Mindset coaching is dedicated to rewiring your mindset, allowing you to become the best version of yourself and unlock your full potential. In mindset coaching sessions, you can discover how to maximize your happiness, productivity, and improve your everyday life. 

Here are 6 lesser-known yet interesting benefits of Mindset Coaching.

What is a mindset coach?

Mindset coaching is about more than just mindset; it’s about mindset plus actionable steps that will get you where you want to go quickly.

A mindset coach is someone who teaches people how to think more positively about themselves and the world around them. Mindset coaches are not only positive thinkers, but they also have a plan for success that can help you achieve your goals.   

What is mindset training?

Mindset training is a strategy that helps people change the way they think about themselves and what’s possible for them. It can be used by anyone to improve any area of life, whether it’s business success or personal relationships – all you have to do is accept your limitations when faced with challenges in order to overcome these obstacles.

So, if you’re struggling with a limiting belief that has been holding back your life, it might be time for an intervention. You can do this by replacing those negative thoughts and impulses with positive ones like hope or expectations of success. A new permanent mindset will help free yourself from a negative, self-limiting belief such as procrastination once-and-for all! A coach could be the perfect way to make sure these replacements stick around in order to create lasting changes within ourselves.

What can a mindset coach do to help you? 

A professional mindset coach can help you identify what is holding back your productivity, happiness, and success. They will also provide strategies to overcome these obstacles so that they don’t hold power over future endeavors anymore!  We believe there are 6 key benefits of using a mindset coach. We will explore these now.

1. The mindset coaching process can help you identify and pursue your goals

Mindset is a key component of success. If you’ve tried previously with setting goals and haven’t been successful, it might be time for mindset coaching.

A mindset coach can help you identify your goals and break them down into manageable steps that will get you where you want to be! 

2. Mindset coaching is a way to build confidence 

What if you could finally stop holding yourself back from what’s really important in life? Imagine how it would feel when all your self-doubt and anxiety are gone. You’ll be able to unleash the inner rockstar full of confidence!

The mindset coaching process will be able to improve confidence by identifying and removing your most destructive limiting beliefs – these negative thoughts could include self-doubt or fear. Once those harmful belief systems are irradicated, you’ll find that it leaves room for positive ones like confidence! Being confident is one of the best ways to put you on a path towards personal happiness, growth, and success.

3. Mindset coaching can increase motivation

Mindset coaching can help to increase motivation.

We all have those days where it’s hard to get going, but a lack of motivation will stop you from taking action. When life gets tough, motivation is so important to keep going! A mindset coach can be a motivating force for those times when you just need that extra push in the right direction.

4. Mindset coaching helps you develop new skills for success

Successful mindset coaches are people who have found ways to teach themselves new skills in order to be successful. A mindset coach can help you develop the mindset and actionable steps needed for success!

A mindset coach will work with you on improving your habits so that they become an integral part of how YOU live life – not something done for others’ expectations or demands…just being true TO YOUR MINDSET.

5. Mindset coaching can help to identify what’s holding you back from achieving your goals

A mindset coach will help you identify and remove the beliefs that hold your back, whatever they might be. You may have a fear of failure or being criticized and not believing in yourself enough – whatever it is a mindset coach can work together to get rid of these thoughts so you can move closer to success!

6. Mindset coaching gives you the tools needed to change your thinking patterns in order to achieve greater levels of success in all aspects of life

To move closer to success, one must first identify self-limiting beliefs. Next, these negative thoughts need replacing with new positive ones in order for the course of our lives to change!

The process can be tricky at times but it’s worth every minute because when we develop solid mental habits which create an empowering mindset everything will seem easier–we won’t feel stressed or anxious anymore. This method has helped so many people to start seeing results too!

The most common beliefs that tend to hold people back

It’s no secret that people are often their own worst enemy. There is a variety of beliefs that can hold us back from getting to where we want to be, but the three most common ones are imposter syndrome, being a people pleaser, and procrastinating. If you work with a mindset coach, they will help work together with you to eliminate these beliefs by providing you with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

Imposter syndrome

People who believe that they are not good enough to be where they are or who do not believe that their accomplishments are actually theirs.

People pleaser

A person who has the need to please everyone and will avoid conflict at all costs in order to be liked by others.


Putting off things you should be doing or avoiding something unpleasant or boring, especially work.

Common mindset coaching tools

Mindset coaches use different tools to help people who struggle with a lack of self-confidence, procrastination, and other negative thoughts on a daily basis. Typical tools include Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), somatic experiencing (SE), Emotional freedom technique (EFT), positive psychology, and neuroscience.

Let’s look at each of these methods in more detail.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

The first method for mindset coaching is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This technique teaches you how to reprogram your subconscious mind. It helps you change the way that you see yourself and others while understanding what motivates and de-motivates people around you. Since it requires a lot of practice initially, this process can take some time before any changes start taking place in your life. But with enough work on NLP, almost anything becomes possible!

Somatic experiencing (SE)

Somatic experiencing is a type of therapy that helps people to overcome traumatic experiences. It’s called “body-centered” because it focuses on your physical sensations, rather than thoughts or emotions–and studies have shown this approach works best for those who are stuck in fight/flight mode due to their past trauma experience(s).

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A third option is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This tool can be used by trained professionals or self-taught individuals to help rid themselves of negative emotions and beliefs. Through tapping on different areas of your body while thinking about certain aspects in your life which are causing you stress, EFT helps people release built-up tension so that they can move onto something new without being weighed down with negativity. One common example uses acupressure points found throughout the face and head as well as around the heart area where emotional trauma may reside due to challenging experiences at work or school.

Positive psychology

Finally, positive psychology is an important concept used by mindset coaches. Positive psychology is the study of what makes people flourish and how to increase positive emotions, engagement, relationships, and achievement. This approach teaches us that we do not have to spend all of our time trying to fix what is wrong with ourselves in order for things to get better, but instead can work on embracing who we are and making improvements through joyous experiences.


Neuroscience is used in mindset coaching to help people understand why they feel a certain way and how to change their negative thoughts through understanding basic biological processes of the brain and nervous system and how that impacts our behavior.

We can touch the brain, but we cannot touch our minds. Understanding how the brain works help us to change our mind because we have something logical and tangible to hold onto.

Where can I get mindset coaching? 

Sarah Kalmeta is a well-known for mindset coaching in Hong Kong.

We have been a part of and really enjoyed Sarah Kalmeta’s transformative 12-week group coaching called Success with Sarah The Pivoter. If you want to get past fear and doubt so that success can be achieved, this course might be right for you. Click here to read our review of the Success with Sarah The Pivitor course

This powerful program will teach participants how they can master their minds and trust themselves more than anyone else does.

The 3 key steps of the Success with Sarah The Pivoter program:

  1. Pinpoint exactly where you are now, what’s holding you back from taking action or achieving success in life.
  2. Remove any blocks that might be standing between yourself and a successful future.
  3. Start taking those first few baby leaps towards living an extraordinary new reality for yourself.

What you can expect from Sarah Kalmeta’s 12-week mindset coaching course:

  • Access to a coach that has worked with more than 1,000 individuals
  • A much better understanding of your personal values
  • You’ll stop people-pleasing behavior
  • You’ll learn how to stop self-criticizing and instead, how to love yourself
  • Learn how to do less and achieve more 
  • Accountability and personal feedback
  • LIVE access calls & Q&A twice a week
  • 2 group calls a week
  • 9 self-paced modules
  • Crazy simple 1-page worksheets
  • Private mastermind group
  • Easy to manage weekly payment installments
  • Risk-free, 7-day, Love It or Leave It Matcha Latte GUARANTEE

Worried about committing to a 12-week mindset coaching course?

If you’re not happy within the first 7 days, you can stop payments and Sarah will send you a voucher for a Matcha Latte. 


If you’re looking for a way to improve your life, consider mindset coaching. One of the most powerful benefits of this type of coaching is that it can help you break through mental barriers that are holding you back from achieving success in other areas of your life. 

A good coach will lead you on an exploratory journey where they work with you one-on-one to identify and overcome any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts about yourself or others around which may be preventing growth in some area(s) – physical, emotional, spiritual, or career-wise. 

If you are interested in taking a leap forward in your personal growth, contact Sarah Kalmeta for a free 15min exploratory session to see if signing up for her 12-week group mind coaching course SUCCESS with Sarah the Pivoter is right for you. Stay tuned, next up Sarah has a new program coming called “The Way”.

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