Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Hong Kong 2020

Are you looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for Hong Kong 2020?

If you have found yourself in Hong Kong over the Christmas period, and you’re not sure where to go for holiday shopping, we have you covered.

Promise we’re not jumping the gun here – with so many great deals to be had online, you want to get yourself organized early! In normal times, you’d want to allow extra time for post from the US or Europe around December. COVID-19 is going to exacerbate those delays, so be prepared!

There’s a lot to organize for Christmas in Hong Kong. We might not celebrate it in quite the same way as you would back home, so you’ll need a few ideas.   

Worry not; the spirit of savvy Christmas is here to help you source some great gifts that’ll have meaning and value all in one. See it as our gift to you…

We’ll be sharing our tips on where to shop for:

  • Hong Kong-themed Christmas cards
  • A true homebody
  • The health food fanatic in your life
  • Locally-produced items
  • The kids – yours, your colleagues’, anyone who loves a little magic
  • Beauty divas

Plus, we’ll recommend where to pick up some festive essentials. It’s time to start making your lists…


This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission if you use those links.


Where can I buy Christmas cards in Hong Kong? 

Biscuit Moon Design 

Tryin to figure out the best Christmas gift ideas for Hong Kong 2020? We have you covered from cards, kids, to inexpensive gifts.

Photo courtesy of Biscuit Moon Designs Facebook.

We’re all about supporting local brands here at Savvy in Hong Kong, and Christmas is no exception. 

Head straight to Biscuit Moon for the cutest Christmas cards in all of the city. The designs are Hong Kong-centric, with trams, taxis, lanterns, and the iconic Hong Kong skyline.

Even better, they take custom orders. You can get a batch of personalized Christmas cards with your own choice of image and texts – you can save your wrist writing out your name a few too many times!


I’ve been invited to a friend’s house over the holiday season, what gift should I take?

Cheese Club  

If you trying to figure out the best Christmas gift ideas for Hong Kong 2020, consider ordering some tasty cheese. Cheese is such a great gift. Your hostess will be very happy.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Delight your hosts with something wholly useful and a little unexpected. Rather than flowers, order a cheese box to take round instead. 

Cheese is a great gift. If you’re going to visit a friend for dinner, it goes great with dessert. When celebrating Christmas, cheese is the perfect accompaniment to wine and matches well with a range of spirits, too.

Here at Savvy in HK, we love the Cheese Club – you place your order once a month along with other members, and a bulk delivery sees you get great prices. Keep an eye on their Facebook page or their website to check when you can place an order. 

But we have good news! On top of their wonderful cheese goodness, the Cheese Club is offering extras like seafood and cold cuts with their deliveries. These extras are available to order December 3rd – 10th – best make a calendar entry right this moment. 

Great festive cheeses include:

  • Blue cheese for the sharp flavor that goes well with candied nuts
  • Soft cheese like brie goes well with fruits like grapes.
  • Hard cheeses like a traditional Cheddar are great to have handy for Xmas snacks.


I have a long Christmas shopping list; what are some inexpensive Christmas presents in Hong Kong?

Dumpling coaster from Qraftie

Looking for a great gift idea for Christmas in Hong Kong 2020? Check out Qraftie. This is a platform where artists can sell their hand-crafted products.

Photo courtesy of Qraftie Facebook.

We love the company Qraftie and have told you about them before our gifting guide for Hong Kong. Qraftie supports local artists, providing them a platform to sell their hand-crafted items. 

If you’ve not got time to browse their stylish and fun products, head straight for the coasters. There are eclectic designs that encapsulate Hong Kong and local style.

As well as being super practical, these coasters will be a conversation starter in the recipient’s home.  They are sold as a set of 3 for $180 and come packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging.  These coasters make a lovely small gift that is sure to please the receiver. 


What can I get as a Christmas present for a health food fanatic in Hong Kong? 


If you're trying to think of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Hong Kong 2020, consider creating a basket of high quality household goodies.

Whether your health-conscious friend or family member does the keto diet, is vegan, or eats a gluten-free diet, The Store will have something for them. It’s a Hong Kong-based company, and they even offer same-day deliveries to help you cut your Christmas shopping down to the wire. 

The product range is extensive, so you should find something for anyone you’re shopping for. Here are some of our picks for gift ideas:

What is a great Christmas gift for a friend in Hong Kong? 

For a gift that’s practical, thoughtful, and good for the planet, you can’t go far wrong with Pre de Provence Marseille Soap 72% Olive Oil Cube – 300g. It’s the most all-purpose gift you can get from someone, and it’s good for the environment since it has minimal packaging. 

This wonder-soap can be used for:

  • Your showering needs
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Dishwashing
  • Cleaning your make up brushes

And pretty much anything else that you might want to use soap for. 

It’s also super on-trend right now; you might have even come across Pre de Provence Marseille Soap 72% Olive Oil Cube – 300g on Instagram (like us!!). Do you need anything more from a Christmas gift?


What’s a good Hong Kong Christmas gift for someone who loves their home? 

Candles from The White Company 

Looking for the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Hong Kong 2020? How about candles from The White Company? They smell divine and are long-lasting.

Photo courtesy of The White Company.

Got a friend who’s all about the house? There are some great places in Hong Kong for quirky and unusual furniture, but you can’t really buy a chest of drawers for someone who’s thought so much about their home design. 

Instead of statement pieces, consider buying a gift from The White Company. The designs are classic and clean and should complement any home with their white and off-white products.

The company has a whole selection of Christmas gift ideas –  plus decorations and tableware – and we absolutely love this Winter Botanical Large Candle. The smell of winter and Christmas is certainly evocative. Giving the gift of memories is a lovely thought.


Where can I get a great Christmas gift for a makeup lover in Hong Kong? 

We love Cult Beauty here at Savvy. They have a huge product range, detailed product descriptions, and product reviews you can trust. 

Knowing that, would you expect us to recommend anywhere else for a beauty product lover? With Christmas being close, the site is packed with gift sets that bring together items for your friends to fall in love with. 

  • For the makeup lover in Hong Kong, check out this Benefit Cheers My Dears! Gift set, including a bronzer, eyebrow pencil, primer, and mascara. 
  • When your friend is all about skincare, you can buy them the Self Care Edit – a package from a range of brands put together by Cult Beauty themselves.


I’ll have lots of kids in the house over Christmas in Hong Kong; what should I stock up on? 

Craft activities are one of the best items to buy for a kids Christmas present in 2020.

Christmas is really about creating a magical time for children. Especially if you’re an ex-pat in Hong Kong, your kids might miss Christmas with your extended family or want to take part in your homeland traditions. 

Keep them entertained, happy, and creative this Christmas with some fun crafting ideas. The kids who pop round with their parents will appreciate you having something to keep them entertained whilst you dissect the year with their parents and wine.

  • Order in some washable dot markers from Amazon to keep little ones occupied. You get activity sheets, and the markers are easy to clean off and quick to dry, so you don’t need to give too much supervision.
  • To really inspire creativity, this Kortes Art and Craft Supply for Kids will keep anyone happy. Set the kids a task of making Christmas decorations or presents and watch their minds soar through ideas.

Anything that doesn’t get used over Christmas can get stored away until the new run of birthday parties comes next year.


I want to support local Hong Kong businesses. Where should I shop?



MINT create home-work pieces of authentically Hong Kong art. If you are looking for a Christmas present for someone in Hong Kong in 2020, this store is a great option.

Photo courtesy of MINT Facebook.

If you’re keen to support local artists and give some a gift that will endure, consider one of the authentically Hong Kong items from MINT.  We love MINT, and we have referred to them before in our article on the best stores to buy Hong Kong-themed gifts.

As well as their famed, hand-painted bird cages in gorgeous colors, MINT also sells other hand-painted trinkets to brighten up anyone’s home. 

Added to that, if you need some funky tree decorations, this is where to come, with mini dim sum boxes and bird cages available.  Pieces from MINT will put a smile on just about anyone’s faces. They have a huge array of colors to select from.



If you're looking for inspiration on what to buy someone for Christmas in Hong Kong in 2020, check out R&R. They have so many fantastic items!

Photo courtesy of R&R Facebook.

R&R is a local Hong Kong company selling plenty of giftable products, including their best-selling ginger jars, in an array of shapes and colors. Be sure to check out their enamelware, and their Turkish towels are to die for. 

If you’re not sure exactly what you want to buy, but you know you have a long shopping list, check out R&R. If you’d like to learn more about this terrific local company, check out our article on the best stores for buying authentic Hong Kong presents. 


Where else can I look for the best Christmas gift ideas for Hong Kong 2020?

With so many people to buy for – friends, family, gym buddy, office secret Santa – you need all the inspiration you can get. We’ve got a great Hong Kong gift guide with some super cool places to pick up gifts in Hong Kong for any occasion, but whilst you’re here, let’s throw some more at you.


Kiwi Boxes

This a great idea for a kid’s gift, no matter their age. Choose one of the Kiwi Box product lines that suit your child’s, select a plan and, then wait for the gift box to be delivered each month. 

Inside will be STEAM-based projects, a guide for you as the parent, additional activities online. We know of a few Savvy kids that will be getting Kiwi boxes this year for Christmas!


Buy a book

We love the idea of giving a book for Christmas. They’re such a timeless item and can have a deep effect on people – it’s a wonderful gift to give someone. 

Are you a follower of Humans of New York? Brandon Stanton, the creator of the powerful series of posts who shines a light onto the curious and interesting people he met on the streets of New York, has recently written a book – Humans.

Humans” is a deeper take on the stories he found in New York and across the world and is a beautiful read.  It’s available on Amazon. This book is full of stories to make you weep and also make your heart leap for joy.

This book is full of stories involving the wonder and amazement about human beings’ resiliency—a great book to read at the end of 2020. 



Christmas in Hong Kong is unique. With the relatively warm weather, you might not have too many opportunities to wear your favorite Christmas sweater but, you will have plenty of chances to enjoy a humidity-free, relaxing time with your friends and family.

 Now that we have you covered with our best Christmas gift ideas for Hong Kong 2020, you can sit back and relax. If you have time over Christmas, consider checking off some Hong Kong bucket list items from your list.


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