Who doesn’t enjoy a good vacation? We all look forward to a great vacay! However, it’s much better if you bring a sweetheart with you. It becomes an I-can’t-get-enough-of-this experience. When it comes to vacations, the more the merrier, and a pair of two can help you make the most of your holiday. Interestingly, Hong Kong has romantic vacation spots for couples to have a great time. In this article, we highlight 10 things to ensure you have amazing vacation sex since we know you want the most memorable sex experience when you go on vacation. Make memories from these suggestions!

Shut the world out

Vacations are for relaxation, not work, and certainly not for chit-chatting on the phone with friends and relatives. This is the moment to show your lover that you care about them by spending quality time with them. When you’re both on your phones, you spend more time looking at the screen than talking to each other.

Human engagement can be far more meaningful without the distractions that electronic devices provide. You may believe that if you didn’t have access to hot topics online, you’d have nothing to say to each other, but that’s not the case. You can discuss food, fantasies, and what you expect from your vacation. Exchange experiences from the day’s events, or share stories with each other.

Don’t work

Vacations are also not the time to work. When you’re supposed to be making out or doing something interesting together, your partner may become bored watching you attend to business issues. Answering emails, and long phone calls are all prohibited. Instead, send an automated message informing folks that you are on vacation and will respond when you return.

Explore each other

Adventure and vacation go hand in hand. They add to the enjoyment of vacations. Discuss and explore your passions and desires. Have you ever wanted to experiment with temperature play or be a little kinkier in your sexual exploits? Do you wish to have a sensuous massage? Now’s the time. Toys can come in handy here. How about you both explore having blended orgasms using toys?

Stay in the moment

In the heat of sex, you may lose touch with your sensations and begin to lose your focus. Practice mindfulness to help you stay connected and in the present. Sex and the mind are intimately connected. Think about things that arouse you and the next thing you would like to do to your partner in bed.

Make plans for the undesirable

Other objects of comparable importance should be packed. In addition to sex toys and condoms, contraception and sanitary products are required for a healthy sexual life. In the event of a headache or minor pain, aspirin should be in your first aid box.

Do things together

It’s not all about sex the whole time. Other intimate pastimes can liven up the mood. There is so much you can do together. Make a list of potential activities you can do together before you leave. Cooking together, going to the movies, going to the opera, swimming, and hiking are all activities you can enjoy together. However, before compiling this list, evaluate your holiday destination. For example, in Hong Kong, there are plenty of hiking trails ao be sure that you and your partner, pack your hiking gear!

Keep the essentials on you

Traveling with your partner shouldn’t be a cumbersome task if you know what to pack for your trip. We have you covered with these five things that you need to carry when you are planning for a holiday… or rather holiday sex. 

  1. Carry ample sunscreen
  2. Carry travel safe toys
  3. Birth control pills
  4. Blue pills (if you need them)
  5. Happy mood

Spend time apart

Do you want your partner to long for you? You and your partner can go your separate ways for a while. It’s fine to pursue different areas of interest. For example, if she can’t tolerate watching games, you can go watch a game while she goes to the spa. It’s unrealistic to expect you two to like doing the same things all the time. So, in addition to developing a list of activities you can do together, each of you can make a separate list of things you’d like to do alone. Alone time renews your attraction to one another.


The only time you should leave your electronics on is when you are apart. Sexting is an excellent technique to make the heart grow fonder. Send provocative text messages and talk about sexy things over the phone. Tell your spouse that you miss them and can’t wait to kiss or touch them. After you’ve finished seducing yourselves with words and pictures, you’ll both be itching to get back together after some time away.

Have sex with clothes on

Return to high school days when you made out with clothes on and engaged in build-up for hours. Find a way to get easy access to each other. Grind against each other. Outercourse can lead to an intense quickie and is definitely a good way to do something different.

Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous entails not adhering to your daily to-do list. Consider spending one night doing something random and unexpected. Surprise yourself by engaging in unexpected activities. Other sex activities, such as kissing, caressing, romantic discussion, and oral delights, are all ways to be sexually spontaneous.


While having certain expectations is a good thing, you also want to leave room for shortcomings. It’s natural to be excited about your journey together and envision how fantastic it will be. But don’t over-idealize things because things may not go as perfectly as you wish. You don’t want to get disappointed when things turn out a bit differently from what you envisaged.

Always dwell on the positive and move on quickly from any negative events. Communicate with your partner at all times about any change in plans which may be a setback. Welcome your partner’s input to help you both rise above any unforeseen events. Holidaying sometimes has its ups and downs, highs and lows but you can make the best of the situation with good planning.

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