Wine Hong Kong: Our Favorite 10 Shops

by SavvyinHK
August 8, 2020

Looking for wine shops in Hong Kong selling high-quality yet, affordable wine?

There’s nothing better than a nice glass of red wine or white wine in Hong Kong after a long day of work— and with the outbreak of COVID-19, wine has become a household essential. Whether you’re looking for a nice red, white or bubbly, we’ve found the best online wine delivery services in Hong Kong that offer cheap, quality wine with impeccable service. 

We’re you’re ready to take a sip, so we’ll tell you which companies are best for order the following products;

  • Organic, niche wine
  • Rosé
  • Australian wine
  • French wine
  • The wine shop with the best service
  • Which wine shop will help educate you about wine

1. Where can I buy high-quality organic, niche wine?  


main product photo

If supermarket wines or conventional brands bore you, you can elevate your wine experience with Cocobop. Cocobop offers high-quality organic, niche, and other hip wine bottles that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere in Hong Kong.

We love the sustainably grown and limited production champagne that adds sparkle to any dinner. And the organic riesling will definitely spice up your fiery curry night.

Their website is user-friendly and arguably one of the best online wine stores in Hong Kong. If you want to get a good sense of any bottle of wine they are selling, just look at the helpful matrix. At a glance, you’ll find out if a bottle is bold or light, sweet or dry, and acidic or soft.

You can easily search for under $150 bottles.

Also, every bottle of wine they sell comes with suggested food pairings.  For example, some bottles should be eaten with pasta or pork, whereas other bottles are recommended to be paired together with steak.

If you’re hosting a dinner party and want to impress your guests with your hostessing skills, don’t look past Cocobop Lifestyle.

You can try the limited-produced Reserve Champagne NV (HK$395, only 3,000 bottles produced annually) from Bruno et Christiane Olivier. Or the funky-labeled Le Nain Violet Grenache 2016 (HK$275, only 5,000 bottles produced annually).

Free delivery on orders over $600. 

Use the code HOTSUMMER10 to get a 10% discount for any purchase over $1,500 at COCOBOP.
This code is valid until October 9.


2. Where can I buy a Rosé?

Cheese Club

The Cheese Club offers packs of six rose wines at super affordable prices.

Photo courtesy of

Cheese Club is a company that we first fell in love with because of its high-quality, affordable cheese offering directly from Europe. But did you know they also offer affordable wines?

If you like rosé, this is a great option. For approximately $650, you can purchase their Pick Your Pink box, which will give you six delicious bottles of rosé.

Better still, because the purchase is over $600, you will get your six bottles of rosé delivered directly to your door.

If you’re looking for the straight from the cellar-door experience, try Cheese Club.

And while you’re ordering wine from The Cheese Club, don’t be afraid to try out their other products, particularly their cheese and crackers. Absolutely divine and great value-for-money.


3. Where can I find a large range of wine? 

Watsons Wine

There’s nothing better than opening a good wine to lift your spirits and enlighten your mood. And, with the best online wine store like Watsons Wine, all you have to do is explore their collection online and order as per your taste.

Named as the “best retailer” in Hong Kong’s wine industry, Watson’s Wine Shop HK offers exclusive vintages from over 20 countries. Watson’s sells more than 2,000 different wines, out of which more than 400 are unique to this store and cannot be found elsewhere.

With a long legacy of 177 years, this store makes a difference with its wine choices across Hong Kong.

The best part about picking your favorite wine from this store is that the wine collection is temperature maintained, 24 hours per day, which ensures that only the best reaches the customer.

If you plan to buy wine online, look no further than Watson Wine that offers all its members exciting benefits and rewards like a regular wine magazine, wine tasting invites, other events, and a range of exclusive benefits for loyalty partners.

With this wine shop HongKong already online, you can now just click and collect your favorite wine from the comfort of your home. Orders above $1,600 will benefit from free home delivery.

Taste the best from around the world right from the emerging classics to vintage at its best; only at Watson Wine.


4. Which wine shop in Hong Kong will help educate me on wine? 

etc Wine Shop

etc offers both high quality wine and a huge amount of opportunities to become more educated about wine. Wine Hong Kong? Check out this store.

Photo courtesy of

With every etc store having its own unique selling point, you are sure to have an immersive wine experience at this wine shop, Hong Kong.

etc stocks an exquisite collection of boutique wines & spirits that are a must-try. You can buy wine online or check out their retail outlets.

Their retail outlets are a fabulous destination; they allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite wines. With experts to guide you through your wine buying journey, etc lets you explore the rich flavors of the best of wines through its year-round wine tasting and other events.

As the best online wine store, etc doesn’t just quench your thirst for fine wine but also help complete your wine knowledge. The store’s qualified experts make your wine buying journey both fun and unforgettable while celebrating single winemaking regions.

They will tease your senses with flavors worth trying while also helping you cultivate the taste for fine wine.

With the finest wine varieties to explore here, the shop offers wine for every budget from under $100 to above $1,000.

Just make your pick today and dive into the flavors of some of the richest wines from popular wine-producing countries right including Italy, France, and Australia. From Red, White, Champagne Rose, Cognac, Grappa to Sparkling White, some products will make you fall in love with wine.


5. Which is the best Australian wine shop in Hong Kong? 

Wine Brothers HK

Wine Brothers HK sells a huge range of Australian wine at the best prices.

Photo courtesy of Wine Brothers HK Facebook.



Small batch, direct-sourced and Australian produced, Wine Brothers HK brings in the best wines Australia’s got to offer to Hong Kong.

We love their wine packages, such as The Pinot Pack, which starts at $540 for 3 bottles and can go up to $1,850 for twelve bottles. Prefer buying per bottle?

We love the All Saints Estate Moscato ($120), as well as the Marsc Wine Co. Frontignac (On sale for $80). Those who aren’t into wine can even find beer, cider, and spirits available on the site. 

10% off orders over $1500. Free shipping for orders over $750. 


6. Where can I buy French wine at affordable prices?

Monsieur CHATTÉ

Monsieur CHATTÉ sells French wine, cheese and cold-cuts at the best prices.

Photo courtesy of

Missing the authentic bites and tipples from France? Monsieur Chatte stocks a unique range of French food and wines in Sheung Wan.

From foie gras and caviar to cheese and sweets, there’s plenty of French snacks for you to choose from that will pair perfectly alongside your glass of wine. 

Feel like celebrating? Try a bottle of Champagne Pol Roger NV ($518) or Champagne Didier Chopin Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru ($428).

For white wine, try the Petit Le Mont Sauvignon Blanc for HK$118.  For red, consider a bottle of Domaine Bois De Laborde for HK$238. 

You know this store is the real deal because there’s always a handful of French expats shopping at the store every time we visit. 

Free delivery on all purchases of HK$800 or more.


7. Where can I buy inexpensive wine from all over the world? 

Kauthwaites Direct Wine 

As one of the largest home-delivery wine services, Direct Wine has a wide variety of wines from regions worldwide. Love a bargain?

The company has bundled offers such as the 12 bottle package of Prestige Awarded French Reds ($1,488), including a selection of medal-winning reds.

Their current #Stayhome offer gives buyers one free bottle of wine per every six bottles. If there’s any time to go wild on online shopping, this is it. 

Free delivery on all orders with six or more bottles or orders over $800. 


8. Which wine shop in Hong Kong clearly tells you their favorite picks? 

Wine Please

Kedington Wines online shop, Wine Please!, is a Hong Kong-based store that brings good wine to the city.

With a selection from America, Argentina, Australia, Spain, and more, customers can also navigate the site by choosing their preferred wine picks, whether red, white, sparkling, or sweet.

A beginner in wine tasting? The team at Wine Please! They picked out their favorites under “Team Picks” so that you can focus on trying the best. 

Free delivery for orders over $1000. 


9. Which wine company offers the best service? 

My Wine Man

The Wine Man in Hong Kong is known for its friendly customer service.

Photo courtesy of

Born out of frustration with Hong Kong’s wine retailers not passing on the savings gained from the abolition of the wine tax in 2008, My Wine Man was born a year later, aiming to provide a large selection of good quality wines fair prices, along with good quality service.

Selling a selection of wine from Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, and Italy, you’ll even find a delicious selection of beer and spirits. 

Known for its customer-friendly service, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by My Wine Man. Free delivery for 12 bottles or orders over HK$3,000.


10. Which wine shop is one of the most beloved in Hong Kong?


Cuvées is a very popular wine company in Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of Cuvées Facebook.


Widely loved by the wine community, the Cuvées website is nothing but fun.

With a selection of large 1,500ml bottle wines for the eager drinkers, certified organic wines for the health-conscious drinkers, and even assortment sets that are perfect for trying new bottles out, Cuvées’ got it all.

From fine wine to splurge-worthy bottles, prices range from $100 to over $2000. For Game of Thrones fans, they also stock a GoT eight bottle whiskey collection for $9,800. 

Free delivery on orders over $1000 for a limited time.



How do I close a wine bottle without a cork?

Thrown the cork away by accident? Got too ambitious and thought you’d sup the whole bottle before bed? There are solutions to preserving wine once the bottle is open and prevents that vinegary flavor from developing.

Check out this wine preserver from Coravin, which lets you cap wine and stop it oxidizing. It’s on Selfridges, which means you can get it delivered to Hong Kong for free when you sign up to Selfridges Plus – we explained the details in another post that you can find here.


How do I open wine without a corkscrew?

The simple answer here is to refer you back to the previous question! The Coravin system opens and seals your wine bottles for you; no corkscrew required ever again. The alternative ways are rather violent, such as smashing the bottle, so if you know you’ve not got a corkscrew at home, better to buy a screw-top wine for now. Check out this well-designed corkscrew from Georg Jensen if you need to find a good one.


Where can I buy Boones Farm Wine in Hong Kong?

Many Americans will know about Boones Farm Wine, for better or worse. It’s not the type of wine we go for here at Savvy, but we did some looking into it since it does come up. It turns out it’s not available here in Hong Kong. Your liver will probably be thankful! Invest in some good wine and get boozy with a decent taste instead!


What’s the most popular wine by the glass in Hong Kong?  

It’s hard to give a definitive answer on this, but according to Mathieu Marchal, Head Sommelier, Gourmet Dining Group Limited, people in Hong Kong prefer Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay for white wine. For red wine, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular.  Apparently, this doesn’t differ much from many other countries in the world. 


Where to buy Shaoxing wine in Hong Kong?

Shaoxing wine, or Chinese rice wine, is available to buy in Hong Kong. We’re massively into HKTV Mall, and that the place to go to get this product in the city, delivered to your door, too.


What is the best place in Hong Kong to buy delicious, inexpensive cheese?

We have dedicated an entire article to this question. The answer is simple; The Cheese Club. Head on over to our article to learn more.



Hong Kong is home to many different wine distributors. Fortunately, we’re able to get our hands on many different types of wine here in Hong Kong.

We hope you try some of the distributors we’ve mentioned, and you enjoy sipping your glass of wine after a long day.

Have we missed your hidden gem for affordable wines in the city? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what we are missing.

If you’re wanting to know more tips on where to buy affordable yet high-quality everyday household items such as cheese, herbs, French food, Italian groceries, nuts, and kitchenware, check out Hong Kong Grocery Guide: Best quality & prices.


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