Ultimate Guide to Arts and Crafts Stores in Hong Kong 

by SavvyinHK
January 17, 2021

Are you looking for the best arts and crafts stores in Hong Kong?

Art and craft activities play an important role in children’s development and are a significant part of parenting. These kind of activities instill a creative streak in little ones, which help foster their imagination and creativity.

Arts and crafts aid children’s all-round development, like facilitating language development, dexterity, and motor skills. So if you are looking for something productive for your children in their free time, explore your nearest art & craft shop for amazing creative ideas to keep them engaged.

We’re sure you’d like to lessen screentime for your kids and instead allow them to focus on their creative energies so, this article will cover:

  • Traditional arts & crafts supplies
  • Beads and ribbons
  • Urban art supplies
  • Intricate pieces for jewelry making
  • The best craft items you can buy from Amazon
  • Painting supplies

Hong Kong is an art hub and has many art supply shops to boost your artistic needs, whether you are a beginner, an avid art enthusiast, or a professional artist. Now, here is a list of must-go-to arts and crafts stores in Hong Kong.


1. Where can I buy an eclectic mix of arts and crafts supplies that will inspire creativity?   

Craft Supplies Store

arts and craft stores in Hong Kong

Looking for a haven of craft supplies that will inspire maximum creativity? Craft Supplies Store is the answer.

Suppose you’re not exactly sure what arts and crafts supplies you want to buy; try this store for inspiration. Inside, you can expect to find a huge assortment of random craft materials, from which you will find many craft ideas for kids.

The materials you will find are sure to produce some original works of art.

The store sells an enormous array of arts and crafts items, including beads, buttons, money boxes, sand art, shells, colored paper, felt fabric sheets, and colored balls.  They also sell many items that are ready to be decorated, including boxes, puzzles, and photo frames.

Keep an open mind.  The prices are very reasonable. The best deal I saw was a plain white puzzle selling for HK$4.

Craft Supplies Store (Wan Chai), Sun Hey Mansion, 68-76 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, +852 2520 0234

Craft Supplies Store (Kowloon), 173 Sai Yee St, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2392 0969


2. Where can I buy traditional arts & crafts supplies?  

CN Square  

person showing color pencil lot

CN Square is an affordable store that offers a wide variety of art and craft supplies.

They sell many standard arts and crafts items such as paint, canvases, paintbrushes, pencils, colored paper, stencils, and stickers.

Also, they have an extensive array of arts and craft supplies, ranging from paint sprayers to molding clay. Whatever medium you’re into, they’ve something to get you started.

You might also find some random items here that might be pleasing. My daughter found and was excited about a wooden heart that she could use to trace love-hearts on paper. They offer all the range: from art and craft ideas for young kids to more sophisticated materials for older kids.


CN Square (Kowloon), G/F-3/F 503 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2384 2430 (Yau Ma Tei MTR Station, Exit C)

CN Square (North Point), M Floor, United Building, 135 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong, 2462 2265 (Fortress Hill MTR Station, Exit A)

CN Square (Tsuen Wan), G/F to 2/F, 289 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, 2560 2220


3. Five Easy Art and Craft Ideas for Kids – Our Picks from Amazon 

If you want to just click and get some fabulous art and craft activities delivered to your doorstep, check out these 5 kits, which we love!

  • Rock Painting Kit: This is one of the best craft kits I have ever given my kids. It’s such a simple notion, but kids just love it. The kit comes with everything your little one will need to transform rocks into little creatures and other shapes. This kit includes standard and metallic paints, eyes, gems, art transfers, and much more, enabling your kid to create some pretty fantastic things. Considered a STEM project, this kit is both entertaining and educational simultaneously. The rock painting kit makes the coolest gift for today’s kids.


  • Crayola Washable Finger Paints for Toddlers: These less-mess paint bottles have been designed to help children connect and create through colorful play. These washable finger paints come in a set of 6 colors; Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, and Violet in an easy to squeeze bottle with flip-top caps to prevent spills. A completely safe and non-toxic product for children gets easily removed from both skin and clothing, making it a perfect gift for little ones to create, express, and connect.


  • All in One DIY Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids: This all in one art and craft set is everything you need for your growing little one. The variety of colors to a pair of scissors comes with all things artistic needed for the budding artist in your home. Now the kids can enjoy hours of crafting sessions both at home and school, creating an endless scope for creativity. The box has a mix of all the important art & craft supplies like pompoms, colorful buttons, glitter glue pens, feathers, construction papers, and so much more.  If you’re looking for craft items to store at home for rainy day activities, this is a great kit.


  • Washable Dot Markers: This one size fits all product is a go-to gift option for toddlers and preschool and kindergarten teachers alike. This 13 pack product comes with 121 activity sheets. The markers are non-toxic, non-leaking, non-spilling, easily washable, easy to set-up, and dries up quickly. The product requires minimal clean up as compared to finger paints, paintbrushes, and other supplies. This pack makes for a perfect gift option for kids, including downloadable pdfs and prints.


  • Window art kit: This Window art kit will help bring out the artist in your little one. It comes packed with 12 pre-printed suncatchers, window paint, a DIY acetate sheet, suction cups, and a range of colors to enhance your creativity—certainly, a great way for a kid to express themselves.


4. Where can I buy beads in Hong Kong?

Tin Fu International 

arts and craft stores in Hong Kong

This shop has jars and jars of gorgeous beads, which they sell by weight. An easy craft idea for kids that adore beading.

The variety is incredible, and the prices are relatively low. Your kids are sure to have a lot of fun choosing their beads and then creating beautiful jewelry with the beads.

To get to bead street from the Sham Shui Po MTR, take exit C2.

Tin Fu International, G/F., 223 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po.


5. Where can I buy ribbons in Hong Kong?

Flying Dragon 

Flying Dragon specializes in beautiful ribbons. The store is located right next door to Tin Fu International (the above-mentioned bead shop).

Your kids are sure to be delighted by the beauty of the ribbons and creating art with ribbons.

Flying Dragon, G/F., 213-217 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po.


6. Where can I buy graffiti, calligraphy, and lettering, miniature model supplies in Hong Kong?

Write the Future

"Write The Future" is a terrific paint store in Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/@aznbokchoy).

If your artistic desire involves calligraphy and graffiti, then the Write the Future“retail store is the best spot to explore and fulfill your unique needs. It is the best art & craft store, HK, specializing in art & craft supplies related to calligraphy, street art, and text art.

This arts and craft shop is based in Kwun Tong and aids both aspiring and established artists in their creative endeavors with their vast selection of urban art supplies.

Write the Future is the official supplier in Hong Kong for Molotow products – a popular German brand that makes quality spray paint, acrylic markers, special UV markers.

This art store is a favorite among local and visiting street artists in the city. Aside from showcasing graffiti artworks on the walls, the shop occasionally hosts calligraphy classes as well.

They sell special calligraphy markers that will help turn your handwriting into a piece of art, all types of paints and equipment to paint your house, a comprehensive range of products to support your creative lettering requirements, along with the best art & craft accessories and supplies for your miniature model-making.

At this Molotow retail store, you will find some of the best quality spray paint cans in various colors, high-quality paints and brushes for crafty artists, and a range of other creative products for satisfying the artist in you.

Write The Future, 2/F Easy Pack Industrial Building, 140 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong.

Not in Hong Kong or want spray paint delivered to your doorstep?

Buy Spray paint on Amazon.


7. Where can I buy pieces for jewelry making?

Bead Box  

arts and craft stores in Hong Kong

This shop is crammed full of beads, but you will find many intricate pieces for jewelry making if you take a look inside.

You will find pieces made from all different objects, from metallic pieces to wooden pieces to glass pieces.

Look closely, and you will find some real treasures in this terrific arts and crafts store!

Sham Shui Po is the perfect area to explore your artistic endeavors as it offers you a diverse range of shops that offer supplies that you can mix and match.

Bead Box, G/F., 221 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po.


8. Where can I buy pre-made arts and crafts kits?

Melissa & Doug  

We have devoted one whole entry to Melissa and Doug products.  For SavvyinHK, Melissa and Doug’s brand represents a lot of what we are looking for in products; high-quality but at reasonable prices.

Melissa and Doug are parents of six children; they know what they are doing. They realized there was a gap in the market for high-quality, creative toys, and they set to work filling this void.

If you check out Melissa & Doug items, you will find all kinds of pre-made arts and crafts kits, including Design Your Own Wooden Plane and Butterfly Magnets Wooden Craft Kits.

These are the type of products you can stock up on have them ready to go at any time; they make great presents.


9. Where can I buy painting supplies?


arts and craft stores in Hong Kong

Looking for paint, paintbrushes, easels, or canvases? Consider a visit to Artland.

For budding painters – this store is fabulous. Besides shopping comfortably in their four thousand square feet shop, you can browse around in their art gallery. They frequently change exhibitions.

If you visit Artland, expect to find a store solely dedicated to painting supplies; if you are looking for general arts and crafts supplies, don’t come here!.

Artland (Wan Chai), 3/F Lockhart Centre 301-307, Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2511 4875.


10. Where can I buy all types of DIY accessories & tools in Hong Kong?

Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is a district in Hong Kong which is home to some of the best arts and craft supplies.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Sham Shui Po is the number one place in Hong Kong for art & craft supplies shopping. Sham Shui Po has some of the best art & craft store, HK that deals in various unique and creative stuff like ribbons, buttons, beads, fabric, leather, and several DIY tools and accessories.

This area of Hong Kong features an incredible range of art & craft accessories for jewelry making, knitting & crochet, sewing, and leather items. There are hundreds of other craftsy materials to choose from, like papers,  stylish straps, colors, and brushes to everything in between.

So if you are on the lookout for unique art and craft supplies, Po is that one place that has it all-the best art & craft store, HK, coupled with an exclusive creative variety.

In this article, the arts and crafts stores listed as numbers 4, 5, and 7 are all located in Sham Shui Po. These stores that we mention are just some of the many arts and crafts stores you will find if you wander around Sham Shui Po.


11. Where can I buy graphic art supplies in Hong Kong?


The ArtShop in Wan Chai sells a huge array of painting supplies.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

If graphic art supplies are what you are looking for, look no further than ArtShop, a popular art & craft store in Hong Kong that houses an amazing range of painting needs. Having been in this business for the past many years, their art supplies materials are known for their quality and exclusive variety.

You can buy anything and everything arty here, right from the brushes, colors like acrylic, oil, watercolor, color pens, canvases, and easels to Pantone color books for professional graphic designers.

While they have some art & craft supplies and graphic products such as cardboards, foamboards, lamination, and a revolutionary set of foamboard tools, this store is predominately a store selling painting and graphic art items, so if you’re looking for random bits and pieces to inspire general creative, this may not be the best option.

All in all, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your artsy-craftsy needs, be it business or casual.

ArtShop, Flat A, 10/F, Shun Pont Commercial Building, 5–11 Thomson Road, Wan Chai 


12. Where can I buy paper art supplies in Hong Kong?

Paper Art

Paper Art is one of the best arts and crafts stores in Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of Paper Art Facebook.

Having been around for more than 20 years, Paper Art is the place to be for all your unique paper needs. Promoting eco-friendly paper culture in Hong Kong for the past many years, you will get access to all types of paper products that can be used with your other art & craft accessories. This includes wrapping papers, cards, gift cards, stamps, stencils, stickers, and much more.

The store also helps you make your own custom stamps along with a wide range of pre-made stamps. Not just paper-related products, you can also shop for other art & craft supplies like glitters, markers, inks, and paper flowers for decorating your paper projects.

Paper Art is the storehouse of some beautiful handmade papers that can fulfill all your paper-related needs right in your budget.

Paper Art, 1/F, Hung Tak Building, 106–108 Des Voeux Road Central, Central



What can you do with finger paint?

I need ideas for rock painting with the kids.

Do you have suggestions on what kids can do with dot markers?



We are committed to helping provide great tips on the best arts and crafts stores in Hong Kong. We hope you’ve made a list of the stores that you want to visit and that you’re ready to go.

Have we missed your hidden gem for arts and crafts stores in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your top picks; otherwise, please comment below.


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