6 Best Cheap Nail Salons in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a nail salon in Hong Kong that can provide quality manicures and pedicures at affordable pricing, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes it feels like getting your hands and feet done in this city can cost the earth. And, if you’re getting your nails re-painted every few weeks, these costs can really add up.

That’s why it is important to try out some nail salons that may not have a spa atmosphere but deliver the goods when it comes to great looking nails.

How can I find an affordable yet, high-quality nail salon in this city?

If you prioritize affordability and are ready to compromise on luxury, you can get your nails done cheaply in Hong Kong.  You really don’t have to go to high-end salons to leave with fabulous-looking nails.

Generally, the further away from Central you go, the less money you will need to spend on your nails. Salons located just off the Mid-Levels escalators tend to be pricey.

This article tells you the best nail salons in Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, and Central. We also tell you which online platform will give you access to discounts across a range of salons.

Which nail salon has the long-lasting shellac nail polish?

  • Nail 20
Nail 20 is not only an inexpensive nail salon in Hong Kong, but their shellac manicures and pedicures are the longest-lasting.

Photo courtesy of Nail 20 Facebook.

Nail 20 is located in a single location in Sheung Wan. They don’t have an official website, but if you check out their Facebook page, you can see they have garnered a lot of positive feedback from the Hong Kong community.

A standard express manicure is $90, and a standard pedicure is $130. While this salon certainly doesn’t offer a spa-like atmosphere, the nail technicians’ comradery is evident. The technicians help each other as necessary, and you can expect to be in and out of this salon in no time.

Their shellac/ soak off gel nail polish is extremely long-lasting. You’ll be amazed by that fact. It just won’t chip.

Call ahead for an appointment, they are always extremely busy, and if you walk into their salon, you can expect to be disappointed.

Room B, 20/F, 89-91 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2157 1120

Which is the best budget nail salon in Hong Kong?

  • Nail 88
Nail 88 offers super cheap, budget manicures and pedicures. The service is super fast.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/@buudkaanaa).

Nail 88 is hard to beat for quick and cheap nails. Nail 88 is a budget salon – so if a spa-like atmosphere is essential, this is not the place for you.

However, the quality stands up against much more expensive salons. The cost of a manicure is $48, and a pedicure is $98.

Nail 88 is available in three locations; Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, and North Point.

Nail 88 is popular, be sure to book an appointment and bring your own magazines! Another perk about this salon is the service is fast and efficient.

Cathay Lodge, 125 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, +852 3741 1139
Shop G24-25, Welland Building, 368 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, +852 2851 6711
Shop 117, 1/F, Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 121 Kings Road, North Point, +852 2366 9117

Which is the best nail salon in Central?  

  • Nail and Beauty

If you are looking for a well-priced, well-located, clean nail salon with fantastic service located in the middle of Central, try Nail and Beauty, run by Kitty Le.

Kitty has more than 13 years of experience as a nail therapist and has a loyal client base of long-standing customers.

A regular manicure costs $130, and a pedicure costs $260.

Nail Beauty is located in an alleyway off Queen’s Road Central (next to Vicky Shoes). They have a happy hour promotion of 15% off for a combination of soft gel manicure and pedicure for service performed anytime between 2 pm-5 pm.

Kitty has a great attitude, and she will always try to squeeze you in you are running around Central doing errands and trying to add “getting my nails” done” to the list.

5F., No. 5 Li Yuen Street East, Central, +852 3119 4649

Which is the best decently priced relaxing nail salon? 

  • Queen’s Nail

Queen’s Nail is more high-end than the other nail salons mentioned in this article. While not quite a day-spa, this chain offers a relaxing, comfortable, and quiet environment.

If the feel-good factor is important to you, try this salon.

Regular manicures are HK$170, and regular pedicures are HK$300.

Like many of the other nail salons, Queens Nail often runs promotions, ask about these.

The main branch is situated in 1/F, St. Francis Street, Wan Chai at the junction of Star Street and Queen’s Road East, just a few minutes from Pacific Place 3.

1F, St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, +852 3173 2366
Flat B, 1F, Tung Fong Building, 151 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, +852 2886 8232

Which online platform offers big one-off discounts?

  • HKTVmall 

If you don’t mind hopping around different salons, HKTVmall is the place to go.

HKTVmall offers great promotions on a wide variety of products (read here for our review on HKTVmall), including nail services.

You can find the nail services on HKTVmall range from French nails, soak-off gel nails, and regular manicures. You can expect to find some surprisingly good promotions at some very fancy nail salons too!

Where should I go to get my nails done in Causeway Bay? 

  • Pikapika Nails
Pikapika Nails in Causeway Bay offers first-time customers a lower fee on their first visit.

Photo courtesy of Pikapika Nails Facebook.

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Pikapika Nails offers a quick nail service for an inexpensive amount of money.  This is exactly the kind of salon we love at SavvyinHK; high-quality, inexpensive, and quick!

Prices start as low as $150 for a manicure or $280 for a pedicure. They offer a point rewards system for returning customers, which you can accumulate to help get discounts.

Be warned they have cats (super friendly) at this nail salon.

Location: 3/F, Diamond Mansion, 464 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 6390 0021.


We are focused on providing recommendations on high-quality but more affordable beauty products and services in Hong Kong. We hope these tips help you to save money without compromising on quality.

If you want to learn more about buying beauty products and beauty services in Hong Kong, check out The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Hong Kong.

If we’ve missed any hidden gems, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section.


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