Where should I begin? When it comes to sex, people often wonder if they could be doing better – it’s a common question. Some concerns may include how to perform, what to do or not do during sex, and how to ensure your man is having fun. As difficult as you may believe sex is, it is actually easier than you think. The first step to having and giving great sex is never to overthink things. Having said that, here are ten pointers to get you started. From where to start, where to touch, and how to prepare for the best sex ever.

More kisses

Slow kisses are a perfect place to start. Begin with your tongue tracing your partner’s lips. Alternatively, gently bite the edge of their lower lip with your teeth. Full kisses increase dopamine levels in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that increases desire in both men and women. Slowly circling his tongue, press the tip of your tongue against his, and lick the tip of his tongue with yours, all the while holding both sides of his face.

Scrotum play

Don’t ignore this vital part of your man. Yes, the delicateness of this body part can be a put-off. But knowing the perfect way to handle your man’s scrotum can make a world of difference. Your man would definitely love it. Here’s how to play with the scrotum. Suck one at a time and gently squeeze or cup it. It aids in climaxing. When performing oral sex, use your hand to glide across the skin and heighten the sensation. You can as well use your mouth on them while you caress the penis. Sometimes, use your tongue to stroke the seam of the scrotum. The scrotum needs the right kind of pressure. You shouldn’t be too hard or too soft on them. Check with your partner to know what’s right for them.

Ear Play

Apart from the scrotum, the ear is another body part that assists men in reaching their peak. As they get closer to orgasm, try nibbling or licking their ears. Blow softly into their ears for the most intimate reaction. Another way to play with his ear is to run your tongue up the length of it and take a deep breath behind it.

Massage the perineum

Make it a more intense experience as he gets closer to ejaculating by massaging the flat area between his penis and anus with a finger or two. This can be done while giving oral sex to increase excitement, stimulate the nerves, and increase blood flow to the entire region.

Use lubes

Lubes are used to make sex more comfortable. Vaginal dryness is nothing to be surprised or shy about. This can happen to both young and old women. Lubricants can be a huge help. Don’t be afraid to use them. Use water-based lubricants. Allow yourself plenty of time to warm up and get wet naturally. The use of lubes improves the experience.

Find out what you like and dislike

Isn’t it true that sex isn’t all about giving? You want to receive and enjoy it as well. Try to figure out what you enjoy. Think about sex positions that make you go wild, as well as how you prefer to be touched. Communicate this to your partner. Discuss your fantasies with your partner and direct them to where you want them to touch you. Saying “don’t stop,” tells them you enjoy what they’re doing to you. At other times, direct their hand to touch you where you want it.

Stay present

Distractions can be a major issue at times. So don’t think about the fact that you are supposed to make a phone call, add something to your grocery list, or simply be concerned about how you are doing in bed or whether your partner likes what is going on. It’s important to concentrate on remaining focused to enjoy every bit of love-making. Stay in the present moment! To experience full arousal, practice mindfulness by turning off the noise. Only then can you improve arousal.

Be confident

We tend to see our flaws in ourselves and exaggerate them. A flabby tummy, stretch marks, and scars can all contribute to a negative self-image. This can cause over-consciousness and a loss of confidence during sex. Improving your perception keeps you from being a spectator in the bedroom. Always think positively about yourself and believe that your man finds you attractive. Wear things that make you feel good about yourself in the bedroom, before sex. Turn off the lights if it makes you feel comfortable and less conscious of yourself.

Initiate sex

There’s something about leading the way. It allows you to maintain control. Take it a step further by staying on top of him. Grind him and take the lead role. This is a good way to enjoy getting aroused by sex without having to wait for sex to get aroused first. You don’t have to be in the mood for sex to initiate it. It’s about being spontaneous and surprising the hell out of yourself and your partner. One thing to remember though. Lower the stakes. Your partner may not be in the mood. If he doesn’t feel up to it, don’t feel bad, and don’t let it affect your confidence subsequently. 

Also if your partner has an ejaculation problem then you can try sex toys and squeeze techniques. We also recommend reading this guide to know more about ejaculation (射精) treatment in Hong kong.

Give compliments

Complimenting your partner strengthens your emotional bond with him. A lot of things that happen outside of the bedroom can have an impact on what happens inside. Tell your partner nice and encouraging things. This increases the amount of positive energy between you two and affects positively the sex experience.


There are numerous erogenous areas of your man that you can explore. You and your partner can always talk about your bedroom expectations. Because of the dynamic nature of our bodies, what turns them on today may completely turn them off tomorrow. It is also worth noting that erogenous zones are not universal. Some things may never work for both of you. Communication is essential at all levels. Using safe words in the bedroom will help you recognize when to stop doing something that isn’t working out—either unpleasant or uncomfortable. In any case, practice will help you perfect your lovemaking abilities. Having more sex gets you in tune with your partner and makes it easier to understand what works or doesn’t.

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