Hong Kong is home to some of the best kitchenware in Asia, so if you are looking for a new set of pots and pans, you’re in luck. Here are 8 stores we love that have everything from cookware sets to utensils to create the perfect cooking experience. Whether you’re just starting out or need replacements, these shops will have your kitchen needs covered!

Where to buy kitchenware in Hong Kong?

Here at SavvyinHK, we are always searching for long-lasting items. For this reason, one of our favorite places to buy kitchenware is Pan-Handler.

Yes, the prices are relatively high but so is the quality. When you buy from Pan-Handler you can be sure that you are buying long-lasting products. 

But, no matter your budget or what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with the eight best places to shop for kitchenware in Hong Kong.

King Tak Hong Porcelain Co – for porcelain plates

King Tak Hong is known for selling an extensive range of kitchenware, particularly porcelain plates.

Shop here because:

  • King Tak Hong is known for selling an extensive range of Hong Kong kitchenware, particularly porcelain plates.
  • The store has been around since 1954 and is still thriving to this day. With its six decades of history in Hong Kong, they’re very well known for offering high-quality kitchenware products.
  • Aside from kitchenware, they even sell houseware for your everyday needs. With a wide variety of choices and such affordable prices, you should head on over and give it a visit.

What you should know:

  • The durability of everything they sell means their kitchenware and tableware often ends up in top Hong Kong hotels too.


  • At King Tak Hong, you can expect to find an extensive collection of Chinese and Western items, as well as Japanese kitchenware, at affordable prices. Their products are available for both retail and wholesale.

  • As their name suggests, they specialize in the porcelain side of kitchenware. But, you’ll still find plenty of other items apart from ceramics, including cookware, glassware, and tableware.


  • King Tak Hong, G/F, 126-128 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Saladmaster – For kitchenware HK that makes cooking easier & healthier 

Shop here because:

  • Saladmaster sells premium, long-lasting kitchenware that comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Products they sell include an electric skillet and roaster, woks, bowls, and griddles. 
  • Much less butter and oil are needed with these products, perfect for people wanting to eat healthier

What you should know:

  • You can attend a cooking demonstration to see for yourself just how easy and healthy cooking becomes with Saladmaster products.
  • Saladmaster kitchenware greatly simplifies the cooking process, ensuring that anyone can produce healthy and great-tasting food. 
  • With this cookware system, you can cook food fast and at low heat; cooking at low heat helps to preserve an average of 93% of your food nutrients.  


  • Can’t cook? Don’t worry. The patented “Vapo-Valve” technology takes the guesswork out of cooking; your Saladmaster kitchenware will start to click when the food becomes too hot, notifying you that you need to turn the temperature down.  
  • This brand has somewhat of a cult following, with many reports of people using Saladmaster kitchenware for 50 years or more.


  • 10th Floor, Room 1003, Goldfield Building, 42-44 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan. Click here to sign up for a cooking demonstration or contact Lani at +852 6195 3770 if you’d like to make an appointment.

Meyer Outlet – A discount outlet for kitchenware Hong Kong

Meyer sells high-quality pots, pans, kettles, and even kitchen-blenders.

Shop here because:

  • Meyer sells high-quality pots, pans, kettles, and even kitchen blenders, catering to all of your kitchenware needs in Hong Kong.
  • Meyer has more than 15 stores across Hong Kong, selling international branded cooking ware.
  • At Meyer, you can expect to find high-quality items from countries such as Italy and the US.

What you should know:

  • Rather than heading to one of their regular stores, try checking out their outlet store in Kwun Tong. Here, the prices you’ll pay for cookware in Hong Kong are low.
  • Some of the products will have slight defects and won’t be covered by a warranty. 


  • This outlet frequently has great sales — sometimes they have promotions where all products at the venue are 80% off. Is that not the biggest steal?
  • Looking for high-quality pots, pans, kettles, even electrical appliances? They have it all!
  • Although some stock may have superficial cosmetic defects that aren’t covered by warranty, don’t expect these minor defects to affect your product’s actual quality. It’ll still work perfectly and just look a little loved.
  • With such a diverse catalog of products to choose from and so many bargain prices, you may very well find yourself stocking your entire kitchen here.


  • Meyer, 382 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon or Ngau Tau Kok MTR station, exit B5

Sogo Department Store – Where to buy kitchenware in Hong Kong

Sogo sells acclaimed kitchenware brands such as Staub and Le Creuset.

Shop here because:

  • Sogo sells acclaimed kitchenware brands in Hong Kong, such as Staub and Le Creuset.
  • Cookware at department stores is known to be expensive, especially when said stores tend to carry a lot of foreign brands. However, Sogo is known to have huge sales throughout the year.

What you should know:

  • When Sogo Hong Kong has kitchenware sales, you can expect to find acclaimed brands such as Staub or Le Creuset selling for discounts of 50% or more.


  • Sogo stocks a wide variety of kitchenware products; check them out and see for yourself see what’s available; these types of products are ones that’ll last you a lifetime.
  • We believe it’s worth spending money on high-quality kitchenware because you won’t need to replace it as often.
  • If you love cooking and adore great kitchenware, it’s for sure worth investing in high-quality brands such as those offered at Sogo.


  • Sogo Department Store, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Slowood – Kitchenware HK with an environmental angle 

Slowood is a good option for buying kitchenware in Hong Kong.

Shop here because:

  • Looking at making less impact on the environment as you shop to stock up or revamp your kitchen? Slowood is a Hong Kong brand that sells sustainably sourced kitchenware, along with lots of other items. 
  • When you aspire towards a plastic-free and zero-waste life, there are so many things to consider. Sourcing your kitchenware from a company committed to these values gives you the assurance you’re doing your bit.

What you should know:

  • Along with their three stores in Kennedy Town, Discovery Bay, and Shatin – which also stock bulk food and other eco-friendly goodies – you can also check out their online store if delivery suits you better.
  • It would be difficult to find all your kitchenware needs at Slowood, but you can be sure to find some cute and quirky items plus, a lot of these items are great as presents


  • You may not be able to kit out your whole kitchen from their stores, but you will find lots of fun and cute items such as olive wood pestle and mortars, measuring spoons, breadbin and cutting board combo, and more.


  • Slowood Kennedy Town, The Hudson, 11 Davis Street, Sai Wan (Kennedy Town Station, Exit C) 
  • Slowood Discovery Bay, Shop Unit No.151, 1/F, DB Plaza (Block C) Discovery Bay
  • Slowood Shatin: Shop 247, Level 2, New Town Plaza I, Shatin, New Territories

Shanghai Street – Best place to buy kitchenware that is inexpensive

Shanghai Street is a great option for buying inexpensive kitchenware in Hong Kong.

Shop here because:

  • Head over to the Yau Ma Tei portion of Shanghai Street, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by row upon row of retail and wholesale suppliers selling an array of Hong Kong kitchenware.
  • The prices of these shops are arguably some of the lowest you can find in the city.
  • From cutting boards to pots and pans, there’s a large selection of everyday utensils for you to choose from.
  • For example, a large serving plate with beautiful detailing on it can go for as cheap as $28; you can also find plenty of dinnerware pieces that’ll only cost you $5 or $10 apiece.

What you should know:

  • Aside from your everyday cookware and dinnerware, there are specialized shops you can check out as well.
  • If you’re looking for baking items in Hong Kong, you can pick up pretty much anything you need in the area.


  • This isn’t exactly a “store”; instead, it’s an area of Hong Kong known for the high number of stores selling kitchenware products.
  • In this area, you will find plastic kitchenware, but you can also find higher-end kitchenware items. 
  • Shanghai Street is also well-known for selling elegant dinnerware.
  • If you want to make homemade dim sum, give Shanghai Street a visit, you can find bamboo baskets for sale. 


  • Shanghai Street, MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit B2

Pan-handler Hong Kong – for high-end kitchenware Hong Kong

Panhandler is a specialized kitchenware store in Hong Kong.

Shop here because:

  • Founded in 1988, this Hong Kong kitchenware shop is a mainstay of the Hong Kong culinary scene.
  • You’ll find the Pan-Handler Hong Kong shop brimming with pots, pans, and weird and wonderful utensils from around the world.  

What you should know:

  • You will be amazed at all the different cooking objects they have for sale; this store’s range goes well beyond the basics.
  • This store is a great option if you are struggling to find a particular cooking item anywhere else.
  • You can go to their store in the Prince’s Building, but you can also shop via their online store with free delivery for orders over $2,500 in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories areas.


  • As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect to pick up anything cheap here, but don’t expect to have to replace anything either.


  • Pan-Handler, 227-228 Prince’s Building Central, Hong Kong, +852 2523 1672.

Selfridges – for Hong Kong kitchenware online

Shop here because:

  • Selfridges sells high-quality kitchenware including brands like Smeg, Joseph Joseph, Wedgewood, and Kitchenaid 
  • The prices are lower than you’ll find in-store in Hong Kong. 

What you should know:

  • If you get a 12-month membership with Selfridges, you can get unlimited free shipping; this makes ordering kitchenware via Selfridges a good option


  • If you want to buy quality kitchenware products but would like to pay lower prices than what you can find instore in Hong Kong, Selfridges is an excellent option
  • We’ve never been let down by the quality of products or by their service. 

Read more about the 12-month Selfridges membership here

FAQs about kitchenware Hong Kong

Where can I buy bakeware in Hong Kong?

Are you as obsessed with Great British Bake Off as we are? Getting in the kitchen and producing cakes, desserts, pastries, and all manner of sweet treats is great fun, with children to get messy with or just you! 

Shanghai Street is a good option for buying bakeware in Hong Kong? You’ll kit out your kitchen with all your baking needs; molds, tins, trays, and cake stands are all available.

To make your kitchen eco-friendly and plastic-free, you can also check out Slowood’s kitchenware section, which is packed with lots of bakeware for delivery in Hong Kong.

Stainless steel woks in Hong Kong – where do I need to go?

We’ve got two recommendations for you to buy a wok in Hong Kong. First, Meyer will have a good selection of branded woks to choose from – as noted above, head to their outlet for the best deals. For something truly authentic, pop over to Shanghai Street.  

Where can I buy cheap groceries and other kitchen-related items in Hong Kong?

Finding the best deals on groceries in Hong Kong is a passion for us.

We have articles dedicated to the following topics:
Where to buy quality wine at reasonable prices in HK
Guide to buying gluten-free
Best quality European cheese at the best price
Where to buy nuts in Hong Kong
Complete guide to buying herbs in HK
Our favorite vegan essentials

Where should I buy cheap kitchenware online in Hong Kong?

HKTVMall – It’s packed with great value items from skincare to groceries, and they have plenty of kitchenware on offer, too.

You can kit your kitchen out with woks, pot and pans, knives, chopping boards, and storage solutions. The best bit is its fast and easy delivery. If you are looking for low prices and aren’t too worried about big brands, check it out.

Taobao – Using the online retail giant Taobao can appear overwhelming. If you’re put off by it all being in Mandarin, we’ve got a handy guide about how to navigate the site.

Be sure you check out reviews for any kitchenware you buy from Taobao to be as sure as possible about quality.

Selfridges – Looking to bring some style to your Hong Kong kitchen shopping? Selfridges offers some of the most sought-after brands in kitchenware that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, offering Smeg, Joseph Joseph, Wedgewood, and Kitchenaid.

You can get unlimited international shipping with Selfridges membership for $420 a year, plus you’ll get the VAT knocked off the price at checkout. 

Which is a good knife shop in Hong Kong?

Pan-handler sells Global knives in Hong Kong, along with other top brands that would suit top-class chefs. They have every type of knife you might need, from fish knives to Chinese choppers and everything in between.

I need to buy Japanese and Korean kitchenware in Hong Kong; where do I go?

Your first port of call for Korean or Japanese kitchenware in Hong Kong should be Shanghai Street. We’ve covered the details a little earlier – it’s a cornucopia of kitchenware from around the world, both local and imported. You can pick up metal, rattan, and bamboo items that should do everything you need.

Where do I find a skillet pan in Hong Kong?

Saladmaster is a renowned top brand for cookware; they have multiple skillet pans from 8 inches and up – promising a lifetime of use with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

These aren’t the cheapest products you can find, but if you want quality kitchen products that allow you to use less butter and oil, retain nutrients, and make cooking a breeze, you can see for yourself by booking a cooking demonstration in Sheung Wan



Looking for a specific piece of kitchenware, and Hong Kong seems all out? With our local knowledge and love of shopping, we’re happy to help out.

Whether you want to get into baking or delve into the world of Asian or European cuisines, we hope you are now ready to get your hands on quality kitchenware in Hong Kong.   

If you’d like to know more about buying other kitchen-related items in Hong Kong, check out our article on -> Hong Kong Grocery Guide: Best quality & prices.

Have we missed your hidden gem for buying kitchenware in Hong Kong? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what we are missing.

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