The 10 Best Club Memberships in Hong Kong

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Looking for the best club memberships in Hong Kong? We have you covered.

Yes, club memberships in HK are expensive, but club memberships can significantly improve your quality of life in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, where apartments are small and very few people have the luxury of having their own blade of grass, let alone a garden, club memberships can offer a wonderful respite from what can be an incredibly hectic city.

Today, Hong Kong has a diverse array of club memberships. Whether you want a club where you can focus on spa-activities or a club that will allow you to indulge in your favorite sporting activities, you should be able to find the right club for you.

In this article, we cover:

  • Whether or not club memberships are worthwhile
  • How long you might have to wait to become a member
  • Whether you can expect subsidized prices once you’re a member
  • Key factors to consider before joining a club
  • The best club memberships in Hong Kong

Hopefully, once you finish reading this article, you’ll be better equipped to know if a club membership is for you and which club might be most suitable.

If you have any questions, please contact us at SavvyinHK or in the comments section below.


Is a club membership in Hong Kong worthwhile?

Photo courtesy of LRC Facebook.

This question is tricky, and it’s impossible to give an answer that will cover all possibilities, but we can make some general comments.

If you’re single, without kids, working long hours, and barely finding time to make it out of the office when the sun is up, a club membership may not be a great option.

On the other hand, if you have kids and you’d like a single location for them to do various sporting activities such as swimming, ballet, gymnastics, taekwondo, and other sports, a club membership can be super handy.

Even if you’re not looking for a place for your kids to relax, club memberships can be great for people who want to enjoy their sports regularly.

Love playing tennis seriously and regularly? Want to join a cricket team and hone your batting skills? Want to sail every week and get involved in the sailing community of Hong Kong?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a club membership can be a great option.


Will I have to wait a long time to become a member of a club in Hong Kong?

Again, this is a tricky question. You can generally assume that waiting lists for club memberships are not as long as they used to be. These days, it feels like clubs are trying to attract more members, and there is often flexibility in terms of memberships.

Below are some alternate ways to consider when you want to join a club in Hong Kong:

  • Can’t get in as a 7-day member at the LRC? You can first apply to become a 5-day member. Do this for at least 2-4 years, and then they might accept you as a 7-day member.
  • Can’t get into The American Club as a full member? Consider a reverse membership? The American Club’s reverse membership, whereby you can use their Central location on weekends and their Tai Tam venue on weekdays, can be a great option.
  • Got some sporting abilities? Another way to get accepted into a club is by becoming a sporting membership. If you can demonstrate decent sporting abilities, this should help you secure a membership more quickly.

Remember, at first; you might not be able to secure the exact membership you want.

However, once you join a club (via an alternate membership), be sure to regularly go to the club and show that you are an active participating member; this will greatly enhance your chances of gaining the full club membership you might desire.


What are the benefits of a club membership in Hong Kong? 

Once you’re a private club member, your kids will have space to roam around. Depending on their age, you can expect to see your kids dart from their swimming lessons to the library and then back over to the outdoor playground. If it’s hot, they might want to relax in the indoor playground.

Membership clubs in Hong Kong are generally pretty good about accepting club member guests, so you should be able to invite some friends over and see your kids enjoy some time with their friends either after school on a weekday or the weekend (if your membership allows).

With private club memberships, adults will also get the opportunity to enjoy their own activities. Depending on the club, adults might be able to enjoy a game of tennis, a match of cricket or a game of rugby, or perhaps a workout at the gym, or even some quiet time in the club’s sauna.

One of the best things about clubs in Hong Kong is that they cater to everyone. Very much a crowd-pleaser.


What are the key factors I should consider before deciding on which club to join in HK?

If you’re trying to figure out which is the best club for you, some of the key considerations are:

  • Location
  • Sports available
  • Cost
  • If any of your friends are members

Location: If you’re trying to really maximize the value of a club membership, location is critical. The more convenient the location, the more often you’ll go. There’s no point spending a lot of money on joining fees, and monthly fees, if you aren’t able to make use of the club facilities.

Sports: If you’re into sports and want to practice tennis, cricket, rugby, or sailing, then selecting a club with like-minded people and having the opportunity to practice is important.

Cost: is a huge factor. Let’s face it; some club memberships are more expensive than others. Expensive club memberships include the Country Club and the Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC). But some of the other clubs cost much less and don’t forget if you’re good at a sport, you might be able to enjoy reduced fees.

Friends: Once you join a club, you can expect to make some new friends quickly, but it’s always good to go somewhere where there are a few friendly faces. Check to see if your friends are members anywhere.


Once I’m a club member, can I expect subsidized pricing within the club? 

It’s a different story for each club, but generally, once you’re a club member, you can expect the pricing of F&B consumed within the club to be cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. The same goes for kids’ lessons; you’ll find you will be hard-pressed to find cheaper or better swimming lessons outside your club.

There’s a simple reason for all of this, you’ve already paid a joining fee, and you’re probably paying monthly fees, so clubs want to incentivize you to come and spend as much time (and money) as possible as the club.

Once you become a club member, it certainly makes sense to try to do many activities at the club to enjoy the maximum benefits.


Best Club Memberships in Hong Kong

1. Ladies’ Recreation Club Membership

The LRC is a great club membership, located in the heart of mid-levels, LRC is a delight. If you are a tennis lover, you will truly adore this club.

Photo courtesy of LRC.

The Ladies’ Recreation Club is a special place in Hong Kong. In 1883, Louisa Coxon and her 18 friends wrote a letter to the acting colonial secretary asking “for a small piece of land for health and recreation.”

Little did they know the Ladies Recreation Club would become one of the most sought-after sports and recreation clubs in Hong Kong.

While this club’s facilities are not as extensive as some of the other clubs, this club enjoys a very central location. It’s also an excellent club for people who have a passion for tennis.  

Facilities include ten tennis courts, two heated swimming pools (indoor & outdoor), a five-star spa, dining facilities,  libraries, a fitness center, and ten-pin bowling.

LRC Membership Details:

  • The waiting list for Lifetime memberships is upwards of 10 years.
  • However, there is currently no waiting list for 5-Day Memberships.
  • The fee for a family 5-day membership is HK$98,400; for a single membership, the price is HK$49,200. There is also a monthly fee as well as monthly minimum spend requirements.
  • A corporate membership is HK$1,000,000.

LRC Address: 10 Old Peak Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
LRC Telephone: 3199 3500
LRC Email:


2. Hong Kong Cricket Club Membership

The Hong Kong Cricket Club was established in 1851 and is one of Asia’s oldest cricket clubs. The club is in Wong Nai Chung Gap, surrounded by beautiful greenery.

This club is well-known for its beautiful surroundings, convenient location, and ample outdoor activities. It’s a perfect venue for adults to relax, have fun, and do sports simultaneously as their kids are having fun.

The club has a 25-meter swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts, and a multi-use sports hall.

Hong Kong Cricket Club Membership Details:

  • HK$288,000 for a subscriber membership, with a monthly payment of $1,660.
  • HK$1.89 million for perpetuity corporate nominee membership.
  • Apparently, the waiting list to become a member is approximately 7 years.

Hong Kong Cricket Club Address: 137 Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd, Tai Tam, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Cricket Club Telephone: +852 3511 8678


3. The Hong Kong Country Club Membership

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Country Club’s pristine lawn, you’re missing out on an experience that is unique to Hong Kong.

The club has beautiful views and plenty of facilities to keep you and your kids busy. Facilities include tennis and squash courts, a bowling alley, fun restaurants, and a large pool.

The club has an adventure playground right next to the lawn. There’s also an indoor playroom with a full-time supervisor, which will allow you to enjoy some grown-up time.

It’s a great club for experiencing tranquility away from the heart of Hong Kong’s inner-city chaos.

The Hong Kong Country Club Membership Details:

  • The waiting list is upwards of 10 years, and applications are assessed according to a strict nationality quota to ensure its diversity.
  • Expect an individual membership to set you back HK$460,000, while a corporate membership is HK$5,000,000.
  • Monthly fees are HK$2,500.

The Hong Kong Country Club Address: 188 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Deep Water Bay.


4. The American Club Membership

The American Club is somewhat unique in that it has a city venue and a coastal venue: The Town Club (Central) and the Country Club (Tai Tam).

The Central venue is excellent for enjoying wine and quality American food with friends and colleagues in a super convenient location. In contrast, their site in Tai Tam offers many facilities, such as a large outdoor pool, spa facilities, basketball courts, and squash courts.

The Tai Tam venue also has a kid’s indoor play area called the “Eagle’s Nest.”

The Eagles Nest is a 10,000 square foot three-story play area with plenty of toys, arts, and crafts. Best of all, you can rest in comfortable chairs and watch your kids climb up and down throughout the play area.

In terms of dining facilities, the Town Club (Central) offers five excellent restaurants, and you can request a private dining area that can be useful for work meetings. While the Country Club boasts cafes, wine bars, and poolside grills.

The American Club Membership Details: 

  • The waiting list is around one and a half years. Applicants must be proposed and seconded by two active voting members who have been part of the club for at least 12 months.
  • A variety of memberships are available. They even have a “reverse membership” option, which allows you to enjoy the Tai Tam venue on weekdays and the Central venue on weekends (at a reduced fee).
  • If you’re an American citizen, an American Individual Membership is HK$438,000, with monthly fees of HK$2,570.
  • There is also a One-Year Temporary Membership at HK$45,600 with monthly fees of HK$1,950.

The American Club Locations:
The Town Club: Floor 48-49, Two Exchange Square, Central.
The Country Club: 28 Tai Tam Road, Tai Tam.


5. Hong Kong Football Club Membership

If you're thinking about club memberships, consider the Hong Kong Football Club.

Credit: International Leisure Consultants

The Hong Kong Football Club is the place to be if you’re an avid sports lover.

Most members join the club to take advantage of the fantastic collection of indoor and outdoor facilities. Plus, once the sporting activities are done, there is a vast opportunity to socialize within the club.

Located in Happy Valley, the club owns significant football, rugby, netball, and hockey pitches. Other facilities include a swimming pool and bowling alleys.

There are multiple restaurants and bars where your family can gather to watch game sports during the season. The Chairman’s bar provides a more formal setting.

There is also a coffee shop for casual meals and a fine dining restaurant with a weekly set menu and a comprehensive wine list.

The club is super kid-friendly. They offer classes for all ages and offer a ten-pin bowling complex and two children’s playrooms.

Hong Kong Football Club Membership Details: 

  • For membership details, check here. Sports memberships are popular. If you can pass trials and prove your commitment, you could be in within a few weeks.

Hong Kong Football Club Location: Hong Kong Football Club, 3 Sports Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong


6. Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Membership

If you like boats and are considering club memberships in Hong Kong, check out the Hong Kong Yacht Club.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

If you enjoy rowing, dinghy sailing, or yachting, then the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is the right club for you. This club has three locations.

Kellett Island in Causeway Bay is the club’s principal base. There are two smaller Club branches at Middle Island in Repulse Bay and Shelter Cove near Sai Kung.

The club in Causeway Bay offers a large outdoor swimming pool and a fabulous indoor kid’s club. There is an array of dining establishments, including fine dining at the Compass Room.

The Club at Middle Island provides facilities for dinghy sailing, rowing, and sail training. It is here that the club’s fleet of dinghies is kept.

The Middle Island location is accessible only via the club’s sampan ferry. While this location does offer dining facilities, this venue is a lot more casual than the Causeway Bay location.

The location in Sai Kung is for serious sailing. This site is the base for cruisers, dragons, and sports boats. This venue enables members to rig their sails and get far away from urban Hong Kong and out into the New Territories’ open seas and mountainous scenery.

Membership Details: You’ll need to prove your sailing experience or rowing for the cheapest fees and show your willingness to participate in activities with the club. For ordinary membership, you’ll need a proposer from the club. Expect to wait between two to six weeks.


7. Aberdeen Marina Club Membership

If you love that luxury resort atmosphere, then Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) is the club you should join.

Managed by the very popular and upmarket Shangri La Hotel Group, this is among the most elite membership clubs in Hong Kong. This club is equipped with seven restaurants and world-class amenities like a fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, kids’ play zones, a bowling alley, a beauty salon, and much more.

They also have a specially designed, fully serviced boatyard for your super-yacht parking. Yes, please (if only).

It is among the best clubs in Hong Kong to relax and rejuvenate.

Aberdeen Marina Club Membership Details:

  • The membership is strictly by invitation.
  • The interested applicants have to submit a letter introducing themselves and the type of membership they are interested in.
  • However, all the membership applications are subject to approval. You’ll be paying over HK$3,000,000 for a second-hand membership of the AMC.
  • For more details, click here.

Address: 8 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
Telephone: +852 25558321


8. The Hong Kong Golf Club Membership

If you're looking for the best club membership in Hong Kong, and love golf, check out the Hong Kong Golf Club.

Photo courtesy of the Hong Kong Golf Club Facebook.

Founded in 1889, the Hong Kong Golf Club is among the best Hong Kong membership clubs and is one of Asia’s most historic golf clubs.

As a member of this club, you get to access its two locations, one being the original club that stands on the south side of the strikingly beautiful Deep Water Bay on a large piece of prime real estate, boasting impressive 9-hole par 56 courses, surrounded by stunning views.

The second one is Fanling in New Territories features three 18-hole courses.

Topping the list of the best clubs in HK, the club offers exclusive facilities like swimming pools, a sauna, several restaurants from casual barbeque by the pool to an exclusive Orchid Room with a view of the water at Deep Water Bay.

All in all, it is an impressive club, which is worth your time and money if you can afford it.

The Hong Kong Golf Club Membership Details:

  • The club issues only a limited number of new memberships and that is only occasionally.
  • For a second-hand membership to the club, you might have to pay around HK$17 million.
  • The waiting list is supposedly around 20 years.

The Hong Kong Golf Club Locations: 

Deep Water Bay: 19 Island Road, Deep Water Bay.

Telephone: +852 28127070

Fanling: No.1 Fan Kam Road, Sheung Shui, New Territories.

Telephone: +852 26701211


9. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Membership

If you're trying to figure out which club to join in Hong Kong, and love horse racing, consider the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Image courtesy of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Founded in 1884, the Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of the oldest institutions in the country, also known as a world-class racing club, promoting racing and doing charity to better society.

Being one of the top Hong Kong membership clubs, HKJC is known for its racing and a wide range of racecourse entertainment, responsible sports wagering, and lottery coupled with community contribution and charities.

Once you are a member, you’ll get access to exclusive race lounges, both the Happy Valley and Sha Tin Tracks.

The club boasts three clubhouses, ten restaurants, and bars, buffet dining rooms, entertainment, private terraces, a sports complex, children play areas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and many horse activities riding lessons, pony care for the kids.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Membership Details:

  • The club is open for anyone to be a member, but an invitation is required for corporate memberships.
  • For racing memberships, securing votes by a resident honorary steward, honorary voting member, or voting member of the club is essential. HK$125,000 has to be paid by the racing member with monthly fees of HK$650, while full membership incurs HK$500,000.
  • The range for corporate memberships is from HK$2,200,000 to HK$4,400,000, with HK$2,200 as the monthly fees.
  • For membership details, click here.

Locations: There are multiple locations include Happy Valley and Sha Tin.


10. The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong Membership

We have written an article about the best club memberships in Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong Facebook.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club is a privately owned and run members-only club that lies away from the city’s hustle and bustle amidst one of the most beautiful locations. This club has an 18-hole golf course, making it one of the most exclusive resort-style clubs in Hong Kong.

Among the best membership clubs in Hong Kong, this club offers luxury townhouse accommodation with family-friendly restaurants and services. It is meticulously designed to give you the holiday feel like that at a 6 or 7-star resort.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong Membership Details: 

  • Recommendation by a proposer and seconder is mandatory to be a member, followed by the committee’s interview and approval.
  • For Country Club, individual membership incurs HK$880,000, while the corporate fees are HK$1,320,000, with HK$1,600 as the monthly fees.
  • For Golf and Country Club, individual fees are HK$4,200,000, and corporate fees are HK$6,300,000, with monthly fees of HK$2,600.

Address: 139 Tai Au Mun Road, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong.
Telephone: +852 2335 3700



We are committed to helping you improve your quality of living in Hong Kong. We hope you found this article useful and that you have a better understanding of club memberships in Hong Kong.

Have we missed your best tips about club memberships in Hong Kong? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook, let us know your top picks, or drop us a note in the comments section below.

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What are the benefits of joining a country club in Hong Kong?

1. Enjoy your favorite sport if you join a sports country club.
2. Take advantage of the clubhouse facilities.
3. Relax in a classy environment.
4. Many of the clubs welcome families and have a lovely family environment.
5. Enjoy access to social events.

Do country clubs in Hong Kong check credit?

Many private clubs in Hong Kong may require you to agree to a credit and background check. These checks are done to ensure you are financially able to pay your membership fees every month. The better your credit rating, the more chance you have of being accepted.

What is the membership fee for the best Hong Kong clubs?

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