Team building is a great way to get team members working together more effectively and form stronger relationships. In this blog post, we will talk about the major benefits of team building!

We also have included 3 companies here in Hong Kong that help with team building in different ways so you can see the options available to you. One company has found success with creative role-playing, another relies on outdoor environmental team-building exercises while the third uses lego in their team-building activities.

What are team-building activities?

Team building activities are games or activities designed to bring team members closer together by having them work together in some way. It can be a great tool for bringing team members out of their shells, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills, while also developing trust within the team. With so many options available when it comes to choosing an activity, how do you know which team-building activity is right for your team? Keep reading to find out some of the benefits team building activities can bring as well as some ideas for team building activities.

Team building games are a great way to get everyone on the same page and work together effectively!

1. Breaks the ice

The first benefit of team-building activities is that they bring team members out of their shells and encourage team building. Participants become more proactive when working together in a team-building game, which can help break up the ice between team members who might not mix well otherwise!

2. Improved morale

Team activities are a great way to improve employee morale. By making the office fun, happier employees will be more productive and creative with their work as well!

3. Increased motivation

Taking part in something fresh and exciting such as a team-building exercise is likely to improve staff motivation. Employees will know that they are being cared for and rewarded for their good work within the company — it’s just not typical office politics! And with increased morale among co-workers comes an improved sense of productivity which can only mean one thing: better results at work all around!

4. Increased confidence levels

Allocating time for team building can increase employees’ confidence and also the courage of those around them. An increase in personal or group confidence will give your workforce that inner sense to express new ideas, as well as all employees to depend on others who are working in their company to be able to complete tasks necessary for success!

5. Sparks creativity

Team-building activities allow for fun and creativity to be introduced into the workplace. This is great because it encourages everyone to think outside of the box.

6. Better communication

Team building games can help team members learn more about each other in a fun and relaxed setting, which helps with communication on the job! It is important for employees to communicate well at work so team-building activities are an effective way to improve this skill set.

7. Improved trust

Team building activities are not just about developing friendships, they also help people to get to know each other better so that trust can grow and people can work more collaboratively. Through team-building activities, people in the workplace will get to know each other’s capabilities which helps to develop trust.

8. Improved respect

People are happy to work with others when they can mutually identify what strengths the other has. Via team building activities, employees will build a level of respect for one another if there is an ability on both sides to solve problems and willingness to take part in group activities.

9. Enhanced productivity

Better communication and collaboration will have a positive impact on the productivity of a company. By working together, staff members can find solutions to their problems more easily than before by sharing ideas with each other which may lead them to new levels of trust and understanding that they would otherwise never discover!

The best team building activities in Hong Kong 

1. PLAYMOBILpro teambuilding HK workshops

What you’ll do:

PLAYMOBILpro workshops encourage problem-solving and creative thinking through creative role play.

PLAYMOBILpro can be employed to visualize relationships between businesses, stakeholders, customers, and internal work processes, to identify barriers, and to build better solutions.

PLAYMOBILpro team building workshops are perfect for the following industries: 

  • Design thinking
  • Human resources management
  • Prototyping
  • Project management

Ideal for:

  • Groups of 2 to 8 people.

Activity runs for:

  • 3 hours

What to bring:

  • There is no need to prepare anything in advance. All materials will be supplied by the facilitator. Be ready to have lots of fun!

What you’ll get:

  • 3 hours of a fun-filled workshop, open conversation within the team, great interaction.


  • No set location. The team decides the venue, the facilitator can help book or recommend venues.

Suitable for:

  • Adults of all ages. It’s important that they work for the same company or organization.

How to book:

2. Beach Cleanup team-building activity in Hong Kong by Ecollective 

What you’ll do:

A beach cleanup can be conducted by any size group from 4 people to 200 people.  The group will be divided into teams of 3 or 4 with an allocation of duties. Bsides the cleanup, Ecollective will keep a tally of the type of trash collected and the quantity of each which will contribute to the larger global effort to reduce ocean trash. Of course, all trash collected must be properly bagged and disposed of.  Significant impact can be made in as little as an hour, generally plan on two and a half hours for this activity from briefing to disposal.

Ecollective can arrange competitions between groups to ensure as much trash is collected in the time available.

What to bring:

  • Appropriate clothing for the time of year to be on the beach for two-plus hours. Sunscreen and a hat for most times of the year and shoes with closed toes are recommended. Water to stay hydrated is very important.

What not to bring:

  • Gloves and rubbish bags – this will all be provided.  Also, please don’t bring single-use plastic water bottles, we want less of these, a reusable water bottle is a great start to a change in behavior

Add-on available for this class:

  • There are no add ons, everything is included.  You could come with a plan to have a meal or a group drink afterward, Ecollective can assist with options at each location and can even assist if you wanted catering provided

What you’ll get: 

  • You will receive a copy of all photos and videos from the day, a certificate recording the event, a report with details of the trash collected, etc.  Hopefully, you will take home facts about the impact of ocean trash and be inspired to change how much trash we contribute


  • You can choose the beach or Ecollective will make some suggestions. Beaches that Ecollective often cleanups include Shek O on HK Island, Silverstrand  Beach, and Sai Kung Locations on the Kowloon side, and various options on Lamma and Lantau

Suitable for:

  • Kids, work colleagues, families, and friends.  Ecollective can adjust the team numbers and sizes to ensure kids are supervised or that the competitive types can be pitted against each other

How to book:

3. Lego® Serious Play® teambuilding workshops in Hong Kong

Lego Serious Play is a terrific team building exercise.

What you’ll do:

Lego® Serious Play® workshops adopt a series of hands-on, minds-on learning activities. 

It is a method to think, communicate, and solve problems.

During the workshop, participants will use Lego® blocks to build metaphors of their team, the business, their values/mission, and their services/products. This will allow the participants to draw insights not only from themselves but also from others, allowing people to reflect on their current situations, and apply them in the context of work environments. 

  • ​​Guarantees 100% participation
  • Helps build trust within a new team 
  • Ensures new perspectives

Ideal for discussing:

  • Company’s vision, mission, and values alignment
  • Business strategy
  • Brand
  • New product development
  • Inspire creativity and innovation

Ideal for:

  • Groups of 2 to 20 people

Activity runs for:

  • 3 hours

What to bring:

  • There is no need to prepare anything in advance. All materials will be supplied by the facilitator. Be ready to have lots of fun

Add-on available for this class

  • For an extra HK$ 100.00 per person, participants can keep the final Lego® model and materials used at the workshop

What you’ll get:

  • 3 hours of a fun-filled workshop, lots of business insights from your team, untap your team’s knowledge


  • No specific location. The team decides the venue, the facilitator can help book or recommend venues

Suitable for:

  • Adults of all ages. 

How to book:


Team building is a great way to get team members working together more effectively and form stronger relationships. In this blog post, we talked about the major benefits of team building! We have also included 3 companies that team build in different ways so you can see the many options available to you.

One company has found success with role playing, another uses lego in their team-building activities, while the third relies on outdoor team-building exercises centered around cleaning up the environment.

No matter what type of business or work culture you are looking to create for your organization, there’s bound to be something here that speaks directly to your goals and vision—why not give it a try?

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