Love getting your nails done in Hong Kong, but sick of paying crazy prices for something you get done so frequently?

Sometimes it feels like getting manicures and pedicures done in this city can cost the earth. And, if you’re getting your nails re-painted every few weeks, these costs can really add up.

If you are looking for a nail salon in Hong Kong that can provide quality manicures and pedicures at affordable pricing, you’ve come to the right place.

This article covers the best nail salons that offer high-quality nail services at the best prices in:

  • Sheung Wan
  • Kennedy Town
  • Central
  • Wan Chai
  • Causeway Bay

They may not have spa-atmospheres, but these nail salons in Hong Kong deliver the goods when it comes to great-looking nails at affordable pricing.

Best nail salons in Hong Kong

Nail 20 – The best inexpensive nail salon in Sheung Wan.

Nail 20 is not only of the best and inexpensive nail salons in Hong Kong but, the shellac nail polish is super long lasting.

Photo courtesy of Nail 20 Facebook.

Why we chose it:

  • Their shellac/ soak-off gels nail polish is extremely long-lasting; you’ll be happy to find that your nail polish won’t chip for at least 3 weeks.

What we like:

  • We love the pricing of this nail salon; a standard express manicure is $90, and a standard pedicure is $130. While this salon certainly doesn’t offer a spa-like atmosphere, the nail technicians’ comradery is evident.
  • We also like the speed at which they work; you will be in out and quickly!

What to be aware of:

  • They are always extremely busy – better not to try your luck with a “walk-in” – call ahead; otherwise, you might be disappointed.


  • Nail 20 is located in a single location in Sheung Wan. They don’t have an official website, but if you check out their Facebook page, you can see they have garnered a lot of positive feedback from the Hong Kong community.
  • The technicians help each other as necessary, and you can expect to be in and out of this salon in no time.
  • Call ahead for an appointment; your hands and feet will thank you!


  • Nail 20, Room B, 20/F, 89-91 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, 2157 1120

Nail 88 – The best budget nail salon in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.

Nail88 in Hong Kong is one of the cheapest salons to get your nails done!

Why we chose it:

  • Nail 88, a truly budget nail salon, is hard to beat for quick and cheap nails.
  • If you’re short on time and want your nails done quickly, this is a good option; service is fast and efficient.

What we like:

  • If you’re ok with a no-fuss salon and are comfortable to forgo luxury, you’ll leave with great-looking nails and with very little damage to your wallet.

What to be aware of:

  • If a spa-like atmosphere is essential, this is not the place for you; you should expect a pretty sparse environment.


  • The quality stands up against much more expensive salons; the cost of a manicure is $48, and a pedicure is $98.
  • Nail 88 is popular, be sure to book an appointment and bring your own magazines!
  • Nail 88 is now available in four locations. In addition to Kennedy Town, Nail 88 salons are also located in Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, and North Point.


  • Nail 88 (Kennedy Town), 6 Hau Wo Street, Kennedy Town, 2628 7117
  • Nail 88 (Wan Chai), Cathay Lodge, 125 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, 3741 1139
  • Nail 88 (Sheung Wan), Shop G24-25, Welland Building, 368 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, 2851 6711
  • Nail 88 (North Point), Shop 117, 1/F, Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 121 Kings Road, North Point, 2366 9117

Nail and Beauty – the best cheap nail salon in Central Hong Kong.

Wanting to get your nails done in Hong Kong but want to pay less? Check out the deals available on HKTVMall.

Why we chose it:

  • If you are looking for a well-priced, well-located, clean nail salon with fantastic service located in the middle of Central, try Nail and Beauty, run by Kitty Le.
  • Nail and Beauty is located in an alleyway off Queen’s Road Central (next to Vicky Shoes). Packages are available on all services; if you buy 6 of any service, you’ll get one extra service for free, or if you pay for 10 of any service, you will get 2 services for free.

What we like:

  • Kitty has a great attitude, and she will always try to squeeze you in. If you are running around Central doing errands and trying to get your nails done in a hurry, give Kitty a call.
  • You can get other beauty services done at low prices, including waxing, eyelash extensions, and massages. If you’re short of time and in Central, this is a great way to squeeze in all your necessary beauty services.

What to be aware of:

  • It can get busy, so call ahead.


  • Kitty has more than 13 years of experience as a nail therapist and has a loyal client base of long-standing customers.
  • A regular manicure costs $130, and a pedicure costs $260.
  • Nail art lovers will be happy to know that Nail and Beauty also has plenty of nail art options, including 3D nail art and rhinestone crystals.


  • Nail and Beauty, 5F., No. 5 Li Yuen Street East, Central, 3119 4649

Queen’s Nail – The best affordably priced nail salon in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Queens Nail is a good salon for high quality inexpensive nails.

Why we chose it:

  • Nice quiet, and clean nail salon with plenty of other beauty services available.
  • Like many of the other nail salons, Queens Nail often runs promotions; ask about these.

What we like:

  • In addition to a large variety of nail services (including Shellac and hard gel), the salon will wax almost any part of your body (including underarm, leg, and upper lip).
  • They also do eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting, and eyelash extensions.

What to be aware of:

  • It can be hard to get a booking around lunchtime – so, call ahead!


  • Queen’s Nail feels a little more high-end than some of the other nail salons mentioned in this article. While not quite a day spa, this chain offers a relaxing, comfortable, and quiet environment.
  • If the feel-good factor is important to you, try this salon.
  • Regular manicures are HK$180, and regular pedicures are HK$300.
  • The main branch is located in St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, at the junction of Star Street and Queen’s Road East, just a few minutes from Pacific Place 3.


  • Queen’s Nail (Wan Chai), M/F, 17-18 St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai, 3173 2366
  • Queen’s Nail (Wan Chai), Flat B, 1F, Tung Fong Building, 151-155 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, 2886 8232

Pikapika Nails – Best cheap nails near me in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

For first time customers, Pikapika offers a discount. Pikapika is one of the best salons for getting your nails done in Causeway Bay.

Photo courtesy of Pikapika Facebook.

Why we chose it:

  • Located in Causeway Bay’s heart, Pikapika Nails offers a quick nail service for an inexpensive amount of money.  This is exactly the kind of salon we love at SavvyinHK; high-quality, inexpensive, and quick!

What we like:

  • If you’re a first-time customer, you can expect to save around 30% of your first nail treatment.
  • They offer a point rewards system for returning customers, which you can accumulate to qualify for discounts.

What to be aware of:

  • Be warned they have cats (super friendly) at this nail salon.


  • Pikapika is also a good option for nail art; check out some of their work nail art here. They can do different nail art types, including glitter French style, ombre, multi-color, hand-drawing, and Swarovski.
  • Prices start as low as $150 for a manicure or $280 for a pedicure.


  • Pikapika Nails, 3/F, Diamond Mansion, 464 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, 6169 6069

The different types of nail services available in Hong Kong: 

Basic polish

  • What is it? This is the application of standard nail polish after a manicure.
  • Pros: no negative health effects.
  • Cons: the polish is unlikely to last much longer than 5 days before it starts to chip.

Shellac nail polish

  • What is it? When you book in for a gel mani, this is probably what you’ve been getting. This type of polish is a hybrid of gel and nail polish. The Shellac is hardened with UV light.
  • Pros: The polish can easily last 3 weeks without chipping; you don’t need to spend time drying your nails or worrying about damaging your polish.
  • Cons: You’ll need to remove the product using acetone, cotton pads, aluminum foil, and a cuticle pusher. Otherwise, you can have it removed at a nail salon.
    It’s not as difficult to remove as “hard gel” and will soak off with acetone. You can expect to see some peeling of the nails. This damage will be exacerbated if you rip off the Shellac without using the correct removal technique.

Gel nail polish

  • What is it? This is also known as “hard gel.” This product can be applied to both natural and fake nails. The key difference between “hard gel” and Shellac is that with hard gel, you can lengthen your nail, and you can also sculpt the shape of your nail.
  • Pros: You can get longer nails, and the polish won’t chip for weeks.
  • Cons: You must go to a nail salon to remove the hard gel where your hard gel will be removed using an electric file. This type of gel can cause damage to your nails, particularly after you’ve had the hard gel removed. The main problems you might encounter are the peeling and weakness of the nails.

Acrylic nail polish

  • What is it? This type of polish involves using liquid and powder to create a hard layer of your nails.
  • Pros: Pristine-looking nails with the length of your choice.
  • Cons: This type of manicure takes a long time; you can expect the nail technician will need approximately 90min to do a full set of acrylic nails. Also, this type of nail polish is known to cause weakness and peeling of the nails.

FAQs about the best nail salons in Hong Kong 

How can I get high-quality but cheap nails in Hong Kong? 

If you prioritize affordability and are ready to compromise on luxury, you can get your nails done cheaply in Hong Kong.  There are two key ways to save money on your nails in Hong Kong; go further away from Central and go to a nail salon with a more modest venue. Forgo delicious tea, magazines, snacks, and a private booth, and you’ll be able to get nail services in Hong Kong done at much more affordable prices.

Where can I find other high-quality beauty services in Hong Kong at lower prices?

Knowing where to get high-quality beauty services in Hong Kong is our passion; we have articles dedicated to the following topics:
Botox injections
Dermal filler injections

Which nail salon in Hong Kong has long-lasting Shellac nail polish?

Nail 20, located in Sheung Wan, does Shellac nail polish that is extremely long-lasting. Generally, you shouldn’t expect to see any chipping for at least 3 weeks.
In addition, the service is quick, and the price is on the lower side.

Where can I buy great quality skincare, makeup, and shampoo in Hong Kong at the best prices?


Which online platform offers big one-off discounts on nail services?

If you don’t mind hopping around different salons, HKTVmall is the place to go. HKTVmall offers great promotions on a wide variety of products (read here for our review on HKTVmall), including nail services. The nail services on HKTVmall range from French nails, soak-off gel nails, and regular manicures. You can expect to find some surprisingly good promotions at some very fancy nail salons too. If you are keen on spa treatment at budget pricing, this is a good option.

What are the best nail salons in Hong Kong?

For a quick service at good prices, we like the following nail salons:
– Nail 20: for long-lasting nail shellac – located in Sheung Wan.
– Nail 88: for budget and fast service – four locations.
– Nail and Beauty: for a great service in the middle of Central.
– Queen’s Nail – for a quiet salon with good quality nail service, other beauty treatments available – two locations in Wan Chai.
– Pikapika Nails – for cheap and colorful nails in Causeway Bay.



We love getting manicures and pedicures, and we love it even more, when we get great-looking nails at an affordable price. We hope these tips help you to save money without compromising on quality.

We love providing recommendations on high-quality but more affordable beauty products and services in Hong Kong. 

If we’ve missed any hidden gems when it comes to the best affordable nails in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

If you want to learn more about buying beauty products and beauty services in Hong Kong, check out The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Hong Kong.

This guide is jam-packed full of tips on the best places to get Botox and Dermal filler injections, where to buy shampoo, makeup, and skincare at the best prices, and the most affordable hair salons in Hong Kong.

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