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What we do

Hong Kong is a fabulous city, no doubt. At all. 

We Hong Kongers know that the trade-off for living the good life is the price we pay. We’re talking about one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in here!  

SavvyinHK is here to be your guide to getting the most for your money in the city. It’s not about being cheap – SavvyinHK will help you make smart choices and find the best value product or service in the city.

Best Hong Kong free gym trials


Best Hong Kong free gym trials


Best Hong Kong free gym trials


Best Hong Kong free gym trials


Best Hong Kong free gym trials



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The Savvy Mission

We want you to squeeze every drop of amazing out of Hong Kong without it costing the Earth.

Whether you’re a Hong Konger through and through, a long-term expat, or visiting for a few days, weeks, or months, we’re here to be your guide.

Our core principles include:

  • Sharing on-the-ground knowledge
  • Authentic deals – we like value, not cheap!
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Sustainability

Meaning you’ll get the absolute best out of life in Hong Kong with your values intact, and maybe even an improved life.

Let’s explore what this means for you as a reader and subscriber to Savvy in Hong Kong.

On-the-ground knowledge

The team behind SavvyinHK all live right here in the city. Looking for a yoga studio in Hong Kong? We went and tried the best. Need clothes for your kids? We know the shops you need to go to.

More than that, we know our limits. When our team isn’t an expert at something, we bring in the right people to share their knowledge.

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Authentic Hong Kong deals

SavvyinHK isn’t about finding obscure things that happen to be cheap. We want you to get the absolute best price for what you’re buying anyway.

We hit the streets and go bargain hunting for you – it’s great fun and means everything we tell you is real and researched.

Supporting local businesses

Hong Kong is a huge international city and it’s important to support the place you live so it can continue to thrive.

We’re all about shopping locally. When a locally owned and operated company is the best value at what they do, we promise you’re going to know about it.


Throwaway-fashion and cheap products need to be replaced sooner, using precious resources and filling up landfills. We help you revive your current wardrobe, donate or sell furniture, and get a great deal on a second-hand car.

Eating the right food for you and the planet is also on our radar; find the best Hong Kong vegan food right here.

What we offer to you

Just got here and feeling overwhelmed? Lived here forever and want to start making better choices? Let us guide you through the chaotic city which is Hong Kong.

Life in Hong Kong will be easier with us. You’ll learn hacks that can get you through the week with a little more cash, hacks that will make your life more sustainable, and other tips that will make life in Hong Kong a little bit more fun!

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What have you been hunting for? What is your favorite product or service in Hong Kong?  Do you have a tip that we could all benefit from?  Let us know!

We’d love to hear from you. Please tell us what you think about Hong Kong, or even tell us something we’ve missed. If you’ve got a tip, we want to hear from you.