, especially if it is dry; it gets amazing reviews and is a best seller for Cult Beauty.
  • Brilliant if you are concerned by skin aging, sun damage, or problem skin conditions. 

Cult Beauty skincare products are natural and great for dry and sensitive skin.

What we like:

  • It gives you a healthy glow.
  • Thin enough to wear under makeup
  • It smells beautiful – the orange aroma is so fresh! 
  • Use morning and night. 
  • Light-weight formula

What we don’t like:

  • It is a small bottle – but we understand this is because Vitamin C oxidizes quickly. 


  • Fresh Serum smells amazing and gives you a consistent dewy glow.
  • You can consider buying more than one bottle, as one bottle will last around a month. 

4. LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream (50ml)

Why we chose it:

  • Created by Laneige, a Korean brand that is well-known for its water-based skincare, Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream replenishes moisture lost from your skin.
  • Brilliant for if you are concerned by dry skin that is in need of additional moisture 

What we like:

  • Nongreasy 
  • Great makeup base
  • Buttery consistency that sinks into your skin
  • Light-weight formula

What we don’t like:

  • This moisturizing cream is designed for people with normal to dry skin; not suitable for people with oily skin. 


5. OKSIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel (35ml) 

Why we chose it:

  • This cleanser starts off as a cute pink gel and turns to oil in your hands; the pumpkin enzyme effectively removes makeup and dead skin cells to give a fresh complexion.
  • Vitamin A gets to work on improving the look of skin-damaged skin, mature and dry skin by gently removing the surface skin cells and improving elasticity. 

Cult Beauty skincare products are high quality. We recommend Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel as it repairs tired, dull skin, giving a fresh complexion.

What we like:

  • Non-greasy 
  • Removes makeup efficiently
  • Easy on skin prone to breakouts, oily and acne-prone skin
  • Suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Light-weight formula
  • Gorgeous light rose scent.

What we don’t like:

  • It doesn’t shift long-lasting mascara and eyeliner as easily as it claims to.


  • Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel really is an all-around fab cleanser for many types of skin. If you love that fresh, healthy glow, only the best cleansers can give, this is the cleanser for you.

FAQs about Hong Kong skincare

Where can I buy skincare in Hong Kong? 

Thanks to Hong Kong’s location in Asia, we can purchase both Asian skincare brands and well-known international brands. So if you’re keen to buy quality items at lower prices, you just need to know where to go. We like the following four options:
Sasa HK – A well-curated range of products in-store
Strawberry Net HK  – Online platform offering well-known brands at discounted prices
Mannings HK – Dermatological skincare brands in Hong Kong
Cult Beauty is a great online option; prices are lower than in Hong Kong and products generally arrive within a few days.

What is the #1 skincare line?

If you are looking for an effective skincare line at a reasonable price, The Ordinary is terrific.

Where can I buy cheap skincare?

In Hong Kong, you can buy inexpensive skincare from Mong Kok’s Argyle Centre – this is a well-known center selling inexpensive Japanese and Korean skincare.

If you are ok with a limited range of skincare products, Sasa sells some excellent products.

If you want a carefully curated range of world-famous and effective skincare products try Cult Beauty. If you reach the minimum spending threshold, you can enjoy free shipping and you can expect your products to arrive in just a few short days. 

Does Cult Beauty stock makeup products?

Yes. Cult Beauty stocks a wide range of makeup products. They are proud to only stock the best of the best at affordable prices. Read our in-depth Cult Beauty review focused on our favorite products: 10 Best Cult Makeup Products 2020.

What is the best skincare brand?

10 skincare brands that we love are:
– Aesop
– Eve Lom
– fresh
– Glow Recipe
– Murad
– Paula’s Choice
– Peter Thomas Roth
– The Inkey List
– The Ordinary
– Versed.
All of these 10 best skincare brands are available on Cult Beauty.

Where can I buy The Ordinary skincare products in Hong Kong?

Some products from The Ordinary skincare line can be bought at Mannings stores.

If you are wanting to buy from a larger range of The Ordinary skincare products, consider buying from Cult Beauty. They have a large selection of The Ordinary Prices. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping if you meet the minimum spending threshold and the VAT will be taken off at the end. 

What skincare brands do Cult Beauty have?

Cult Beauty has a wide array of skincare brands, including well-known brands such as Aesop,Eve Lom, fresh, Murad, and Peter Thomas Roth. You will also find some harder-to-find brands such as Glow Recipe, Paula’s Choice, The Inkey List, and Versed.

Do Cult Beauty ship worldwide? 

Yes. Read more here. Cult Beauty shipping.

Are Cult Beauty still delivering? 

Yes, Cult Beauty is still delivering. They offer free shipping to Hong Kong for purchases of £60 (~HK$660) or more.  The prices you see online include the UK sales tax. Importantly, all items shipping to Hong Kong are exempt from this tax, so when it comes time to checking out, the VAT (~17% of the purchase price) will be deducted from the cost of your order.

What can you buy from Cult Beauty?

Cult Beauty is a world-famous store where you can purchase:
– beauty products
– skincare products
– perfume and aftershave
– other wellbeing products.

Where are Cult Beauty based?

Cult Beauty are based in the UK, but they ship all over the world. Alexia Inge co-founded it in Somerset. Alexia was frustrated that she couldn’t get the beauty products she wanted and she was sick of paying so much money on products that were ineffective. Read the full article.

Is Cult Beauty UK a legit website?

Yes – its service is excellent, and you only have to look at the reviews to see that Cult Beauty has many happy customers worldwide. Apart from being able to purchase cult skincare that is renowned for delivering results, the other great thing about Cult Beauty is that you can expect to pay prices that are approximately 20-25% less than prices available at physical stores in Hong Kong.

Where can I buy beauty and skincare products in Hong Kong?

Mong Kok’s Argyle Centre is a haven for purchasing quality Japanese and Korean skincare brands at low prices. Otherwise, you can try out:
Sasa HK: A limited range of high-quality products in-store.
Strawberry Net HK: Website selling well-known brands at discounted prices
Mannings HK: You will find some well-known dermatological skincare brands.
Cult Beauty is a great online option; low pricing and a great selection of well-known international brands.

What is the best natural skincare?

We like Farmacy a well-regarded natural skincare brand. If you’re in Hong Kong and want to support a local natural skincare brand, try Jan’s Aesthetics of Nature. We have bought products from Jan’s many times and have been very impressed with the results.



Cult Beauty offers a wide range of skincare and makeup choices for excellent value for money. If you place an order of at least £60 (~HK$660), you can enjoy free delivery charges on orders to Hong Kong. 

Interested in finding out about the best Cult Beauty cosmetics? Read my post on where to buy makeup in Hong Kong.

We are committed to helping you find good solutions for beauty products and beauty services in Hong Kong. Check out The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Hong Kong which contains tips on finding affordable beauty salons for Botox injections, the cheapest nail salons in Hong Kong, and more. 

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