Hong Kong Gifts: Best 9 Stores

Are you looking for lovely Hong Kong gifts?

Perhaps you want to give a friend a birthday present that is more interesting than a bunch of flowers? Maybe someone is leaving Hong Kong, and you wish to provide them with a unique token from Hong Kong?

Or, perhaps you want to buy yourself something special and memorable from your time in Hong Kong?

Whatever the case, we have you covered.

Here are our hand-picked favorite local Hong Kong-themed gifts from a variety of artists and stores.


1. Biscuit Moon Designs

Biscuit Moon Designs custom makes Hong Kong gifts that are perfect for occasions such as Christmas.

Photo courtesy of Biscuit Moon Designs Facebook.

Founded by Ellie Rampton, Biscuit Moon Designs will custom make cards that are perfect for occasions such as Christmas. Their Christmas cards have a Hong Kong flavor and will set your cards apart from the rest.

Got a new baby and want to create a birth announcement? Ellie will have you covered.

In addition to cards, they will personalize stationery, cushion covers, and prints.

Biscuit Moon Designs is a perfect place to get personalized gifts in Hong Kong. If you are looking for gifts that uniquely belong to Hong Kong, these designs are an ideal option.

Who wouldn’t like customized prints and specially made stationary? All items are designed in the Biscuit Moon home studio in Hong Kong.


2. R and R 

R&R sell a huge array of high quality Hong Kong gift items.

Photo courtesy of R&R Facebook.

Do you often feel the guilt of causing harm to the environment? R and R are here to save the planet and your conscience. You can buy Hong Kong gifts guilt-free because all the items are not only exceptionally aesthetic but also mindful of the environment.

R and R go by the motto of “Future proof living.”

R and R are based in Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong. The name is dedicated to their two children. The entire remarkable collection of hand-curated products is organic, 100% recycled, and ethically made.

You can see glimpses of small villages and the Hong Kong lifestyle when you browse their catalog. R and R gifts will surely make it into your list of things to buy in Hong Kong.

The range of products is vast, and each piece is gorgeous.


3. Ginger Jar Lamp Co

Ginger Jar Lamp Co is well known for corporate Hong Kong gifts.

Photo courtesy of Ginger Jar Lamp Co Facebook.

Kate is a connoisseur of authentic and tasteful art pieces. Ginger Jar Lamp Co is a local Hong Kong business which is on a mission to beautify your tabletops.

They offer great items at pocket-friendly prices.

Why do these lamps make the perfect gifts? That is because they are truly unique gifts to Hong Kong. 

Kate started Ginger Jar Lamp Co with the thought, “Create the things you wish existed”. The range of lamps and lampshades is exquisite, and every piece is state of the art.

Every lamp catches your eye and has a “wow” factor. You won’t be able to get enough of their breathtaking collection.

If you are in the search for perfect Hong Kong gifts to give to your colleague who is hard to buy for and impress them with your unique style, Ginger Jar Lamp Co is the place for you.

They have an impressive collection of lamps and lights in elegant blue and white colors that make for a perfect corporate gift in Hong Kong.


4. Qraftie

Qraftie supports local artists and sells Hong Kong gifts.

Photo courtesy of Qraftie Facebook.

Qraftie not only offers beautiful, unique, and handcrafted gifts, but if you want to support small local artists and businesses, Qraftie fulfills this desire too.

Qraftie acquires its products from small artists, businesses, and local sellers. By buying from Qraftie, not only are you investing is a fantastic art piece but also supporting local artisans.

The reflection of Hong Kong can be seen in every product. Qraftie is based online, and their website is an absolute delight for every consumer.

They have an entire section devoted to gifts, and if you find yourself confused about what to buy in Hong Kong, visit their curated gift guide, and all your worries will go away.

If you want to take Hong Kong gifts back home or send presents to your loved ones for the holidays, Qraftie offers original and one of a kind art pieces.

What better for your living room than a gorgeous painting, designed by a local Hong Kong artist?



Mirth sells funky items that are just perfect as Hong Kong gifts.

Photo courtesy of Mirth Facebook.

Mirth is a Hong Kong gift haven located in Wong Chuk Hang. They have a 2,000 huge square feet homeware store full of quirky and fun items.

From funky gift cards to peculiar souvenirs, Mirth has it all. The products they sell include gifts, furniture, and children’s items.

You can even find hand-picked and specially assembled gift boxes and hampers. The assorted products in the gifts section are eye-catching and will impress you.

Mirth is both available online and offline, but we recommend visiting the store because the range instore is much larger than online. Mirth offers a wide array of products, and you can get lost in the store.

All the products are colorful and vibrant. The store is a sight for sore eyes, and if you are looking for Hong Kong gifts, you need to check out Mirth.



MINT if perfect for buying baby Hong Kong gifts.

Photo courtesy of MINT Facebook.

Feel like you are running low on Hong Kong gift ideas? Then, it’s time to visit Mint.

Offering interior decor items, beauty accessories, baby items, and many other cute products, Mint is an exceptional decor store. They hand paint Hong Kong gifts.

Mint has a wide range of products, all of which are hand-painted and beautifully designed. They also offer customizable gifts and accessories.

All the gifts have a modern look and portray contemporary Hong Kong. If you are looking for stylish and utility gifts in Hong Kong, then surely keep Mint on the list.


7. Sum Ngai Brass Ware

Sum Ngai Brass Ware sells a huge array of antique Hong Kong items - they are perfect for gifts.

Photo courtesy of Sum Ngai Brass Ware Facebook.

Run by siblings, this shop has been in the family for more than 70 years. The store is located in the New Territories, but it is well worth checking out.

The store has a collection of antique furniture, brassware, and many other items.

From huge brass statues to authentic vases, this store has all the Hong Kong gifts you could wish for. Many of the products will remind you of old Hong Kong.

The illustrations and the art all reflect the glorious and magnanimous history of Hong Kong. Sun Ngai Brass Ware is not dissimilar to a museum, and the items will leave you spellbound.

Even if you are not looking to purchase anything, you need to check out the store. It’s a beautiful drive away from the main city and definitely worth the trip.


8. Louise Hill

Louise Hill sells premium Asian art-work. Hong Kong features heavily in her works.

Photo courtesy of Louise Hill Facebook.

Looking for premium Hong Kong gifts, but lacking inspiration? Louise Hill will have you covered.

If you are not afraid to spend money, then the premium lifestyle waits for you at Louise Hill.

Each product draws inspiration from different inches of Hong Kong from beautiful textiles to the authentic Hong Kong lifestyle.

The luxury greeting cards will cheer up anyone. You can find beautiful paintings and prints all handcrafted and designed to perfection.

If you have something personalized and unique in mind, you can even book a private appointment.

Louise Hill is famous for its canvas paintings and prints, and rightly so. Intricate illustrations turn into stunning paintings and wall pieces.

A gift from Louise Hill Designs will never be forgotten and truly treasured. Who would have thought they absolutely “needed” artwork displaying mailboxes?


9. Ketika Crafts

Ketika Crafts sells home decor and interior decoration items using premium quality textures.

Photo courtesy of Ketika Crafts.

Ketika Crafts is a home decor brand, and we assure you that when you look at their products, you will feel comfy and cozy.

If you are looking to decorate or design your kid’s room, Ketika has everything you need. They specialize in decor for children’s rooms.

All their home decor and interior decoration items use premium quality textiles and will complement your house in every way.

If you want bedsheets or cushions to be customized, then you can request, and Ketika will deliver your wishes to you. If you’re looking for Hong Kong gifts, you are sure to find some good options.



Start curating your gift list for the holidays from the above-handpicked stores. From antiques to quirky gifts, you will be able to find all you need in this article in terms of Hong Kong gifts.

We are committed to helping make life easier in Hong Kong. If you want more tips for life in Hong Kong, check out our article A Guide for Newbies in Hong Kong.  This article covers a range of topics including tips on finding an apartment and the best moving companies in Hong Kong.


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