Best Sheung Wan Restaurants – The 9 We Love

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Looking for the best Sheung Wan restaurants?

There’s no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of sampling some of the best cuisines in Sheung Wan.

We know there’s an overwhelming and seemingly infinite number of restaurants peppered around Sheung Wan.  Here’s where we come in!

Savvy is here to let you know where you can embark on a fresh culinary journey. Get your Google Maps app open, and let’s go.

In this article, we will cover the best Sheung Wan restaurants for:

  • Thai food
  • Middle Eastern
  • Spanish

and more. Let’s dive right in!


1. Best Sheung Wan restaurant for Thai cuisine


Samsen is one of the best restaurants in Sheung Wan; the food is both tasty and affordable.

Why we chose it:

  • If you’ve ever enjoyed Thai food, then you’re bound to love Samsen; the comprehensive, Bangkok-inspired menu is as delicious as it is authentic. 
  • The incredible aromatic experience that hits your nostrils as soon as you enter the threshold gets your mouth watering instantly. Your food arriving is a welcome crescendo. 
  • Second Samen restaurant in the city
  • Specialists in stir fry dishes and your favorite curries

What we like:

  • Individual lunch and dinner menus
  • Freshly imported Thai ingredients
  • Reasonably priced
  • Traditional Thai dishes that you know and love
  • Top-notch takeaway service

What could improve:

  • They won’t take reservations for booking under 8 people 


  • Authentic Thai food in a large venue that is perfect for large groups
  • Check out the sweet roti for those of you with a penchant for desserts, the perfect ending to a meal that ticks all our boxes. 
  • Probably one of the best restaurants in Sheung Wan for large group bookings or parties.
  • Whilst Samsen doesn’t currently take reservations for bookings under eight; their layout is large enough to accommodate most walk-ins, usually even walk-ins on the larger side.

Samsen Location: 23 Jervois Street, +852 2234 0080, FB: @SamsenHK, IG: @samsenhk


2. Best restaurant in Sheung Wan for chargrilled meat and salads


Chachawan offers super tasty Thai food - this is a perfect Sheung Wan restaurant for a fun night out.

Why we chose it:

  • Chachawan is a very exciting place to visit. Check it out if you like working your way through a restaurant’s menu over a few visits; this one has a whole lot of choice. 
  • The restaurant has a great vibe;  we love the vibrant salad, grilled meats, and seafood.
  • Recommended cocktail pairings
  • Quaint, chilled atmosphere

What we like:

  • A relatively simple menu, brilliantly executed
  • Attentive staff
  • Well priced, premium options available
  • Extensive, but not overwhelming, menu
  • Rustic vibes

What could improve:

  • It doesn’t take reservations


  • The Thai-inspired meals sit next to a carefully curated drinks menu, offering perfect pairings. You’ll have weeks of fun working your way through!
  • Cocktail or beer lover? If you order a cocktail or a beer, your experience at this Sheung Wan restaurant will be elevated even further. Be prepared for a potential party atmosphere which can make for a very entertaining night out.

Chachawan Location: 206 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, +852 2549 0020, FB:  @chachawan.hongkong


3. Best people-watching restaurant in Sheung Wan

Elephant Grounds

Elephant Grounds is a relaxed café in the heart of Sheung Wan. The menu is simple and the coffee is delicious.

Why we chose it:

  • Probably more of an upper-end café than a restaurant, Elephant Grounds Sheung Wan Roastery location is in the perfect location; who doesn’t love watching the world go by with a coffee? 
  • Large and airy space; just perfect for a relaxing meal 
  • Small and snappy menu
  • Amazing coffee to go with great food
  • Great central location in the heart of Sheung Wan

What we like:

  • Brunch favorites served all day – no Saturday rush!
  • Cakes are to absolutely die for and perfectly Instagrammable
  • Inspired coffee cocktails mix your favorite vices

What could improve:

  • Closes at 8 pm, so you need to get there sharpish after the office


  • This coffee shop chain has been at the forefront of the Hong Kong coffee scene from the early days, innovating since 2013. 
  • Whether you’re looking for sweet decadence to spark your weekend with croissants and cakes or want a hearty salad bowl to get the healthy feels, Elephant Grounds has you and your friends’ needs covered. 

Elephant Grounds Location: Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, +852 35800554, FB: @elephantgrounds, IG: @elephantgrounds


4. Best Sheung Wan restaurant for social dining


Bedu is the perfect Middle Eastern restaurant in Sheung Wan.

Why we chose it:

  • Bedu is one of the best Sheung Wan restaurants for a group of friends looking to enjoy delicious Middle Eastern street food in one of the hippest streets on Hong Kong Island.
  • Menu designed with sharing in mind
  • Cozy, friendly, and fun atmosphere
  • Perfect for a small, friendly gathering

What we like:

  • Various menus to cater to differing appetites
  • Perfectly-sized portions giving ample space to try as much as you can
  • Creative, non-alcoholic alternatives
  • Their policy of not taking bookings for over six people really does go a long way to help manage any overly loud noise or potential chaos that you may experience at other venues. 

What could improve:

  • Some items a little pricey


  • If you love Middles Eastern food and you like hip restaurants, Bedu is perfect.
  • It can be difficult to walk in and expect a table at certain times of the day, so best to book for your small and intimate parties.
  • Even though there’s alcohol at Bedu, their Middle Eastern-inspired mocktail carafes really shine. They’re designed to pair perfectly with whatever you choose to eat. 
  • If you’re in the mood for a boozier affair, Bedu also offers a free-flow cocktail deal for just 245HKD per person when ordering from the weekend brunch menu, available from 11:30 am – 4:30 pm, Saturday-Sunday.

Bedu Location: 40 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2320 4450, FB: @beduhk, IG: @bedu_hk 


5. Best Sheung Wan restaurant for Spanish tapas

Pica Pica

Pica Pica is a Sheung Wan restaurant selling delicious Spanish food.

Why we chose it:

  • Pica Pica is a great little piece of Spain nestled away within Sheung Wan’s restaurants. 
  • Contemporary Spanish recipes ensure that you can enjoy an authentic European experience.
  • A social, upbeat atmosphere means you’ll be able to have fun even if you go as part of a smaller party.  

What we like:

  • Immaculate presentation
  • Versatile dining space
  • Great value for money
  • A clear, concise menu

What could improve:

  • Vegetarian options are a little basic


  • If you’ve not made it over to Spain yet, you’ll get a very good idea why the nation’s so proud of their traditional recipes after eating here. 
  • While there are a number of small plate and street food restaurants in Sheung Wan, this is by far one of the finest in authentic Spanish Tapas. Modern, amazingly tasty, and with an incredible wine selection – it’s one not to miss—Experience Europe without even having to leave the bustle of Hong Kong.

Pica Pica Location:  317-321 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, +852 2811 9880, FB: @picapicahk 


6. Best restaurant in Sheung Wan for award-winning Japanese food


Yardbird is one of the most popular restaurants in Sheung Wan.

Why we chose it:

  • Yardbird is the perfect venue for having a great time while enjoying excellent food.   
  • As implied by the name, the menu heavily features a huge variety of yakitori chicken skewers. It does also offer some great alternatives for those not wanting chicken… at a chicken specialist. 
  • Yakitori chicken skewer specialists
  • Customer-centered service
  • Fun, casual atmosphere

What we like:

  • Welcomes group bookings
  • Heavy on yakitori and also has alternatives if you want something else
  • Over 30 different whiskeys to choose from
  • Quirky merch store

What could improve:

  • Some items regularly sell out due to their popularity


  • If you’re in the mood to party, try Yardbird; this is a restaurant for sharing food and drink and creating memories with your friends and loved ones.
  • This local favorite restaurant fills up fast; make sure you get there early to avoid missing out on this poultry powerhouse.
  • In case you needed another reason to visit, it has a Michelin star. When has that ever been a bad thing?

Yardbird Location: 154-158 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2547 9273, FB: @yardbirdrestaurant  


7. One of the best Sheung Wan restaurants for nutrition and wellness

Grain of Salt 

Grain of Salt is a super healthy restaurant in Sheung Wan. The menu has been created by a nutritionist.

Why we chose it:

  • More than just a health café, Grain of Salt exudes a genuine interest in making sure all of its customers leave feeling satisfied and more nourished – mentally and physically – than they were when they entered. 
  • Well developed and thoughtful nutritionist-written menu
  • Artisan tea and coffee

What we like:

  • Fresh and healthy food; vegetarian and vegan food plus smoothies
  • We like that their staff are on hand to offer nutrition advice
  • The restaurant is building a community of health-orientated people

What could improve:

  • The core menu is limited


  • This is the perfect place to go if you’re in the middle of a health kick and you need your eyes opening to the possibilities of full nutritious vegetarian and vegan food
  • The menu items are clearly well-developed from a nutritional standpoint. That extends too to the tea and coffee menu, the likes of which you are unlikely to experience at many other places in Hong Kong, let alone around the restaurants of Sheung Wan. 
  • They also promote their health-centric message through their onsite clinic.

Grain of Salt Location, 47 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2968 1083, FB: @grainofsalthk/, IG: @grainofsalthk


8. One of the best Sheung Wan restaurants for gluten-free options

Ohms Cafe & Bar

Ohms Cafe & Bar is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.

Why we chose it:

  • Cute and cozy location
  • Rustic interiors
  • Perfect place for a quick bite
  • Vegan and fair trade food

What we like:

  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Attentive service
  • Laidback vibes to chill out after a busy week

What could improve:

  • Prices on the higher side for a café


  • A little off the beaten track, Ohms is an ideal place to meet up with someone on a break from work or a day off for a quick catch-up. 
  • With plenty of vegan and gluten-free options available, there’s something on the menu for all tastes.

Ohms Cafe & Bar Location: 192 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, +852 5400 4236, FB: @ohmshk2017 


9. Best French restaurant in Sheung Wan

Nissa La Bella

Nissa La Bella is one of the best Sheung Wan restaurants; a great European holiday vibe.

Why we chose it:

  • The restaurant serves French Riviera cuisine 
  • Charming street cafe decor giving the entire restaurant a holiday-vibe right in the middle of Sheung Wan
  • Shareable portions give a European dining experience

What we like:

  • They serve food you’ll know and love from Nice and the South of France
  • Simple, classic food that you’ll want to go back for
  • A relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect mate date location
  • Prices are reasonable

What could improve:

  • The restaurant can get quite loud, but perhaps this is just a sign that everyone is having fun!


  • Just off the top of Hollywood Road, Nissa La Bella has the al fresco dining experience that’ll give you a little bit of escapism. 
  • We’re all ready to go on holiday at the moment, and whilst we can’t transport you to the French Mediterranean, you can certainly eat like you’re there.
  • It’s pretty new to the Sheung Wan dining scene, having only opened in November 2020. It sits firmly on our favorites list, and we particularly love the lemon tart!

Nissa La Bella Location: 6-14 Upper Station Street,  Sheung Wan. FB: @nissalabellahk, IG: @nissalabellahk



What else can I do in Sheung Wan?

In Sheung Wan, you will find:
– Boutique gyms such as Lights//Out and F45.
– You can enjoy delicious French food as well as buy authentic French groceries.
– Sun Yat-Sen Park; fun for kids and a perfect place to exercise outside.
– The waterfront promenade; just perfect for doing a run after work or taking kids with scooters on the weekend.
– You will also find one of our favorite stores in Hong Kong for shampoo; this store has an amazing range at really low pricing.



Sheung Wan is one of our favorite areas in Hong Kong. You can find almost everything you’re looking for if you walk the streets of Sheung Wan; we hope you are now ready to try some of the best Sheung Wan restaurants.

We are committed to sharing our tips on life in Hong Kong and we are always on the hunt for the best options that are both high in quality and the best. If you think we have missed a great Sheung Wan restaurant, please reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know.

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